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F2002 League starting 16th April at Flag-to-Flag.com

Discussion in 'Online Leagues / Championships room' started by bobbydeacs, Mar 29, 2016.

  1. bobbydeacs

    bobbydeacs Racer

    We are proud to announce the start of a new Assetto Corsa league with the Ferrari F2002 car and will be kicking off with a short season of 8 races, 5 of which coincide with the real F1 calendar.

    The races will take place on Saturdays at 20:30 GMT+1 (Central European Time), once every two weeks.

    Race settings:
    • 15 min qualification
    • 50% race distance
    • all assists allowed
    Our test race program will continue for the next 2 weeks at Bahrain this Saturday and then Interlagos on 9th April.

    If you would like to participate, please register and post a comment on our Sign-up thread here http://flag-to-flag.com/2016/03/ftf-f2002-league-sign-up/ stating your top 3 skin preferences. Drivers signing up as a team (including a team name, which can be provided later) have dibs on the skins.

    Available skins are as follows, this pack can be downloaded at RaceDepartment.
    1. Ferrari
    2. BAR
    3. Jordan
    4. Williams
    5. Jaguar
    6. Minardi
    7. Sauber
    8. Arrows
    9. Toyota
    10. Renault
    11. Mclaren
    Hope some of you will join us in what has already proven to be great fun with our test programme.
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  3. rjeady

    rjeady Gamer

    We already have over a dozen sign-ups, but there's still some spaces left for anyone interested in some awesome F1 action :)

    Our last test race before the season starts is this Saturday at Interlagos. More details are on the website at http://flag-to-flag.com

    Hope to see you on track!
  4. bobbydeacs

    bobbydeacs Racer

    Great start to the season - still places for newcomers:-
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  5. burrito

    burrito Alien

    Turn off the driver names, 1.2 is coming soon ;)
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  6. bobbydeacs

    bobbydeacs Racer

    Race 2 - Epic action from start to end at Sochi:-
  7. bobbydeacs

    bobbydeacs Racer

    Race 2 - A more "stylish" video:-
  8. bobbydeacs

    bobbydeacs Racer

    Race 3 - A tough track to overtake on:-
  9. bobbydeacs

    bobbydeacs Racer

    Race 3 - with style:-
  10. djbordie

    djbordie Gamer

    you guys allow public in to the practice servers?

    I would love to get in and see if I can cut it, but joining a race at this point would be pointless.
  11. bobbydeacs

    bobbydeacs Racer

    If you sign-up on the website (just create an account and leave a message), all will be revealed. There's no obligation to join the league or race and you can join server/check your times using our "Timing Stats" (on RHS of homepage) to see where you'd fit in. I'd say there is roughly a 4-5 second spread over the whole grid. You will need to download our "mandatory apps" from the links on our site. :)
  12. bobbydeacs

    bobbydeacs Racer

  13. bobbydeacs

    bobbydeacs Racer

  14. coret3x

    coret3x Simracer

  15. bobbydeacs

    bobbydeacs Racer

    Race 6
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  16. SimDrive

    SimDrive Simracer

    I know that the season is almost over but is it possible to sign up for the final 2 races?
  17. bobbydeacs

    bobbydeacs Racer

    Absolutely fine, if you haven't done already, just go here and announce yourself :) http://flag-to-flag.com/2016/03/ftf-f2002-league-sign-up/

    EDIT - I see you have, welcome on-board
  18. bobbydeacs

    bobbydeacs Racer

    Race 7

    Emil takes control
  19. bobbydeacs

    bobbydeacs Racer

    The Season in short:-
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