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Driving Technique Discussion

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by Karsten Beoulve, Nov 26, 2019.

  1. BigShotBob

    BigShotBob Rookie

    @bbman and @LeiF, I appreciate this a lot as I had no idea I have this flaw. I always knew sector 2 was my worst but could never understand why exactly.

    Because I'm new, these are difficult concepts to wrap my head around I am hoping for a little bit of clarification on how I make proper changes. I gave it a shot but really struggling to implement and lap times are a few seconds slower.

    Basically, is the root cause that I am frequently braking too late in the corner, giving myself too little time to rotate the car properly, then hitting the gas too soon, and as a result having to compensate with excess steering on the exit? Or is it an issue of braking too much in a straight line and not starting to rotate the car earlier under braking and trail braking too little as I rotate the car? Or is it something else entirely? Am I not turning the wheel far enough when I turn typically maybe?

    Also, I tried a few laps again while consciously trying to "open up" the steering earlier in the exit and trying to visually break down sector 2 into a series of straight line exit points but ended up being quite a bit slower in laptime overall by about 1-2 seconds and had more issues with stability particularly through sector 2 where I found the rear of the car sliding as I applied throttle after the front finished rotating, which sometimes lead to snap oversteer, especially while going downhill or going way too wide on curbs and losing traction that way.

    These techniques are really difficult for me to understand, apologies.
  2. bbman

    bbman Gamer


    Sorry to say, pretty much all of the points are in your video at some point. The only thing I haven't seen are "braking too little" and "not turning the wheel enough". That being said, you're not that far off as it may sound.

    At first, don't worry about trailbraking - good lines and corner exits gain you a multitude more time than braking ever will. You are quite timid at turn-in, and unwind the steering fairly suddenly at the exit - try to balance those two motions. Adjust your braking points accordingly - if you have to set them back 10-20 m, so be it.

    Then play the game I'm calling "tyres go brt": on every corner, every lap, you position the car so as you hear the tyres hit the inside kerb at the apex (and where applicable, the kerbs before/after the turn as well). See how many you get per corner or per lap. As an example: at Pouhon I can consistently hit 4 of 5 kerbs.

    After that comes the hardest part: confidence. Confidence to brake a few metres later and keep a tiny amount on while you turn in. Confidence to chuck the car into a corner faster than you've done before and have it stick - or to be able to catch it if it doesn't. Confidence not to lift at Eau Rouge and still make Raidillion. Confidence - slowly gained and fast destroyed... :(
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  3. Christy

    Christy Gamer


    I had not observed in the analysis of the CC, that the software emerges an analysis concerning our way of piloting under the name: Violent piloting. And so for 15 days I have been working on this aspect during my training.

    And currently I manage to stay between 16-24%, but I would like to know, if it is really possible to drive 'fast' by having this percentage at: 5 for example?

    Are there any very experienced and moderately experienced people who could indicate on this post their average percentage of 'violent driving' that they have in their results.
    Thank you in advance.
  4. devil in me

    devil in me Racer

    Hello there Christy.

    Not sure if i was the only one not understanding quiet well exatly what you asking about, but let me give it a try.

    The software that you talking about it's the small widget that appears on top of the right side of the screen when driving?
    About your 16-24% value, are you again speaking about the CC that shows up in that widget? If so, how many hours have you in game driving ?
  5. sps_for_race

    sps_for_race Alien

    Where do I find a percentage value for 'violent driving' ?
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  6. Christy

    Christy Gamer

    Excuse me for my lack of precision!

    Violent driving is shown in this image in red. I have just completed 11 laps, I didn't have the feeling of driving violently at all ... and yet the software shows 37%. While I only had 2 laps in 'red' and I had my best time 2.11 ...!
    If you look at the far left my% violence is much lower, but there I was doing slower times!


    And I did not understand how to locate the 'sectors' on the circuit map, because it is not indicated or I did not understand!

    Note: I have been driving the Porsche 911 Gt 5 since yesterday only,
    and I have a practice number on the Suzuca circuit of 12 heures.
    Seeking to progress, I thought it necessary to observe this% rate of violence, but in reality it is completely contradictory, I no longer know if I should take this parameter into account?
  7. sps_for_race

    sps_for_race Alien

    Read this:

    Car control tips | Kunos Simulazioni - Official Forum (assettocorsa.net)

    Plus go to Options / HUD and do this:


    You´ll get info on your screen for every microsector.

