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'Error Receiving Server List'

Discussion in 'XBox One Discussions' started by EMW SMILER, Sep 7, 2016.


    EMW SMILER Hardcore Simmer

    I can't get in to multiplayer - tried hard reset - no joy ..... Any one got anything to explain this please?
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  3. Rocket77

    Rocket77 Gamer

    No contact with servers here either. Maintenance maybe?

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    EMW SMILER Hardcore Simmer

    In a party with my mate who's playing assetto and another who can't - maybe different groups of servers? Don't know how all that works...
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  5. Ye it's down for me too.....came in here hoping to find a glimmer of hope...fingers crossed its an internal update :)
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  6. MBK72

    MBK72 Hardcore Simmer

    On and off like this since yesterday for me. When I do get the servers there are usually just an handful of people online.

    The silence from support is deafening isn't it?
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    EMW SMILER Hardcore Simmer

    I am in bits - was thoroughly enjoying recovering from a rear end insertion of a BMW in the first corner every race and then passing pretty much the whole field as they randomly spin off . I mean it - I was still enjoying learning how to use my new wheel and lo - NO MORE RACIN' Please someone help me, I need to race......
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  8. Yup, tried hard resetting the game and console. Didn't work. Strange to see no reply from support since this is an issue that could kill off multiplayer in this game.
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  9. MBK72

    MBK72 Hardcore Simmer

    :) Other race simulators are available and working, but I know you know that better than me with your GT ;)

    We've all gone back to p**RS (asterisks added because it's probably considered swearing on here) on console and F1 2016 is rather good too.
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  10. Rik293

    Rik293 Rookie

    What's going on with this? Would of expected even a tweet from assetto corsa acknoledging this?!!
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    EMW SMILER Hardcore Simmer

    I pretty much stick to one game at a time - old dog new tricks
    Got a ticket in at 505 ... waiting ...
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    EMW SMILER Hardcore Simmer


    Hi Martin,
    Thanks for reaching out to us at 505 Games Customer Support! I'm sorry to hear you're having this issue. We do know that currently there are problems with the Xbox Live services as well, so this may be contributing to the issue at the moment. We are working with our team to have them back up and running ASAP.

    - Arsen
    505 Games Customer Support
  13. I also have this problem, it happened after I updated my xbox with the latest update.
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  14. Limitzbashing

    Limitzbashing Rookie

    Servers are back up now guys
  15. AC_CM505

    AC_CM505 Staff Member

    Hi everyone! We have informed our dev team and will investigate to see what caused this issue.
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    EMW SMILER Hardcore Simmer

    Had great service from 505 Support - very helpful, and Thanks for your work getting us up and running again - looking forward to the forthcoming patch - can I find news of this anywhere?
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  17. MBK72

    MBK72 Hardcore Simmer

    505 support are superb aren't they, really impressed by them.
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    EMW SMILER Hardcore Simmer

    Prompt and courteous - yes - impressed indeed and hope to be further impressed by Kunos.....
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