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Expansion pack suggestion: Hot Hatches

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by quierounpolo, Feb 28, 2017.

  1. quierounpolo

    quierounpolo Rookie

    Hello there, just wanted to say it would be awesome to see a hot hatches expansion pack, including Golf GTI/R, Audi S3, Peugeot 308 GTi, Civic Type R and of course the new Leon Cupra 300 to mention some. Of course driving supercars is fun, but I personally enjoy more driving fast "daily" cars ;). Thanks for your attention:D

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  3. Opel-King

    Opel-King Racer

    Ohh yes!

    + Audi RS3, Focus RS and Opel/Vauxhall Astra OPC/VXR with option for panoramic windsreen---> my own car ;) :
  4. Berniyh

    Berniyh Alien

    Also should mention that of that list, Audi is the only manufacturer that is actually in AC.

    And tbh, I'd rather have the original hot hatches, namely Golf GTI Mk I, Peugeot 205 GTI, Lancia Delta etc.
    Berry likes this.
  5. fr13del

    fr13del Racer

    A Megane RS 275 would be nice too!

  6. Berry

    Berry Alien

    This.After testing the S1, I'm not sure I want any more Audi hatches in AC, it's quite boring.Some new and old hot hatches would be very welcome, but they might not fit the car list agenda for other people, normal sportcars and supercars are generally more exciting to drive (and look at :p).
  7. Small, lightweight fun hot hatches with good reputation (ie. not an Alfa Mito) would be great in AC - but we don't need more wishlist threads, one is quite enough.
  8. John Gordon

    John Gordon Hardcore Simmer

    Renault SportTM
  9. Jim Layhee

    Jim Layhee Simracer

    Who is the 'we' one talks about, you're not on Pishtonheads (sic) now young man ! ;)
    JusTiCe8 likes this.
  10. John Gordon

    John Gordon Hardcore Simmer

    I've owned hot hatch's exclusively since I passed my driving test.

    The best of the bunch have been...

    205 GTI (had 13 of them, rallied them for a few years)
    309 GTI (better than the 205!)
    306 Rallye (GTI6) with less weight
    Clio 1.8 16v
    Clio 2 RS Phase 1 (172)
    Clio 2 RS Phase 3 (182)
    Clio 3 RS (197)

    The problem for Assetto Corsa is the older Hot Hatches are actually quite slow by modern standards. The newer generation such as my Current Clio R27 would be a good match for things like the Toyota GT86.
  11. Perhaps we should have a show of hands - who enjoys the countless wishlist threads? Or should we stick to just one?
    jjmaxxracing likes this.
  12. John Gordon

    John Gordon Hardcore Simmer

    Or.. show of hands, who enjoys Gary's relentless moaning?
  13. mBardos76

    mBardos76 Gamer

    I would definitely buy a DLC with the 2016 Ford Focus RS in it! Currently own a MK5 GTI in real life, but FWD (and understeer) gets boring fast...
  14. xystof

    xystof Hardcore Simmer

    I think due to having already small hothatches ingame (Abarth, Mito and S1) it would be wise to put Ford Fiesta ST (standard one ST200 would be probably too fast for Mito and 500).
    Opening up new (except for Guilia) 'series' would be a waste of licenses (as much as I'd love to get new Focus RS).
    You can also get very nice Peugeot 207 RC from the net (sadly with ripped 3d model but with very, very nice phx most importantly thanks to one of the above ;)) which lines up well with the rest of the little ones (and you can throw it's back into corners! <3).

    But Fiesta ST is a choice for me. Maybe also the new sporty version of Toyota Yaris (this GZ...something something... one) or little Nissan or Mazda.
  15. John Gordon

    John Gordon Hardcore Simmer

    This is why I keep banging on about Renault Sport. If Kunos acquired a licence with them it opens us up to lots of potential cars that fit in many areas of the game.

    Clio Cup (single make championship)
    Clio 197/200 Road car (would compete with the Toyota GT86)
    Megane RS (Several versions of this would compete with the BMW's in game)
    Re60 - Lotus competitor
    Formula Renault 2.0
    Formula Renault 3.5
    RS 16/17 (I'm sure the 2016 F1 car from Ferrari would also be a possibility)
    Clio v6 trophy (single make championship)
    RS01 (Trophy championship car)
    Eurocup Megane series (Trophy cars again, mid-engine monsters)

    All that, plus a load of road cars from the RS range. Alpine is also owned by the same group as Renaultsport and the cars were developed by the same team.

    I think it would be a great licence to have. But, that'ss my own opinion.

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