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Fanatec McLaren GT3 rotary dial support?

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by J4yR3yn0ld5, Oct 13, 2018.

  1. J4yR3yn0ld5

    J4yR3yn0ld5 Rookie

    Does ACC not support the use of the rotary dials on the Fanatec McLaren GT3 wheel at present? If I select the preset for the wheel in control options, the TCS/ABS are unassigned and cannot be manually assigned to the dials properly, or am I doing something wrong? Is this going to come in a later build? I’m using the latest drivers and firmware for both the base and wheel.

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  3. elchshooter

    elchshooter Simracer

    It's working great, only thing is, that the first abs/tc setting is the one from the used setup. Once you use the rotary dials it's the dialed abs/tc level. So start a session, use the rotary switches to dial setting and it works
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  4. J4yR3yn0ld5

    J4yR3yn0ld5 Rookie

    Thanks, I’m such an idiot! I was rotating them and not seeing any movement, then seeing the numbers jump around and assuming it wasn’t working properly. It just takes a split second to catch up to the rotation. Thanks again @elchshooter
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  5. mkotechno

    mkotechno Racer

  6. Gopher04

    Gopher04 Gamer

    The only thing I'm finding is that no matter what way you configure theses two rotary's the TC always ends up on the left one and ABS on the right one, really wanted this the other way round.
  7. Mitja Bonca

    Mitja Bonca Alien

    I set TC and BB to those red switches (up, down) but none seems to work. Any clue why?
  8. Arlo

    Arlo Rookie

    maybe because the red buttons are assigned to engine mapping and the window wiper.
  9. Mitja Bonca

    Mitja Bonca Alien

    Will check it out, but I think they are not, I deleted all pre-assigned, before setting new.
  10. Arlo

    Arlo Rookie

    @Mitja Bonca

    Oh i see. I run the default gt3 setup. Then those are for engine and window wiper.
  11. Mitja Bonca

    Mitja Bonca Alien

    TC seem to work, BB not. Same as not Lookback button.
  12. Gopher04

    Gopher04 Gamer

    Yeh I don't think there is a look back working in cockpit view for now, BB works as long as it is on a rotary button.
  13. J4yR3yn0ld5

    J4yR3yn0ld5 Rookie

    The MPS seem to be locked to TC and ABS because even if I change them to be the other way around they don’t change. But you can assign them to the red switches too, because that was my workaround when I thought the MPS didn’t work. I kept bias on the funkyswitch rotary encoder. I’ve kept look-back assigned but for the moment it doesn’t actually work.
  14. Aristotelis

    Aristotelis Will it drift? Staff Member KS Dev Team

    The McLaren GT3 rim is supported but it is still WIP in terms of UI, so if you need extra or different functionality from what we give you with the preset, then you will need to manually edit the "documents/assetto corsa competizione/config/controls.json" file.
    Here's how.
    1. Backup your current "documents/assetto corsa competizione/config/controls.json". Just copy and rename it to something logical so that you can go back if you mess up.
    2. Go to the ACC options -> controls screen
    3. from the PRESES LIST select the McLaren GT3 preset
    4. back and exit

    Now, open the "documents/assetto corsa competizione/config/controls.json" with a text editor.
    - Search for "SetTC1"
    You will find something like this:
                        "buttonIndex": 36,
                        "powIndex": -1,
                        "powValue": 0,
                        "instantActionCode": "None",
                        "bIsExtendedAction": true,
                        "extendedActionCode": "SetTC1",
                        "extendedTime": 1,
                        "pinkieInstanceActionCode": "None",
                        "pinkieExtendedActionCode": "None"
    You will see that after that, a "buttonIndex": 37, follows with "SetTC1".
    So what is happening is that each rotary command, is a different button.
    In my configuration (and it should be identical to others) the left rotary goes from buttonIndex 36 to 47 and it is set from the preset as TC (SetTC1,2,3...etc)
    The right rotary goes from buttonIndex 48 to 59 and again in the preset is set to ABS (SetABS1,2,3,... etc)
    You can obviously invert the settings so that you have ABS to the left and TC to the right if this suits you.

    Hope that helps, until we implement a proper way in the GUI.
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  15. Gopher04

    Gopher04 Gamer

    Thanks for this..;)
    But how do you invert the buttons? it doesn't appear when you try to map a button..
  16. Stains

    Stains Racer

    Love that ACC is the only sim that has these switches working !
    Lovin ACC !
    Just wish i knew what was best to lower FFB , not that i think its too strong but its making my wheel fans really spin up ! I have on wheel at 100 as in all sims and gain in game at 100 also . Which one is best to lower the load on my CSWv2 motor without increasing deadzone ?

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