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Dynamic Weather Discussion

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by MsportDAN, Apr 4, 2019.

  1. Cornflex

    Cornflex Gamer

    No, PCars2 weather system is a real joke. Track conditions use the same time multiplier as weather condition changes. When setting the multiplier to 6 and starting with wets you are not able to finish a single lap when rain starts because the tracks gets wet way too fast. And I don't like those predictable weather slots.
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  2. Gopher04

    Gopher04 Simracer

    I'm talking about the realtime weather dude nothing else, the fact it will give you the weather conditions that is actually happening at the track at the time you are on it..
  3. earlyapex

    earlyapex Hardcore Simmer

    I started a 2019 sprint championship with real weather selected.
    First race is brands hatch. Start of race 1 is light rain, track is in green status and a dry line is visible. So, this should get wetter as it rained for the full 1 hour race.
    I started on dry tyres, track never even reached damp status. Also didn't need to use wet tyres .

    Then race 2 starts 5 hours of in game time later and its still light rain and track starting condition is still green status and track surface is identical to start of race 1 with dry line visible.
    Doesn't seem right.

    GRFOCO Alien

    Maybe a bug, but also maybe that's right.
    We don't know what happened in that 5 hours between race 1 and race 2.
  5. hi all!
    I found out that I'm very fast when there is no wind and also when tires get in temp..
    Can anyone explain what I should chenge in setup when conditions are not as good? not optimal, but good.
    with lot of wind and tires surface temp very cold?
    Thank you!
  6. m_box97

    m_box97 Simracer

    It depends on track and wind direction. For example if you have a track with only one corner that needs a lot of aero and you have tailwind there you could increase your downforce (you should also change the balance but that's not that trivial) but if we imagine to have a track with two fast aero sections in opposite directions there's not much you can do as you will have headwind in one and tailwind on the other. Regarding tyres I would suggest first of all to have them at the right pressure then if they are still cold I would try to increase the toe or close the brake ducts.
  7. Hi,play subtly with your right foot, depending on the feeling.
  8. Thank you!
    I always go between 27.5 and 28.2 psi, depending on which session it's running.
    I use brake ducts well, I think.
    But still I could not understand if my problem was the surface temp or wind honestly.
    I think there must be a trick.
    Something like adjusting toe, caster.
    I will make some test to see if there is any useful math.
    For wind: you think low downforce setups could be less influenced?
    Yesterday wind was opposite kemmel.
    For me stamelot, la source and le combes were extremely more difficult. I could not stop the car consistently.

    It was a cool challenge.

    it would be great to know how many wind directions can appear, then I would start practicing that to understand what can be done.
  9. Oblit0r

    Oblit0r Alien

    Stavelot, La Source and Les Combes are all different directions, so wind is unlikely the issue.

    I think you're talking about the race you did yesterday together with Gianfrest? Because it was raining and the track was damp. Try to put brake bias farther to the rear and take off some camber.
  10. Turk

    Turk Alien

    Light rain isn't really going to cause a build up of water or wetness. The ground can soak up some of it and some more of it will just evaporate.

    For water to start to build up it has to get heavy enough to overpower the grounds ability to soak it up. You only really 'need' wet weather tyres if you've got standing water, then you need the thread on that wet tyre to push the standing water out of the way. Wet road isn't as slippy as people think.

    That would be especially true in the UK. It rains there all the time. Brands hatch is probably designed to handle large amounts of rain.
  11. hey Oblitor! Exactly that event.
    But I refer to Qualifying session.
    Aenor Cavillon and Wolff Mattuskha both did 2.16.6XX. Which I can do in normal conditions with the same temperatures.
    But yesterday everything was different and so a lot difficult for me. Quali lasted 15 minutes so they knew what they were doing.
    Anyway those guys are amazing and probably I was just tired who knows.

    But I think it's wind and tyre temperatures that drove me out of my pace. As for now I know that the surface should not affect that much. So I think it was wind. But it also be a combination of both. I don't remember my laptime honestly but I remember I was more than 1 second slower than them.

    My knowledge on all tyre dynamics to have always good performance in ACC is still very poor, so I am asking here if anyone has any info.

    Anyway I had unusual understeer at the long right hander after stamelot, the one that brings to the straight (not sure about the name). at les combes only in the left hander and then la source was almost impossible.
    Last edited: Dec 13, 2019
  12. Oblit0r

    Oblit0r Alien

    Really hard to say, but I doubt it's the wind :p I think it's either you did something with the setup or maybe you tried to push too hard. Did you make sure you put on fresh tires during the qualifying session and didn't start on old tires from the free practice?
    I rewatched part of Gianfrest's stream, track started out as Fast and progressed to Optimum. Wind speed was 8km/h coming from the left as you approach La Source. I doubt this would've made a significant difference.
    Also, track temperature was 31C and ambient 24C. Not temperatures that will overheat the tires, and Gianfrest also didn't seem to really struggle as far as I can tell.

    Which leaves me with either your tires, setup (maybe brake ducts too closed?) or driver input. But it's really hard to tell without more information :p
  13. earlyapex

    earlyapex Hardcore Simmer

    Then I go to Zandvoort and for race 1, track is green status and it has light rain starting. Within half the first lap, track is wet and wet tyres optimum pops up on screen. Light rain is light rain, from running hour long race in slicks to this, half a lap in and needing wets. No standing water, not even spray, game decided it was wet enough after 40 secs of rain.
  14. I had the opposite problem. the surface was cold not hot. it was 24 31 but it was cold somehow. with higher temperatures I did 17.1 the same afternoon. so idk what is happening. Probably the direction was tricky, of wind. and I had no top speed.
  15. I have two major problems with the weather forecast. The first one is the transition between clear, light rain, medium rain and heavy rain options is very slow. They stay hours and hours in the same conditions most of the time. I believe 4x would be right for the current 1x. I don't like to speed up the time, so adjusting 4x is not an option.

    The second is the total needlessness of the storm (yellow icon) mainly lasting for hours at a time.
  16. MsportDAN

    MsportDAN Alien

    as much as I appreciate the massive update today, disappointed that the offline random weather isn't adjusted (to not be wet all the bloody time!) - what essentially i reckon is an easy fix.
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  17. AMarkham40

    AMarkham40 Rookie

    Just ran a Quick Race at Barcelona with the 1.2 update & the wind was 72 km/h!
  18. MsportDAN

    MsportDAN Alien

    Changelog v1.2.1

    TAB Timetable HUD overlay now scales properly on all resolutions.
    Fixed spotter/text messages chain after loading a saved game.
    Fixed tyre set inconsistency between MFD and setup.
    Fixed pitcrew spawn in saved games.
    MP: Fixed zippy netcode for high pings.
    MP: Removed gaps in grid position caused by disconnected cars.
    Random weather fix to not only generate rainy conditions.

    What can I say thank you, one of my threads has finally paid off lol!!!

    Happy Christmas to all and all a good nite!!!
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  19. GRFOCO

    GRFOCO Alien

    Yes, if it's working as intended, this is a little/big improvement.
    For all us.
  20. MsportDAN

    MsportDAN Alien

    so just tried a Porsche cup race at spain. Apart from the lovely feeling driving this sim - theres just still tooo much rain. Out of about 8 tries I got no dry race start (a few qualy maybe) . Not too mention storm should be omitted from the weather available, you just wouldn't race a whole race in a yellow icon storm!!!

    I personally think the sliders and the random selection needs to be reworked it throws up too many wet scenarios.

    But great job, the sim is marvellous!!
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