    The reason, why we didn´t understood "violent driving" is, that it is called "Overdrive" in english.


    These marks dividing the sectors:

    Last edited: Feb 4, 2021
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  8. Christy

    Christy Gamer

    Thanks for your answer, and the image of the sectors.
  9. dm3lions

    dm3lions Rookie

    Hi Everyone,

    I just wondered if anyone could give me a steer on where to go next with my ACC practice please?

    I'm new to sim racing and started with ACC around 5 months ago. The last sim I played was Geoff Crammond's GP3 when it came out (which i loved was really terrible at)

    My method for improvement so far has effectively been:
    1) Achieve at least 4 hotlap times within 3-4 seconds of the youtube video times (slow I know but I've got to start somewhere)
    2) Make sure I can achieve this at least 3 times in qualifying (94% AI)
    3) Win a 30 minute and 60 minute race
    4) Repeat for all of the current tracks

    I've left the setups alone apart from tyre pressure, brake bias and aggressive setup in the Lambo as I understand my slowness is most definitely due to skill rather than setup.

    My driver rating now is c.80-90% on CC and similar for CN. My safety rating is 70 currently and 99 track medals.

    My question is what the most effective practice route is from here please?

    Ultimately I want to compete online fully accepting I'll likely be near the back of the grid.

    Do you have a routine that you try to follow to develop rounded skills?

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  10. Rudski

    Rudski Alien

    Honestly, once you stop trying to compare yourself to others who have an undetermined amount of skill and time over you, it's just not worth worrying. If you're comparing an Alien to your driving, good luck with that.
    You should be trying to achieve 40+ laps within 0.5 seconds of each other. And then cut that down to 0.3, 0.2, and 0.1.

    Also it depends how much you want to invest. 40 laps isn't a little quick session. How committed are you? What are your goals? Are you doing hotlaps? Or are you putting in 100 laps. Different mentality.
    If it's consistency then you're going to need to do 100's of laps over and over and over. Once you get to a certain level, you start to focus on every single corner, every single input you make. Trial and error, Is going faster here worth it, where should I be? And then you play with the setup, one little change at a time, and another 40 laps to see if it's really an improvement.
    Don't try to replicate a lap you see, it's not the way you learn a track. Yes, use them as a guide, but don't try replication because once something goes wrong or is different you wont' know how to handle it.
    Is braking in a straight line worth it? Or would making the straight a bit longer at the end better with braking on a slight angle? so many things to consider and you only get one attempt per lap to see.
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  11. bbman

    bbman Gamer

    If you can consistently lap within 3-4 seconds off alien times, I would think the basics are done. Now, it's about refining your lines, your technique - and having the confidence the car will not kill you if you go faster than you did until now.

    I would advise you to stick with one car at first. If you have one car mastered fully, you have a much better base to jump from then constantly change the car and perhaps confuse yourself on which differences actually matter to progress your driving.
    There are a surprising amount dedicated sim racing academies/schools, aliens and even real drivers who offer coachings. You don't need to get a coach, but getting objective feedback from another person on what you're doing wrong or good will probably advance you quicker than if you're going the self-taught route. Some even have example sessions you can watch online so you know what you can expect from such coachings.
    While at this point you're certainly limited by your technique, there are benefits to opening the Pandora's box that are setups. Take it slow, play with one setting at a time. You might gain a better understanding of how to make the car fit you - or what sort of inputs the car needs from you to get more out of it. Aris' videos provide much useful information what specific components do and how to adjust them, so you don't have to fumble in complete darkness.

    All that said, you thought about this more than probably 95 % of drivers. At some point, you're gonna need to stop thinking and take a leap of faith. Going online, you will almost certainly need to adjust your anticipation routines for real people, but I think you're gonna be surprised how far you get on public servers with consistency even when you are 3-4 secs off pace... ;)
  12. Go race online! You're much better prepared than half of the drivers on open servers. Enjoy yourself, keep up your SA Rating and then start Competition Races or any other form of league. You'll get faster over time.
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  13. zico_torres

    zico_torres Rookie

    Hey guys! Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who helped us "not that fast" dudes to get a little bit better at this. I just got to 100 hours of this sim.

    When i bought it, I had 110h of simracing (AC). I played a bunch of Gran Turismo on the past (PSP, 5, 6), but AC was the first time with a wheel (G27) [not to mention how far GT and AC are in terms of simulation].

