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EDtracker and Assetto Corsa

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by Sleeper Service, Mar 20, 2016.

  1. Sleeper Service

    Sleeper Service Hardcore Simmer

    Good day fellow AC enthusiasts. (It certainly is here, the sun is shining and Burnley are still top of the Championship :D ). In another thread concerning 21:9 monitors and TrackIR I said I would do a quick write up with my impressions of the EDtracker PRO which was on it's way to me. It's now arrived and I have just completed my first few laps using this awesome bit of kit. This is a great alternative for those who don't have deep enough pockets for VR and is a cheap (£45 plus p&p), proven alternative to other tracking devices.


    As you an see from the image, it is tiny and weighs in at 0.05 Kg so you won't need to do any neck muscle training. The unit is attached to whatever you want to use to follow your head movements (headphones, cap, alice band... whatever floats your boat). Currently you will need a micro USB to USB although there is a wireless version in the works. You will need the EDtracker GUI and I use Opentracker to emulate TrackIR as AC will not "see" the device.

    Setup takes a few minutes and is pretty simple. 1st you need to setup the magnetometer (This has been introduced to prevent drift - it's basically lining itself up with the earths magnetic field so the best place to do this is where you will be using the device) and calibrate it - all steps are clearly shown in the GUI. Once this is done then start up Opentracker (Available here https://github.com/opentrack/opentrack/releases ) which is used to interface the tracker with AC. Again a simple setup. It is recommended that you set Yaw and Pitch scaling in the EDtracker GUI to 0 and the response mode to Linear as you can do all that in Opentracker and any settings in the GUI will compound those in Opentracker.

    Once Opentracker is running then just tell it that you are using joystick input in the Tracker drop down box and in the setup box (three dots in a rectangle) select the EDtracker as the device and in mapping all you need to set is the Yaw (Joystick axis #2) and the Pitch (Joystick axis #3) all others can be disabled (using the dropdown boxes). For the Protocol select freetrack2.0 Enhanced and in the adjacent options (the three dots box to the right) select Use TrackIR, hide FreeTrack. You can then select a filter and mess around with this if you want. You can also mess around in Options to set keybinds (such as toggling tracking) and on the mapping button you can set curves or linear response and you can separate those by Left and Right if you feel the need.

    When you have it setup just click the Start button in Opentracker, and then start AC. Nothing needs setting up in AC, the tracking will start once you enter the drivers seat. Take a good look around the pits or at your adversaries on the grid and look at those apexes :cool: Forget grid girls, we need animated passengers so you can have a little smile whilst you look at the expression of horror on their face whilst flat out through Eau Rouge or wherever :D

    Overall, great piece of kit, adds that little extra immersion, won't break the bank, simple to install and use and might even knock a few tenths off those precious lap-times.

    Do It :)

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  3. sherpa25

    sherpa25 Hardcore Simmer

    Cool! How about some videos ;)
  4. Festa_PWR

    Festa_PWR Alien

    You, are, sh***ing me!!

    I`ve had mine for a few weeks before being brave enought o sit down for a few to get it sorted (i actually bought mine for IL-2), and finally got round to it this weekend.

    Just yesterday, I was looking round the forum and thinking "why is there no thread for EdTracker here??"

    I`ve not managed to get it setup as i like it yet, but it works.

    Also, I`ve noticed since i plugged the edtracker in and even with it unplugged, the look left and right buttons no longer function.

    But yeah, awesome piece of kit for just around £40, considering the alternative £100+ of TrackIR.
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  5. KillZoneGB

    KillZoneGB Simracer

    Sleeper Service,
    may she bring you many years of enjoyment in the world of head tracking as my TrackIR has given to me.

    Been doing it since 2002 :)
    and boy my neck feels and moves much better

    Here`s a little tip in adjusting your seat on the fly.

    duck a little, move the head a little back, and look up 2deg.

    Click the TrackIR Centre view, sit it your normal position.

    Now your view is closer up, higher up, and looking slightly down.

