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Eat Sleep Race Online Racing Community

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by Vasracing, Mar 27, 2019.

  1. Vasracing

    Vasracing Gamer


    Looking for racers from pro-beginners.

    ESR is a global racing group and have added Assetto Corsa Competizione to our roster of multiplayer events. Drop-in races happen every week on Sundays EST and are preparing for the full release to start a series. We have a very stable, low latency connection to a super fast dedicated server with ping averaging in the mid to high 30's. This is a well established group with guy's experienced in IT networking, PC building and management beta testers for RR, sim rig construction, direct drive / commercial wheel setups and more, all willing to answer you questions and assist in getting the best experience from Sim Racing in general. We have over 300 members and a long list of exciting events in RR and want to build onto that with ACC.

    Visit http://esr-race.org/ to get the link to our discord channel and get to racing!
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  3. Vasracing

    Vasracing Gamer

    ESR First ACC season is about to start 6/2/2019.

    10 Rounds consisting of Pro AM and AM drivers with 1 pre-event Qualifying round on June 2 to determine driver class ( also one can post a 3min video of there best lap time around Monza or could be dependent on ones driver ratings in ACC) and car selections. In the series there will be 3 double points races that are 90 min and consist of full day - night / wet - dry conditions. Events will run with full setup options and damage on.

    2x 40 min Race Sessions per month
    2x 60 min Practice Session per month
    Silverstone, Spa and Barcelona being the 3 tracks with 60min races, bonus points and random Day/Night-Wet/Dry conditions
    NO Pre-Race Practice - As practice will take place on the off weeks each race day will start with a qualifying session only! Severs will be up for 90 min each practice day to give drivers a chance to learn the cars handling on each track and create setups.

    Using FIA’s global points system, with 25 points awarded for a race win, 18 points for second, 15 for third and so on, along with the potential of bonus points for pole and fastest race lap.
    • Points also awarded / Deducted for Incidents, DNS - DNF.
    • 3 races per season will be for double the points, this will allow one to potentially miss a race or two and still equal out their chances, but also adds more of a penalty, from a high chance at loosing their current standing, if multiple events are missed.

    Visit http://esr-race.org/ to sign up!

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