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Fanatec CSW 2.5 Oscillating on straights and "Notchy" at centre of steering

Discussion in 'ACC Hardware Discussions' started by d1s1nformat1on, Jun 24, 2020.

  1. Hi,

    I'm hoping someone might be able to help as I've had these issues since getting the wheel, but just kind of put up with them, but I'm getting over it/wondering if my times could be faster if I weren't experiencing them (hey, I can dream can't I?? hahaha)

    Running a Fanatec CSW 2.5 with a Forumla V2 Rim


    These issues are ONLY present in ACC/AC - I don't experience either issue in any other driving game - yet I play AC/ACC more than anything else and so I get used to it and then get frustrated that it's there when I come back after playing something else and experience smooth, issue free steering.


    On any straight, while moving at any speed, in any car in either Kunos game, the wheel rapidly oscillates from left to right. I can hold it still, but it sends the vibrations through my wrists and shoulders and as a result, I get fatigued after about 30 -60 mins of lapping.

    Here's a video of it hapenning -

    Notchy Feeling:

    I have this strange "Notchy" feeling in the centre of my steering range that I'd like to try to get rid of somehow. It's only present in AC/ACC - other driving games, it's smooth steering at any angle and in any change of direction.

    With the oscillation issue, I could post a video, but this I can only really describe unfortunately, but it essentially feels like what I imagine it would be like if there was a deadzone in the FFB in the middle (yet, the game still recognizes and acts on my steering inputs within it) - going beyond it, the FFB kicks in and everything is normal again - or I could describe it (again, like what I imagine it would feel like) if there was 3mm of play on either side of the alignment rail/slot at the connection between the wheel and the wheel base.

    It's mostly noticable in chicanes and areas where you need to change steering direction quickly, but you can feel it when making a turn from holding it straight.

    The two might be linked?:

    Once I have steering input beyond the "notch" spot, the oscillations aren't present (You can see it in the video above as I take a corner) and the oscillations move to the outside range of the "notchy" spot as well - so the video above can give you an idea of what kind of range I'm talking about for where it feels notchy.

    Further info:

    Given I don't experience either issue in titles other than AC/ACC, I imagine it's something in the game/JSON files/LUT tables perhaps that needs to be edited at my end, but wouldn't have the first idea of where to look, so if there's a fix, if you can point me in the right direction, I'd appreciate it.

    Here are my wheel/game settings (Happy to take suggestions on the game settings, aside from the oscillation and weird, notchy spot in the middle, the wheel feels great):

    Settings At the wheel:

    Sens: (Varies depending on the car I'm driving, but either 900, 540 or 360 across different profiles - for ACC and *most* of AC, it's 900)
    FFB: 70% (although, I can run iRacing, F120xx or dirt rally at 100% and the issues aren't present)
    Shock: 100
    BR ABS: Off
    Drift: -5
    Force: 100
    Spring: 0 (seems irrelevant to have it on in any game even remotely realistic)
    Damper: Off (Same as above)
    FEI: 100
    MPS FNC: (irrelevant, but its set to) Auto

    Settings In game:

    Minimum Force: 0 (I read somewhere that this has helped people, but it doesn't change it)
    Dynamic Damping: 20%
    Road Effects: 30 %
    Frequency: 333
    Lock: 900
    Linearity: 1
    Brake Gamma: 1
    Gear debouncing: (irrelevant to this, but it's set to) 50ms

    Has anyone else experienced this with a Fanatec CSW 2.5 at all?? Did you manage to fix it at all and if so, how did you go about it??

    Regardless of what game, I've run into issues when trying to use fanalabs (and thus, the earlier firmware required for it) or LUT tables with it, so I just ended up deleting everything related to the fanatec stuff and starting fresh and let it install whatever the latest default drivers/firware are at the time - so presumably, it's got whatever is current. If I need to add LUT tables or something, please point me in the direction of an "idiots guide to" with a start-to-finish set of instructions with no assumed knowledge as I'll likely stuff it up and end up having to delete everything and start again - again

    Thanks and appreciation in advance.
    Last edited: Jun 24, 2020

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  3. Gupise

    Gupise Gamer

    That's not normal.