    I do this for most sim`s :D including elite dangerous, were you don't have an option to move the pilots POV.

    If your into flight sim`s, may I suggest p3d (can use FSX aircraft)

    Love the 6dof in a virtual cockpit, makes air port lining up a Breeze.:eek:
    Sleeper Service likes this.
  6. phizz

    phizz Simracer

    If you guys want to check out if TrackIR is for you, you can check it out for 0$ as long as you have a webcam.

    It won't be as accurate but it works better than you'd expect and it's pretty good to see if you should go for further equipment.
  7. Sleeper Service

    Sleeper Service Hardcore Simmer

    Sorry, as I said, there's plenty of vids already out there and Shadowplay doesn't seem to want to record triples :(

    I got it for Elite: Dangerous but on the edtracker site there was a link to AC. There's a video on there of it in use with AC so I just used the same settings as a starting point. Made a couple of tweaks so far but straight out of the box it's been OK. I'll probably tune it in a bit more but I'm happy so far. Hadn't noticed that the glance buttons don't work but I don't need them any more ;).

    For everybody else just a reminder that this thread is about the EDtracker ;)

    OK, it hasn't got the 6dof of TrackIR but 3 is enough for sim racing, if I need to move the seat then I'll, erm, move the seat ;).

    Let us know how you get on with settings @Festa_PWR. I'll report back on anything I mess around with.
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  8. I tried EDTracker Pro about five months ago. I wanted to try head tracking for a while but didn't want to spend the money on TrackIR in case I didn't like it. Then I found out about EDTracker and its low cost so purchased one.

    It worked fine in AC after a bit of setup and tuning (it didn't work if my xbox 360 controller was plugged in).
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  9. Torcano

    Torcano Alien

    Huh! I didn't even know this thing existed before, sweet... just ordered mine. Now for the long wait for it to arrive via snail mail to my country. :p

    BTW, @Sleeper Service just give me a shout when you are playing ED, I just picked it up and dumped like 70 hours into it in the last two weeks, LOL. Cmdr name is roshan torcano. :3
  10. kofotsjanne

    kofotsjanne Alien

    Last edited: Mar 21, 2016
  11. I find head tracking awkward... Moving your head but not your eye balls is a bit annoying, lol.
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  12. sherpa25

    sherpa25 Hardcore Simmer

    That's what I was trying to imagine too, if it would be natural for me to move my head, as I was thinking I'd normally just move my eyes :) Anyway, at least it sounds like a good/cheaper option.
  13. Sleeper Service

    Sleeper Service Hardcore Simmer

    Well, EDtracker was originally developed for ED :) (As a low cost alternative to TrackIR, VR etc). For me ED has taken a bit of a back seat lately. I've had it since it was released but have put next to no time into it. I am notoriously slow at getting into stuff and the small amounts of spare time I have tend to get swallowed up by AC and stuff like Alien, Oulast and stuff by Fictional. I got the Mugen damper mod for my pedal set ages ago and it's still not been put on yet :( Speaking of snail mail - It took the same amount of time for the Mugen damper to get from the US of A to Lancashire UK as it did for the EDtracker to get from the Midlands UK to Lancashire (approx. 150 miles). Nothing to do with EDtracker, just our defunct Royal Mail.

    I'll try that out in the next day or two (running AC as 32 bit). EDtracker will still need to use Opentrack though. Elite: Dangerous will pick up the EDtracker "out of the box", AC won't. That's why you need Opentrack to "emulate" TrackIR. Once Opentrack is running then AC thinks that there is a TrackIR device connected. As happens with RHM the glance function is disabled once Opentrack is running.

    I tried RHM some time ago but had a few issues. Looking at the thread you linked it looks like it's come a long way since then although it does look like it's comparatively complicated to setup. I'd like a mix of the two, let the bumps shake your head around and have the ability to look out the side windows.

    That's something I was wondering about when I mentioned it here How about a ultrawide monitor plus Trackir? As it happens it works really well with triples. When I'm racing I focus on the middle screen so now when I look at the LH or RH screen the view shifts to show me the mirror or what's alongside and, basically, I just do what I do when I'm driving in real life. Works a treat but I can see where you're coming from if you were to use this on a single screen and a relatively small one at that.

