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PHYSICS ECU maps implementation

Discussion in 'ACC Blog' started by Aristotelis, Jan 16, 2019.

  1. PakoausMS

    PakoausMS Rookie

    Hey guys, I have a question. Im driving the new EVO Ferrari in races over 2 Hours.
    How can I use the different ECU maps? what is my advantage not using the Map 1?
    Why should I consider to use a „slower“ mapping?
    Maybe some of u already experienced with different Mappings in a race ...
    Every info would be nice to me, because I am a complete newbie with ECU Mappings. thanks in advance !
  2. xefke

    xefke Gamer

    Well, for one, often there are mappings for rain. These are less aggressive and therefore more useful for wet driving.

    Or if you have a damp but drying track and you want to already go for slicks, you might not want to have the most aggressive map either. Once the track dries up completely and your tires are heated up, you can go on the aggressive map again.

    There might also be a need for a less aggressive map in case of double or triple stinting your tires, as the tires give way, you might benefit from a less aggressive map.

    Lastly there is fuel saving. If you can use a map that uses less fuel but does not let you lose much lap time, you might be able to finish a race with less pitstops and thus have a better finishing position than your opponent.

    These example are most of the time only valid in endurance racing, but this is what the cars are made for, so therefore they have the possibility.

    for 1-2 hour races I would suggest leaving it at the fastest map.
  3. Bastien Puget

    Bastien Puget Rookie

    Are you the Alpine ECU settings ?
  4. Oblit0r

    Oblit0r Alien

    There's only 1 ECU map setting for the Alpine.
    Cirith Ungol likes this.
  5. Bastien Puget

    Bastien Puget Rookie

    *OK Thank you :) it's more simply
  6. MDN8_Spec_GT

    MDN8_Spec_GT Rookie

    Thanks to all for posting these ECU maps - making my life a lot easier.
  7. Bignod00

    Bignod00 Rookie

    Another thanks from this callsign, I had zero idea there was this much difference in the ECU maps.
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