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Driving Technique Discussion

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by Karsten Beoulve, Nov 26, 2019.

  1. CrimsonEminence

    CrimsonEminence Simracer

    If you want to gain tenths, or even seconds, or just being safe for longer runs, you have to change setups. ACC has overall nice presets, but you can make them fit more to your driving style. But in general, it's true: you can't make a good/fast/safe setup, if you don't understand the car properly.
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  2. CrimsonEminence

    CrimsonEminence Simracer

    Night and day, compared to your first video post here.
    This is actually a pretty nice run! Try using the aggressive preset, if you feel safe.^^
  3. henkjansmits

    henkjansmits Simracer

    Just go to aggressive setup in my opinion. For me that was an easy 1-2 sec on each track (after few hours practise on different tracks). Moreover, I think it also allows you too feel better what is going on, when you are sliding etc because its more oversteery. Oversteer is much easier to see / feel on the wheel (especially that last thing in ACC again in my opinion) although its more dangerous in terms of spinning.
  4. tjr

    tjr Hardcore Simmer

    I think this looks really good! Your pace is very similar to mine so I can't offer advice on improvements there I'm afraid, but I would just echo others' comments to add weight to the ones that chime with my own experience:

    - Go long! Consistency is key, I try and do as long a stint as possible with whatever I'm doing, and being able to reliably do this is enormously satisfying, bringing rewards that are not focused on lap times. Personally, I find long races with the AI to be very worthwhile for this as well as hotstints as I struggle to find online lobbies with long race times other than CP servers...

    - Concentrate on CC. This is THE go to stat for me to see how good my driving really is. Good lap times correlate with high CC. Once I've got this down, over a long stint check your CN. If that is also high then you know you're doing all the right things without having to fixate on lap times.

    - I would also suggest moving to aggressive set ups. This will be subjective, but I agree with the comment by @henkjansmits that it will improve your car control as you have to work with the car's natural abilities and flaws more. When I moved from safe to aggressive I found my CC and CN dropped (don't let it get you down), but now they are improved upon where they were. I also find I can move between the various cars more readily as I can better read the feedback I'm getting from them. I think that safe setups were making me lean upon TC a bit too much on corner exit and actually holding me back.
  5. Nesja

    Nesja Racer

    Stay with one setup and keep driving until your CC is high (at least 90) and you can do consistent laps, preferably of at least low 1:45's (below 45 for agg setup if you change), but if you hit some laptime consistently without further improvements that's also fine.
  6. 45s in hotstint with fuel or 45s on hotlaps with 10 liters?
  7. Freddie Seng

    Freddie Seng Hardcore Simmer

  8. Nesja

    Nesja Racer

    I'd try practicing with 60l.

    One of the best things I did was to take time to practice a lot with the safe preset and 60 l on Nurburgring when the game was in early access. It made me so much faster and more consistent.
    Key was sticking with the same setup and finding my own limits rather than some laptime. Since I drove with 60 l I was in the dark of how this would compare to others, so I was driving against myself with a focus on simply improving, getting more consistent, and getting my CC up.
  9. Luis Branco

    Luis Branco Alien

    I've uploaded these two videos (default Safe and Aggressive setups) for you to take a look at, hoping it can be helpful in anyway.
    Perhaps, others more skilled than me can give you a better insight of the car and track.

    I used the same track conditions and time of day as in your first video, however, for the aggressive setup video, there is a difference in wind speed, but it will not be relevant enough for this purpose.
    Nevertheless, here is my, hopeful, contribution to you.

    Let me start by saying that I only have driven the Honda once before, in one of the SE (Honda/Spa combo), so I don't have any good experience with the car.

    What I did notice about it is it wants some throttle input to help it rotate and keep pointing to where I want it to go. Also find that is a bit more forgiving to throttle use than other cars I have driven, so it tolerates quite well keeping on the throttle to induce rotation in and out of corners.
    Much probably this can be helped somehow with setup changes, at least for my personal taste, but with default setups (Safe and Aggressive) it seems as characteristic of the car itself, so is to take in account, even when changes in setup are made.

    I also find it lacking a bit in braking bite, it stops nonetheless, but always seem that it is not braking enough. Again, some setup changes can be of remedy.

    Take a particular look on the line used, because you're in the good track, but your use of track space is very restrained. You can make much more use of the track width to your advantage and, for what I see, shave a couple of seconds only by using a different, more unimpeded line.