    So far so good, it's working well and there's still hours of tweaking to go :D When all's said and done I had great day racing yesterday, something that isn't always guaranteed when I venture on to the Pub scene.
  14. kofotsjanne

    kofotsjanne Alien

    Thats what i mean by 32bit if it will work out of the box without opentrack with 32. :)
  15. Sleeper Service

    Sleeper Service Hardcore Simmer

    Btw @Torcano I recently downloaded your skins for the 787B. Nice work ;)
    Torcano likes this.
  16. Festa_PWR

    Festa_PWR Alien

    Woot!! Another Lancashire lad!! Red rose FTW lol

    When i ordered my EDTracker, i jokingly asked for it to be the best ever on the comments part of the order (i was a bit drunk and thought it hilarious), and what i received made me chuckle . . .

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  17. Sleeper Service

    Sleeper Service Hardcore Simmer

    Aye lad. Tek thee coat off, come on in, there's Lanky spoken here.

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  18. Torcano

    Torcano Alien

    Hah, thanks man. They were som of my early attemts at skinning LOL. I should probably go and fix them and bring them up to standard now that I know how to do it proper. ^-^
  19. Sleeper Service

    Sleeper Service Hardcore Simmer

    Short answer... No

    Tried it tonight with AC on forced 32bit and didn't start up Opentrack. No head movement at all. In 32 bit mode with Opentrack running it worked OK. As I said earlier, AC is not programmed to recognise that the EDtracker is connected to the pc. Only Elite: Dangerous recognises it out of the box and, as it says on their site, you need to run Opentrack and basically fool the software you are using (be it AC, iRaping, flight sims or FPS's) that there is a TrackIR device plugged in that the software will detect. It's no trouble anyway and uses no major resource on your pc.

    I learnt tonight that you should follow the advice of the guys who put it together as well. I forgot to load the profile I'd setup to use with Opentrack where you need to drop the Yaw and Pitch scaling to 1 from the default 5.5 (This basically gets used as a multiplier when Opentrack takes over the signal to the pc) so my first run out ended in disaster tonight as the first time I moved my head it went haywire :D. Soon realised what I'd done though. Also pays to ensure that the tracker unit is pretty well secured and that the usb cable isn't going to pull the tracker around when you move your head. The only other problem I'm having is that I'm getting sweaty ears from having the Sennheisers on whilst manhandling the Mazda 787B round the early release version of Riverside :D

    This little box has given AC a whole new lease of life for me. Maybe the devs could add out of the box support for it but, then again, I guess they are pretty busy pandering to the whims of the entitlement brigade ;)
    Last edited: Mar 21, 2016
  20. mister dog

    mister dog Alien

    The headband of my headphones are curved on top, i wonder what would be the best way to attach an EDtracker on top of it as that one is flat.
    Anyone else with the same problem?

  21. Sleeper Service

    Sleeper Service Hardcore Simmer

    @mister dog Here's a pic of how mine is currently attached. My phones aren't exactly flat on top but maybe not as profiled as those in your image.


    Basically just some Velcro and an elastic band. Up to press that seems to keep the unit in place quite well although I'm sure it could be improved. The biggest problem is actually the usb cable catching on something whilst my head moves stopping the tracker moving with my head movement when I look from LH screen to RH screen (or vice versa). Just remember that the unit is pretty small (as shown in the image at the top of the thread, it really doesn't matter about a bit of radius. One thing you shouldn't do is attach it the earpiece as the magnets will affect the magnetometer - unsurprisingly :D

    Once you have it fixed pretty firmly in position you just ensure that you have a key mapped that will re-centre the device if it does move. Up to press, what you see above is working really well for me. I think I've had one race where the tracker moved out of position. Just pulled to the side, re-adjusted the phones, re-centred and off I went.
    Last edited: Mar 27, 2016
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