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Dynamic Weather Discussion

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by MsportDAN, Apr 4, 2019.

  1. earlyapex

    earlyapex Hardcore Simmer

    Ok the clouds don't seem to make a difference as this result is repeatable with random weather but time of day does so with time of day being 8pm or 6am, the track and air are the same but the problem is they change up or down in tandem, every time.
    Surely there should be some difference as asphalt takes longer to heat up and cool down than air?
    As time goes on, the track and air heat up by 1C at exact same moment.
  2. danielfry030

    danielfry030 Gamer

    We made another test last night and I would highly appreciate if the weather defined by event variables would reliably define the starting session (e.g. practice) in a reasonable manner. As of today, we set clouds to 0.6 and rain to 0.3 and suspect light rain with a fairly cloudy sky. This works well until you add variaty=1 (or greater), starting conditions are now shuffled again. Intro screen and MP list show a rainy server but if you join there are few clouds on a sunny day. IMHO weather simulation should always start with given values defined by config and then starts to shift in relation to variety. As is it now, sessions are still kinda unpredictable.

    Clouds 0.6 and rain 0.3 with variety=2 result in heavy thunderstorms most of the time which is a bit off in relation to config. Adding weather variety override clouds and rain settings (which is okay as we want weather changes during the weekend) but shouldn´t result in making those settings completely obsolet from the beginning.
    Last edited: Aug 13, 2019
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  3. Koly™

    Koly™ Gamer

    I have the feeling now the dynamic weather with variability at 50% is what I needed, it's now random variability, before update, it was always the same scripted variability !
    Nice !
    I play mid rain with variability at 50%, 30min race X48, it simulates perfectly a 24hours race in 30 min, with many variation and never the same.
  4. Ninety3

    Ninety3 Rookie

    I have been running the same settings as you on my community server and have only experienced a thunderstorm once. However, I haven't been experiencing a great variety of weather that I had when using some other settings. So far it seems that most quali sessions are dry and then the race is wet, usually clearing up towards the end of the race but not enough time to dry the track for use of slicks. Previously I was running much higher settings, both cloud and rain ranging from 0.6-0.9 (sometimes both at the same number, sometimes not) and with a variability of 2-4 I found a fantastic mix of weather. Some of the most interesting races were starting dry and then in the last 5-10 mins rain would come and it would be a difficult decision of staying on slicks or pitting for wets. It was brilliant, but unfortunately I found thunderstorms to be far too common, and unfortunately thunderstorm racing isn't so fun and many leave the lobby. Would be fantastic if Kunos could provide some more detail about what each setting value does and how they work hand in hand, or just provide a setting that can disable thunderstorm/heavy rain conditions.
  5. martcerv

    martcerv Alien

    I was trying to experiment with forcing more wet dynamic weather but found whatever I set ended in Yellow Icon thunderstorms which are red flag type stuff really.

    I then tried dynamic= 0 and it was still somewhat dynamic as it wasnt sticking to what I selected. Then tried dynamic=-1 and found clouds 0.6 and rain 0.6 gave just driveable white storm as bellow. :D

    Usually I was running dynamic 1 or 2 with higher cloud levels of around 0.6 and rain 0.3 this mostly ran cloudy dark dry days with the odd very light rain.

    Changing dynamic to 5 and it even gave a bright sunny session, but at that setting it went to yellow storm just about every second session. These test were at Nurburgring with 2x time scale.

    Having a choice to have sessions start as set would be nice but I would prefer us setting limits for max and min in all options then dynamic could be fully random within this range.

    Heavy rain is ok but the heaviest thunderstorm is pretty much undriveable aquaplaining and spinning off coasting at 30kmh in some sections. :eek:

    The dynamic weather settings seem to work a bit better in SP then in a server. I really love the fully dynamic weather, but would be good if it could have more variety so some full sun sessions then others up to max server rain levels.

    Now it seems either very similar and conservative mostly dry or just totaly nuts. I havent found a setting in between yet.
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  6. Darcy Callai Junior

    Darcy Callai Junior Hardcore Simmer

    In MP happens all the time, whenever it is at dawn or dusk.

    Please, See this topic too.

