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Driving Technique Discussion

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by Karsten Beoulve, Nov 26, 2019.

  1. Luciano Micale

    Luciano Micale Simracer

    hi guys, i think i have to improve my braking but i am a bit confused because i think there are too many variables going on...i try to explain...
    i play on fanatec v3 pedals and i have set abs on 80 and brf on 15.
    I have inside the brake pedal installed a mod to have a stiffer pedal, just because i would lime to simulate tye real feel of braking hard then release graduallywhile entering corners...
    1 is brf too low?!?
    2 does abs function of the fanatec pedals help to understand what is the max force to apply?!?
    3 how can i understand/use efficiently abs value ingame?!?i mean when 1,2,3,4 or 5 in dry conditions?!?
    4 in all this caos brake balance front or rear and brake pressure?!?Always 100% brake pressure in dry?!?
    5 last but not least...there is a little option in the settings of the game which is brake linearity...what does this do?!?

    thks for the help and patience
  2. ohjeah

    ohjeah Simracer

    No, it's simply the percentage of travel at which the vibration motor starts to vibrate. Doesn't have anything to do with what's happening in the sim. Pretty useless feature imo.

    Not sure if you can you use something like Fanalab or fanaleds to make it vibrate based on game telemetry with acc. That would make it at least a bit more useful.

    LATE4APEX Alien

    Wait until the last possible braking point, count to 3, and then jump all over the pedal,... :D
  4. Yossa

    Yossa Rookie

    of you increase brake linearity you'll have less braking power at low levels of input (hat's what I understand)

    it helped me getting better with trailbraking
  5. ohjeah

    ohjeah Simracer

    Should always keep the brake gamma/linearity at 1 when using load cell pedals. Think it's meant for lower end pedals.
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  6. AdamYanek

    AdamYanek Gamer

    Check lap guide on YouTube and practice more. For instance, at 0:45 you should have around 150 kmph and full throttle.
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  7. Dave_918

    Dave_918 Rookie

    Hi James,

    so first thing i notice: your ABS is at 11, you should turn that down to something like 4-5, as higher values have quite a negative effect on your braking distance. However even with ABS that high it´s never really engaging in the haavy braking zones, meaning you should be braking a little bit later, harder and try to trail brake more.

    So then to the lap itself:
    Turn 1: Braking Point is ok, just use the curb on the left so you can carry more speed into T1
    Turn 2-3: They are fine.
    Turn 4: Use more of the inside curb so you have a better line for the next right Turn and use all the outside curb of Turn 6(Chapel)
    Turn 7: Entry is fine, on exit you go full throttle, and then you lift again, that is something you should avoid.
    Turn 9: Brake later (just befor the curb on the right) and then after the first part of the turn go more in the middle so you have a better line for the next right turn. After that you dont use all the track available on the left and therefor you have to lift for turn 11.
    Turn 11: Should be flat.
    Turn 12: You lift the throttle for quite some time, try a small tap on the brakes, downshift to 4, big cut on the inside curb and than full throttle on the apex.
    Turn 13: Early Turn-in but should be flat-out.
    Turn 15: You could go a little more to the right, be more aggressive on acceleration out of 14 and also be more aggressive on the brakes for T15.
    Turn 17: Be more aggressive on the brakes and Turn-in earlier so you trailbrake into the turn and use all the curb on the inside.
    Turn 18: Be more patient with the throttle. Let the car roll through the turn. You go too early on the throttle, causing you to not hit the apex and understeering a lot on the exit.

    I hope that helps finding another couple of seconds.

    I used this trackmap as a reference: https://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Silverstone_Circuit#/media/File:Silverstone_circuit.svg

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  8. f1200racer

    f1200racer Gamer

    Not to thread jack here but I have similar question. I have g29 pedals and I find I cant brake as late as others (no matter what car I drive) and I just miss the corner if I try. Could this have something to do with my brake gamma set at 1?
    Tried brake bias, brake pressure, and abs from 0 - max. tried, pressing harder on the brake tried softer on the brakes. I feel like i'm losing lots of time in the brake zone. I just don't understand what the brake gamma really does to make an adjustment on it
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    LATE4APEX Alien

    I have G27 pedals, and inserted a neoprene tube in the brake pedal assembly to limit and create a more RL feel, and obviously changed the brake pedal set up to reflect this.

    Now I only need to push the pedal about an 1"1/4 to come up against a relatively hard stop and get full braking.
  10. Turk

    Turk Alien

    I can't really give advice because I'm in the same boat. Silverstone is really frustrating me. I've broken into the sub 2:01's I want to be below 2 minutes race pace. I had a long break from sim racing before corona and I haven't been able to get any where near sub 2 minutes, even though I have done it before.

