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Fall of players, what is happening?

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by pastranario, Jul 29, 2019.

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  1. Coanda

    Coanda Alien

  2. Metzger

    Metzger Racer

    Could be :) But I can to some degree understand people who leave instead of pit for repair after a crash, currently, if there is not enough time after the leader finish(which is the case most of the time if you are lap behind) , you might not be able to finish it anyway which can be really frustrating. So what the difference if you hit esc and leave x laps before the end or you will be teleported to pit because leader has finished xx seconds ago?
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  3. Berniyh

    Berniyh Alien

    Let's assume you're tracking two players (A and B) who achieve the same level of clean driving, but while player A tends to finish races, player B tends to (rage) quit when the race start didn't go well.
    The result is that player B will acquire – on average – more points than player A, since the race starts are more likely to cause points for obvious reasons.
    Player A is more likely to achieve more distance with clean driving since that is more characteristic for the main part of the race.
    The result is that player B is effectively punished for his behavior.

    TL;DR: there already is some kind of intrinsic punishment for quitters. ;)
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  4. Serge M

    Serge M Alien

    The difference is huge. You are only considering where you will finish here, not any of the racing in between and that was marty’s point. If you pit for repairs and find yourself right at the back of the field battling for p17 does it make it any less “racing” then battling for P1? What’s the difference on track as far as the experience is concerned between battling for P1 or p18? None really.

    Who do you think has more fun in F1, Hamilton out the front with a huge gap and no challengers or the Toro Rosso/McLaren guys in the midfield fighting wheels to wheel with the cars around them?

    Same as what is the difference in racing out the front in P1 with a 30 second gap to p2 compared to racing right at the back with a 30 second gap to the guy ahead, would you quit if you were in front and had a 30 second gap to p2?

    The only time I would consider retiring would be if I have damage and the repair time is about the same as the remaining race time.
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  5. Metzger

    Metzger Racer

    Absolutely agree with this! In practice, very rarely there is a battle for p17 as I don't see very often more than 10 finishing :)
    Now imagine, you are battling for p17 but a lap behind the leader, then leader finishes and race restarts on the middle of your racing - unfortunately this happens more often than not and needs to be addressed, at least, show the between session times in the lobby so one can now in advance and decide whether to join or not. But this is probably a topic for different thread.
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  6. Serge M

    Serge M Alien

    Pretty sure the race end time is set by the server admin. At worst your race got cut a small amount short but you are still classified as a finisher and have had a good time racing others, a few times I have lost it close to the start and was right at the back of the pack with a fair gap in front of me but later have found myself racing for higher positions at the end as the guys in front had issues of their own such as not enough fuel or their own spin.

    Race time only needs to be enough to finish the lap you are on after the race leader has crossed the line, so never really more then an extra 2.5 minutes at absolute max
  7. Metzger

    Metzger Racer

    Yes indeed agree.

    I believe the after race time and the way it is restarted is debated in different threads so I won't go further with it here.
  8. tjr

    tjr Hardcore Simmer

    Exactly. Spot on. It's almost always beneficial to just keep going. Even if you never see another player again there are other ratings that can be improved upon. CN and CC improve more readily when there is little to no traffic even.
  9. Berniyh

    Berniyh Alien

    tbh, I pay too little attention to the ratings (don't really care about them) to actually agree with you here. ;)
  10. anthonylroy

    anthonylroy Hardcore Simmer

    Most of the times when I do quit the race , Is when my car get smashed up and pushed off the track, and its the frustration that causes me to quit, not the fact that i will end up last. However I find that If i do continue you can still end up in a good race , and compensate for those lost SA points
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  11. Rioku

    Rioku Racer

    There are people, like me and friends, who think that ACC need more development.

    We are waiting for end of september early october to try again.
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  12. Thug

    Thug Hardcore Simmer

    Same here.
    If I get smashed up due to my own mistakes or stupidity I will carry on.
    If I get smashed up due to someone elses stupidity I will possibly quit (if I am then hotlapping as you have little chance of catching anyone up and nothing to play for).
    Last edited: Aug 10, 2019
  13. Si.

    Si. Simracer

    That’s fair enough, what are you waiting for?
  14. TF22Raptor

    TF22Raptor Rookie

    I haven't played since release weekend, had been waiting for a more stable and optimised build. Was the best driving experience and most realistic feel I'd ever gotten from a sim when I did try it though, will have a look at what 1.07 has got to offer, hopefully VR has improved
  15. sirgaric

    sirgaric Hardcore Simmer

    VR has improved since release, but if you are expecting solid 90FPS with details high up, you will still be disapointed.
  16. Metzger

    Metzger Racer

    Why so obsessed with those FPS ? Stick to ASW and engine.ini tweak and it works flawlessly
  17. pankykapus

    pankykapus KS Dev Team Staff Member KS Dev Team

    I'm sorry guys but this thread doesn't seem to be about anything (useful) in particular, certainly nothing you can't discuss in already existing topics. There are threads dedicated to Matchmaking, Ratings or just generic discussion. Closing.
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