    With 0% Road effect It changes anything?

    It's Better to reduce gain in game and keep 100% on wheel ffbck.
  4. xX-Chris-Xx

    xX-Chris-Xx Gamer

  5. ohjeah

    ohjeah Simracer

    My guess is setting road effects to 0 or very close to it and using the full 900 degrees of rotation will solve at least the oscillation, not sure about the notchiness..
  6. Krassmus

    Krassmus Gamer

    I already replied to your post on rd but reading this post again I have an idea, although it should only do something for ac, not acc:

    There's a line "center boost gain" in the controls.ini afaik.
    Documents/Assetto Corsa/cfg

    This should be at 0 but maybe it's not?
  7. It does it no matter what Road effect % I run or how I split the FFB between game/wheel, but will keep that in mind.

    I've definitely tried them - What makes me believe that it's something else entirely is that the oscillation/notchy feeling are the same in strength/intensity, no matter what I change.

    I get that it was a wall of text, but I did list my settings, so you'd see I DO run at 900 degrees and have attempted multiple variations on the Road effects - still happens at any setting though.

    Oh nice! I'll have a look and see if I can find it and report back.

    Thanks for the replies so far everyone
  8. Dufloth

    Dufloth Racer

    2.5 here and no issues with that
  9. aaaape

    aaaape Racer

    Notchiness had to do with a particular fanatec driver. I don't remember which one but I had that issue too. Not sure about the oscillating

    Fanatec just released a new beta driver a few days ago that works with the csw 2.5 and also works with the latest fanalabs. I've been using it on my csw 2.5 and it's been great so far. Smooth no notchiness.
  10. Gopher04

    Gopher04 Simracer

    I use alot higher setting than you do and have never had that effect, not sure why you run with -5 dri you know this is not a drift sim..
  11. I run at -5 because there are posts by fanatec suggesting that on the 2.5 you may experience oscillations and having it at -5 will resolve it (it didn't) and until I no longer need to fight the wheel to hold it straight, I'll reduce other resitance where I can, but like to keep the road detail there
  12. aaaape

    aaaape Racer

    -5 on the 2.5 adds wheel friction. + numbers makes it faster and adds acceleration, kinda backwards.
  13. Noted, I'll adjust it
  14. aaaape

    aaaape Racer

    Well no. What you have should help with the oscillating but I would try the latest beta driver from the forums and make sure you do the firmware updates. I usually run ACC at - 1 or -2
  15. I had a look for the Beta Driver in the Fanatec forums and couldn't find it anywhere. I'm happy to try it, but concerened it'll just not work, like last time I tried using a different driver/firmware
  16. aaaape

    aaaape Racer

  17. aaaape

    aaaape Racer

    I get some oscillating only if I take my hands off the wheel. If you install the latest drivers and get the latest fanalabs if your still having an issue I'd mess with the dynamic dampening in fanalab. Don't know why you'd be getting oscillating like that though. Pretty crazy
  18. aaaape

    aaaape Racer

    You should also leave dynamic dampening at 100 in the sim. It doesn't work like other Sims. Maybe check out Aris video
  19. I've installed that and have now run into the same issues as previously experienced - the wheel isn't recognized by windows any more - turning it off/on again, I get no notification noise from windows that a device has connected and opening the fanatec software results in nothing listed...

    I'll give this a watch - aris' stuff is great
  20. aaaape

    aaaape Racer

    Your wheel base is in Xbox mode. You have to hold 2 buttons. Not at my desk right now. Just look it up in the formula v2 manual

    Edit bottom left button and top right middle button
    Last edited: Jun 25, 2020
  21. The light is red (which means PC mode) - I alternated from one to the other and back again and still not recognized

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