    It's just going to take a lot of practice to get back to that time.
  11. jcarruthers

    jcarruthers Rookie

    Thanks, Dave.

    Using a bit more track I've taken another second off... (ignore the slight running wide on the first corner)

    Slowly but surely.
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  12. Goes To 11

    Goes To 11 Gamer

    Does anyone have any tips for starts? I did an AI race last night at Bathurst and was on pole but by the time I hit the first corner, the car in second was clear in front. My reaction speed isn't that bad.
  13. SlowLarry

    SlowLarry Rookie

    I think there are two main issues:
    1. you are not on the racing line all the time, some corners are meters off
    2. you hesitate with the inputs, wether its brake or throttle

    1: You should take the time and watch your replays going through the corners using chase view. Just look at the gaps between the apex and where you put your car, this is were the time lies. Get back on the track and take your time to look at the track while going around very slowly( really really slow, i mean brake at the apex, use manual cam to inspect the corner). If you are not familiar with this method, look at some of the latest Aries youtube videos, where he is doing this kind of track walk. Find the apexes of the corners, start combining them to a racing line mentally, then try to hit them. They are easy to spot in Silverstone because basically they are the tiny red sausages in the green astro turf. When you are done and enter race mode again, start really slow, like 30-50 even 90kmh off pace per corner, just make sure to really nail the apexes and drive a real smooth line. Once you are comfortable, speed up, slowly and gradually. Drive a couple of laps and watch yourself from chase cam again. If you are still off( and you will be ;-) ) , rinse and repeat until you hit them constantly.

    2. The second one is a bit trickier, because it seems like a habit. Get your breaking points and get your throttle points( the latter being usually the apexes). This should go hand in hand with your track walk and the slow laps. So when inspecting the track, take your time to also look for potential brake markers. On the track, off the track, everywhere. Now when running again in attack mode, use them. Break as hard as you can and dont hesitate. If you find out that you are much too early( and you will be, again...;-) ) look for a new one. Again, rinse and repeat.

    While doing this, forget about laptime. Fast laptimes come from correct and smooth racing lines and correct and smooth throttle and brake application. Once you mastered the line, everything else will come.
    These methods will cut you off seconds, and even more important, you will be able to do it again on other tracks.
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    LATE4APEX Alien

    If the 2nd place car was a Porsche, and yours was not, that may explain this.

    At least that is my experience, I am a Porsche driver, and always out start none Porsche cars.

    This can be confirmed when accelerating out of corners also.
    Last edited: May 8, 2020
  15. Goes To 11

    Goes To 11 Gamer

    Yes, it was a Porsche and I was in a V8 Vantage which I just found out is the worst.
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  16. jcarruthers

    jcarruthers Rookie

    Thank you! I sort of know this - but I need someone to tell me.

    I'm waiting for my sim rig to arrive before worrying about any further progress - so that I can get some consistency on the brakes - which I think is the biggest downfall right now.
  17. Nebulozny

    Nebulozny Gamer

    I would suggest to watch tracks walk through videos by Aris, he goes in to great level of details about pretty much anything on the track and where you could gain/loose time.
    Especially since he gives advice for ACC cars and he knows them best. I managed to move in to 2:20.... lap times on Spa in Lambo Evo after watching his video and minding the details he mentioned...before that I was always 2:22-21 racer.

    Not fastest out there for sure, but to be in 2:20 on Spa for me is incredible achievement. Especially since I am usually the only Lambo in the race, sometimes there is second one but very rare sight indeed.
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  18. jcarruthers

    jcarruthers Rookie

    Thanks, hoping he does a Silverstone track walk sometime soon.
  19. GONKO

    GONKO Racer

    So I am just wondering who on here will jump from car to car when racing, or do you have a go to car that you will race with until the end of time?

    I am personally jumping between a few different cars, even if they appear to be slower. I think it spices things up a little for me, even if it means not being the fastest I could be on a given track.

    So are you a one car person?
    Do you chop and change and embrace the challenge of a different car every few races?
  20. f1200racer

    f1200racer Gamer

    I try different cars but for some reason I always end up going back to the BMW. I've test all the cars at one track and my times were on average +- .5 sec different with each car compared to my best with the BMW. I know I will never be the fastest and the BMW isn't the preferred car for most but seems to suit my driving and allows me to be more consistent over other cars. And I like you hardly see it online as well.
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