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Driving Technique Discussion

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by Karsten Beoulve, Nov 26, 2019.

  1. dm3lions

    dm3lions Rookie

    Hi all,

    I just wondered if anyone could give me any tips on this hotlap for Kyalami please?

    I've got about 150 hours experience in ACC so far and didn't sim race at all previously.

    Most of that time has been spent learning all of the tracks and getting somewhere in the 3-4 secs region of the YT videos.

    Now that's done I've focussed on my consistency and Kyalami in particular.

    The lap below is a 1.41.5 which I'll be honest I'm really pleased with.

    I have repeated a time within 2 tenths of this on 9 more occasions to make sure it wasn't a fluke.

    PSI, BB, small rear ride height and wing adjustment. Nothing else.

    I see 1.39.9 has been achieved by a few of the Aliens!!!

    I very much doubt I can get near them but I want to see how far I can take it.

  2. JnJ | Rayleigh

    JnJ | Rayleigh Simracer

    It always comes down to conditions. In your vid I think it wasn't that hot since it was pretty cloudy. Still your time isn't that shabby at all. I noticed the following:

    - You went on the curbs before braking for T1
    - You didn't trail brake for T1 and turned in too early imo

    - For Sunset you hit the apex too early so your exit was rather compromised.

    - At Leeukop you could try to position your car farther the the right before turn in (I know, not that easy since it's a blind corner, but you have some references like the big screen in front)

    - Also at The Crocodiles try to position your car farther to the left to get a smoother entry so your exit won't be compromised

    - Maybe altogether try to trailbrake a bit more. If the inputs are correct you mostly go from 0% to 100% brake and from 100% back to 0% straight like a press of a button. Use your pedals (that I assume you drive with).

    So here you got my 2 cents on the case ;)
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  3. dm3lions

    dm3lions Rookie

    Thanks a lot @JnJ | Rayleigh

    I'll go for sunny conditions and try to address the points you raised and see what I come up with.

    Cheers for taking the time feedback
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  4. Annoluce

    Annoluce Rookie

    Dear pilots,

    I've had AC for quite some time now but I'd like to start pushing the learning curve to move up a level. I recently switched from the Logitech G25 to the G29 and the quality of driving has improved.

    I've always been a fan of fast driving, I used to race motorbikes on circuits in the past so I know the basic theory of lines, braking, acceleration, entry/exit/apex etc. When I go karting with friends or in company competitions I always win by a big margin.

    But with AC I'm finding it difficult. Let me explain, I learn the various circuits by trying different cars (I'm trying all of them but I mainly use GTs or BMWs, the M3 GT or the 235 with which I have a very good feeling). I'm slow at first, but then lap after lap I settle around a certain time. With a little more effort and by adjusting the setup a little bit (but only the tyres) I can maybe cut 1 or 2 seconds.

    After that, I can't improve any more. Every now and then I feel like doing a quick race but it's a disaster. I'm almost always kicked out at the first or second corner (if there are a lot of opponents) with unfair ramming techniques, to say the least. Moreover, if I 'survive' it, I have difficulty keeping up with the leaders, and here we are still talking about "zero" level aggression, let alone if I put it to 100%...

    So I understand that there's a long way to go to learn. For now I've found a good setup with the steering wheel and FF, I use standard car setups in AC, but I'd like to start studying seriously.

    What do you recommend?

    - online tutorials and driving techniques

    - books or blogs

    - learning paths

    - your personal tips for training and racing on AC

    Thanks a lot,
  5. LimboJimbo

    LimboJimbo Rookie

    When you want you can try this it helped me a lot.