    Safe setup

    Aggressive setup
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  10. go to option-HUD-info rating, set car control.
    aim for dark green, be consistent.
    Learn trail braking, real trail braking.
    Default setups are definitely enough to set awesome laptimes.
    aim 27.5-28 psi.

    in the end it is not simple, but not even impossible. Look for Wolff Mattuskha on YouTube and watch his videos; at least to make the tires work.

    trailbraking is the key.
    trailbraking is the key.
    trailbraking is the key.

    at the beginning i did not understand how aliens could brake so late and turn the car => trailbraking.

    I studied (yes studied deeply) all car dynamics involved in the game and the things we are allowed to do change in the setup. I used 53 bb to turn the car.
    But I was loosing cornering speed.

    Then super aliens arrived, by watching their input... I thought I knew what trailbraking was, but I was wrong.

    so. aggressive setup, CC Rating and TRAILBRAKING.
  11. bratt01

    bratt01 Gamer

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  12. aotto1977

    aotto1977 Hardcore Simmer

    Also, it helped me improving my cornering more than I expected: Focus your view!
    Right after reaching the break reference point, focus the apex of the corner. And right after (or even just before) passing that, focus the exit resp. the next corner.
    There's some mind magic happening that helps you applying break and throttle a lot.
    It takes some amount of concentration to do this in every corner on every lap, but it's so rewarding!

    I am currently sitting in a bus with my mobile phone so I cannot look it up properly, but if I remember correctly, Chris Hayes recently made a good video on this topic on YouTube.
  13. The iRacing Driving School videos cover a lot of the things mentioned here. Deffo worth a watch:
  14. Been watching and studying a lot, noI'll switch to aggressive setup and try some of these new techs and suggeations. I'll be back with results.
  15. CrimsonEminence

    CrimsonEminence Simracer

    Have fun :)

    But be careful, the NSX is a drift machine and i don't say it for the sake of nippon VTEC kikkz in, yo memes or something, it really likes to step out with the rear :D
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  16. dave967

    dave967 Racer

    The honda is the slowest car in the game, yeah you can drive it fast but you’ll go faster with all the other cars properly set up..
  17. Watching the videos and tutorial above, I have noticed that even the slightest touch on my throttle pedal seems to send the input at 40% or more, is there an in game calibration? Or a way to make the first part of the pedal course smoother or less steep?

    I can't find it anywhere :p
  18. Luis Branco

    Luis Branco Alien

    You can test the pedals input in Thrustmaster CP (I'm assuming you're using the T3PA pedals)
    You can also check pedal calibration in control options (ACC) and add dead zones if needed (do not recommend it, unless some issues with the pedals themselves).

    About the driving, each ACC car has its own characteristics, own handling and a learning curve (and so does the tracks)
    The Honda can be one of the slower cars of the pack, but not by much (maybe by a couple of tenth to the others near it), and even if it can be slower than the fastest ones by near 1 second, I would stick with the Honda for now, because that was the car used as reference.

    I'm positive you'll go down to 1'46 low with the default safe setup by adjusting some little things in your driving and, much probably, low 1'45 with default aggressive setup, before making any setup changes at all.
    Get a good flow with the car and track and when you feel you can't really squeeze anything else out of it, try another car to compare to it.
    This way you have a very good driving reference and quickly can notice different handling of another car and be positive that you feel an advantage on the new car characteristics or, if comfortable by doing it, rather start tweaking the Honda setup and see if there it improves in some areas you may feel is preventing from improving your lap times.

    In my opinion, the best way to improve your driving is stay committed to one car initially, so that your driving improvements are built from your own technique rather than the car handling.
    Once you feel you're in control of the car in all areas: braking, accelerating and cornering - while making use of CC and CN to check your improvements - then you’re certain that it's your driving that improved and not the car that is helping you and concealing any less good driving methods you may still have.
    If you are faster with the Honda, after a natural first time of familiarising with another car characteristics, you surely be faster as well with the new one, because the driving improvements are already there to start with.
  19. CrimsonEminence

    CrimsonEminence Simracer

    Master the NSX and you will be killer with the Porsche GT3-R II :D I'm not even joking, i'm afraid...
  20. I'm starting to fall apart again, i started improving laptimes up to 1.47.3 but now my cc and cn values are dropping and i'm less consistent again. Seems i've been hitting a wall.

    Used this as a reference, and it looks basically the same as i do but it's 1.8 seconds faster somehow and i'm honestly clueless about this... I noticed he used 1 less TC in his settings but certainly not what is making all this difference!

    Aggressive setup is undriveable; lose the rear like a breeze and throttle seem to have millimeter course over the first part then get to 70% and then 100%.If i check in Thrustmaster software it seems way more gradual then ingame
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