  7. romandevision

    romandevision Simracer

    Am I right that we can't establish the foggy weather?
    I really liked "light fog" in AC.
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  8. th3o

    th3o Hardcore Simmer

    Yes, there is no option for "Fog"-Weather. I too think it would be nice to have, sometimes i use it in AC or PCars 2 and its great.
    Also would love to see for example in dusk conditions in the very early morning some groundfog here and there hovering over the track or low between the trees, to indicate this sorta colder 'wet' morning feel of the air.
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  9. romandevision

    romandevision Simracer

    I hope @Lord Kunos hears us :rolleyes:
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  10. PuppiesZ

    PuppiesZ Gamer

    Suggestions please. I am hosting a 40 min race at Zolder and just want a light rain that comes in and then goes during the 40 minutes. I tried the below and it was clear skies.

    Ideas , Suggestions? Thank you

    "cloudLevel": 0.5,
    "rain": 0.9,
    "weatherRandomness": 5,
    "sessions": [
    "hourOfDay": 19,
    "dayOfWeekend": 1,
    "timeMultiplier": 3,
  11. henkjansmits

    henkjansmits Simracer

    I still am suprised by how fast track dries. I joined a 20 mins MP race, at the start it was raining and the track was wet, with visual puddles here and there. After around 5 mins it stopped raining. After 11 mins it was "slick tyres optimum" and after 17 mins the track looked completely dry. I simply don't believe that happens in reality on this planet.

    Maybe there was some time acceleration or something but then why doesn't it tell me. Now I naively started on wets....
  12. Ninety3

    Ninety3 Rookie

    The track is always in real time so the time progression has no impact. However the strength of rain and the heat of air and track can make a significant change
  13. Aristotelis

    Aristotelis Will it drift? Staff Member KS Dev Team

    As @Ninety3 said, even on accelerated time, the track always gets wet and dries up in real time (no acceleration).

    In reality on this planet it happens even sooner than 11 minutes... Have a look what happened at this Hungaroring race in 2018, watch the poor BMW that started the race in wet tyres.

    The video should start at around 8:20, if not then go at that time manually. Listen also to commentators saying the track is full wet and watch for at least 8 minutes ;)
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  14. MsportDAN

    MsportDAN Alien

    Hello Aris hope your well. While your here and all, could you clarify if you will look at the random wet/dry track state system in game. As stated out of a 100% wetness, and 0 being dry, theres as you see a far too high probability of a dry track. basically 99% of wetness of some kind. Could this be looked at please.? thanks again
  15. the_stig90

    the_stig90 Racer

    Like in real life :D

    Are the waving commercial flags around a track fitting with the winddirection too? That would be nice
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2019
  16. Aristotelis

    Aristotelis Will it drift? Staff Member KS Dev Team

    I’ll have to ask specifically the dev responsible about this as i don’t know exactly the answer.

    Regarding the flags, yeah it would be cool but I have no idea regarding feasibility.

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  17. henkjansmits

    henkjansmits Simracer

    I saw that race I think it was the first BP race I ever saw :).

    I had a look at the ACC replay and I think the effect seems more extreme there (at least "intuitively") but that's maybe because I think the sky itself changes faster than in reality (from raining completely overcast to sunny in 6 mins). From reading on this forum I think that could be speeded up and I guess the sun would influence the track.

    I went into pits 10:20 into the race and I think that was 1 lap after "slick tyres optimum". So 4 mins after the sky turns sunny the track has dried enough to need slick tyres. So

    0:00 race start wet track raining, overcast
    2:30 no more rain on windshield visible
    3:00 wipers go off
    6:00 "sunny with few clouds sky"
    Around 9-10 mins: slick optimum
    10:20 pit&lose race :)

    Amazing sim though, it's pity so few MP servers have rain.
  18. Cote Dazur

    Cote Dazur Alien

    Dynamic weather can be unpredictable, but should not be limited to being unpredictable.
    Please, give us the ability to script the weather, as is seen in other SIM.
    Let us have the option to choose different weather type that would evenly spread for the duration of the race we want to set.
    For example, Clear, Clouds, Rain, Clouds spread over the period we race. That would be so nice.:)
    ACC, IMO, has by far the nicest, more realistic, rain weather available today. Both in terms of graphic and physic. Let us take full advantage of it, as it is one of ACC strong suit.:)
  19. WallyM

    WallyM Alien

    @Aristotelis this is interesting because I know from experience that if you start on wets in ACC when the track is merely damp like this, your tyres are very overheated and overpressured after only a lap or two. Does this mean that wets shouldn't overheat so quickly in damp conditions in the game?
  20. Ninety3

    Ninety3 Rookie

    Ground Zero Racing server is set for a high probability of rain and always will be (although that doesn't guarantee it of course!)
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