    I did a 2:24.x lap at spa in my first day with ACC. Best Lap dropped to 2:22.3 after around 70h, then i started reading things here (not only here, but you get me), focused on the 488 Evo and now i'm doing 2:20.x. [aggressive setup + corrected psi]. Still slow, but getting there. I pretty much read the entire tread, still need to watch some of the videos tho, but one thing is clear: to get good here, you need to study. You need theory and pratice (lots). Which shows us how incredible is this software Kunos came up with and also how hard is it to be a fast driver in real life.

    The begginig with ACC can be so frustrating, especially if you try to "fight" the car, I almost gave up. But the feeling that it gives, the immersion, the sense of realism you get, its amazing.

    Laguna Seca, Brands Hatch and Mount Panorama are still challenges that I need to take on, tho.

    Sorry for the mistakes [i'm from brazil]. Thank you and see you around!
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  14. dm3lions

    dm3lions Rookie

    Hi all,

    Thanks a lot for taking the time to give me some feedback, it's very much appreciated.

    @Rudski - I took your advice and tried some 60 minute sessions for consistency yesterday. I managed 18/32 laps and 21/32 laps within 0.5 second of my quickest time so there's plenty of work for me to do on Consistency. I love the World Endurance Championship so the long races are definitely something I want to get into. Just to add I harbour no illusions of becoming an alien but was using the youtube videos as a baseline guide to timings as I'm not aware of anywhere else to compare against. Can anyone recommend any league boards or quali/race results?

    @bbman - I've wanted to fiddle with the setup for a while and this is definitely an alluring feature of ACC in my eyes. Aris' videos have been a real inspiration for me throughout my journey with ACC!!

    @Sebastian Cron - You're right I do need to stop thinking it and crack on with some MP races. Just don't want to be a liability so I'm going to try and get to 85 SA offline before I do.

  15. AndyK70

    AndyK70 Alien

  16. Jynnantonix

    Jynnantonix Simracer

    I think getting good at dialling setups for own preference also goes in a 'driving technique' discussion, as it is a vital piece of the puzzle. Been trying to improve at Spa, tinkering the setup to something that feel safe but responsive (much softer than aggressive), but I have hit a wall at 2:20. Now I am wondering if it's my setup that's holding me back. Would like to ask a favour of one the fast guys if you could please drive it and let me know what you think. I'm guessing to get down to the 18's the first thing is to learn to take eau rouge flat, which feels like an impossibilty for me at this point.

    (audi evo btw)

    Attached Files:

  17. MrCooper

    MrCooper Rookie

    I've never taken Eau Rouge / Raidillon flat in ACC. My PB is 2:18.5 with the Lexus, aggressive preset setup. I don't expect taking it flat would gain me more than a few tenths, if that.

    Note that the track conditions can have a big impact on lap times, in particular the amount of rubber on the track and its temperature. My PB was on an optimum track at a little under 30° IIRC.
  18. Jynnantonix

    Jynnantonix Simracer

    Yep understand that, but it's definitely a like for like comparison as in a race last night, the pole-sitter did a 2:16.8 ,mind just completely blown. I mean where in the world is he finding 3 whole seconds on me when I feel like I've done a 'perfect' lap??!! :eek:
    Interesting to hear you don't take rouge flat, I thought I was one of the only ones who don't.
  19. Mathieu Labbé

    Mathieu Labbé Hardcore Simmer

    Depends on the car and obviously setup. 720s will easily allow it on aggressive preset, while the Audi will try to kill you :)

    Envoyé de mon Pixel 4a en utilisant Tapatalk
  20. Burnleyhome

    Burnleyhome Racer

    I used to drive the Aston, but couldn't get below 2:20 at Spa with it with aggressive setup. I changed to 720s and I broke the 2:20 barrier after about 20 laps getting used to the car.
    My mindset is that either
    - my style likes the 720 more than the Aston
    - I have more confidence in the 720 in the corners, so higher apex speed
    - My lines have slightly changed due to the car, but I have found a better line that I did in the Aston
    Maybe if I go back to the Aston I'll be able to use the confidence, slightly different lines, etc to break the 2:20 barrier in it.

    For 720, I can take Eau Rouge flat with up to 50L fuel.
    For a race, when above 20L, I need to have a good line not to get a track limit warning, so I usually pulse off the throttle when starting to go up hill. I maybe lose 0.2 at the very most, but that isn't anything for my pace, but alot safer to not get track limit warnings so early in the race.

    I think there was a video where someone (better driver than me) would see if they could take it flat on all different cars.
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