    Nice video:

    very good book:

    Ross Bentley Ultimate speed secrets
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  6. Justin Cruze

    Justin Cruze Racer

    Is there a "correct" way to drive if you're stuck with wrong tyre pressures (e.g day to night transition, light rain, etc)?
    Generally happy with my pace but struggling a bit in these situations...
  7. In acc you can drive in many ways being fast. Bur optimal pressure will Always be faster.
  8. Justin Cruze

    Justin Cruze Racer

    Yep, just feel some people are dealing with low pressures a bit better than me....guess it's easier to think there's a trick to it instead of admitting they might just be faster than me in low grip situations :p
  9. A trick? :rolleyes:
  10. Justin Cruze

    Justin Cruze Racer

    Lost in translation apparently.
  11. chksix

    chksix Hardcore Simmer

    A twick?
  12. BlaZe^

    BlaZe^ Rookie

    Don't know if this is the correct section to ask but how does ACC implement track limits and in particular are the British tracks subject to different rules.

    Quite new to sim racing

  13. baboon

    baboon Hardcore Simmer

    You can try and work the wheel some more, trying to load or scrub the tires a bit more than usual. If you end up getting maybe .2 psi more by adjusting your driving style than this can help the performance of the car for the remaining laps.
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  14. LeiF

    LeiF Alien

    IIRC I heard Aris mention on a stream that the limits at Oulton and Snetterton are more strict, you need to keep two wheels in the white line rather than just on the kerb as is the case at the rest of the tracks.
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  15. AndyK70

    AndyK70 Alien

  16. Justin Cruze

    Justin Cruze Racer

    Yeah think this is right - now that that I've done a few more longer races, also finding that the TC and ABS level can be used to very slightly increase or decrease pressures as well.
  17. McLaren has no balance in hungaroring, no matter how much the setup changes, the car always comes out of the back of nowhere, and the brake on this track doesn't really work, there is no feeling in the pedal, you have to guess where you brake. there is really something wrong with McLaren on this track
  18. Just to clarify. This is ACC (Assetto Corsa Competizione) forum not AC (Assetto Corsa). They have different physics and also different AI behavior.

    - Your motorbike experience might be holding you back. Do not try to relate . Even changing the sim app needs a fresh start.
    - Getting in incident in turn1 means you are rushing a lot. Keep calm during the first lap. Check these out.

    - Do not change cars. just settle with one try to learn its behavior first.
    - Use rating system as an indicator of your progress. Do not race or change the track until your CN and CC clearly increase. Once they increase 5-10 points start stints and races on that track.

    - There are a lot of wisdom in this forum, just make a search they pop up. Here below the is a bunch of links for theory from my bookmarks.

  19. PwdrMtn

    PwdrMtn Rookie

    As a PS4 player I didn't develop a lot of feedback on what ABS was doing and how it responded to my different inputs. Now I'm on PC, I find the game more responsive and gives better feedback. It could be a settings thing but whatever, I'm getting more from it now.

    To that end, I decided to work on lock-up points. I've been tightening up the FFB so that the ABS isn't drowned out, and I'm paying more attention to it as well. I set up my CSL wheel in Fanalab to not show speed, but to tell me when ABS activates. What's interesting is that it engages before I can feel it through the wheel.

    Anyway, to my point: how should I be adapting my driving to the activation of ABS during the course of a lap? If it comes on early during the braking phase, should I be backing off the pressure? Should I adjust the ABS level if it comes on 'too early', trying to develop muscle memory for the point at around ABS activation? Or is it good to activate ABS early?

    This might be related to another recent observation: when Hotlapping at Misano I found the CC indicator giving me a lot of blue boxes. When I paid closer attention during braking, I noticed that the real-time indicator also goes blue very early in the braking phase, even if it then goes green at apex. This seemed to suggest that I was braking too heavily, even though I was carrying enough speed at the Apex to start approaching the limit of grip at that phase. It could also mean that I wasn't braking hard enough during the early phase!

    Any advice appreciated, thanks!
  20. bbman

    bbman Racer

    Best answer I can give you: It depends... First, you need to find out why you think you're on the limit, while the game tells you that you aren't close. Depending on what the cause is you can decide on next steps. Turning down the ABS won't do you good if you're too hard on the brakes and can't get the car to turn in, it would only make you understeer even more. Also, some cars have good ABS where you don't lose much time if you engage it, others will cost you a ton of time.
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