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Favorite track up to now

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by Axel Vogelsang, Mar 15, 2019.


What is your most favorite track (0.6.x)

  1. Nurburgring

  2. Misano

  3. Paul Ricard

  4. Hungaroring

  5. Zolder

  6. Monza

  1. Axel Vogelsang

    Axel Vogelsang Simracer

    Without Spa this might be interesting as well...;)

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  3. Jarkko Torvinen

    Jarkko Torvinen Simracer

    Driving Ferrari at Hungaroring is special, like they are made for each other.
  4. Pablo leal

    Pablo leal Rookie

    Missano without traffic....
  5. D.Jankovic

    D.Jankovic Alien

    Paul Ricard
    Axel Vogelsang likes this.
  6. Son

    Son Hardcore Simmer

    Forgot Nurburgring :p
    D.Jankovic and Axel Vogelsang like this.
  7. D.Jankovic

    D.Jankovic Alien

    GT version i dont like :p hahah

    Kidding i did forget about it but
  8. Karolinis

    Karolinis Racer

    I can't decide between Zolder and Hungaroring :)
  9. Oberonone

    Oberonone Gamer

    Never thought i'd say this but,. Hungaroring, Nürburgring, fellowshipofthering, oneringtorulethemallring ;)
    sissydriver likes this.
  10. Minolin

    Minolin Staff Member KS Dev Team

    Pretty much Zolder, which is a big surprise.
    Arlo, jaxx_za, sissydriver and 3 others like this.
  11. Stefanoes

    Stefanoes Gamer

    Yeah, never thought I'd say it. At start I didn't like Zolder as much, but I really grow on my to a point that it's actually my favorite track as of now.
    Arlo likes this.
  12. flihp

    flihp Racer

    Zolder - short fun track, keep you on your toes,
    Hungaroring - flowing - need to be mindful of throttle input.
    Misano, - new track for me, nice high speed corners,
    Nurburgring- for a lazy cruisy Sunday afternoon drive.
    Monza- I personally am not a fan.
    Paul Richard,- I find it difficult to see where I’m going, I would like it so much better if there was grass rather then blue stripped run off area.

    I know I will love Brands hatch, and spa, whereas silverstone will be down there with Monza.
  13. Arpadian

    Arpadian Racer

    Paul Richard : i like the flow of the track and the blind corners
    Zolder : short fun track
    Monza : Fast on the straights, fun on the chicanes
    Nurbur : Nothing to add, normal track, that chicane and S schumacher is not easy
    Misano : boring track
    hungaroring : i hate it with all my heart
    Arckeron likes this.
  14. Adastros

    Adastros Racer

    Paul Ricard for the long straight line, i love to see cars pass in high speed next to me, or me, and it's a very good track in night
  15. Poguinhas

    Poguinhas Alien

    Zolder to drive, Monza to race.
    Unfortunately most circuits that have been released up until now are awful for overtaking, so most races end up being a bit dull, but Zolder is surprisingly cool to drive on: tricky chicanes, medium speed corners, elevation changes, it's all there.
    flihp likes this.
  16. Chriss

    Chriss Racer

    Guys, we clearly see also from this voting/thread that all tracks have their pros and cons, and all are fun to drive (my favorite is Misano). But when looking at multiplayer 10 minutes ago, there were 4 servers full of 24/24 people driving Monza, one server with 2 people driving Zolder, and everything else basically completely empty. So please, help to create some diversity by not always joining Monza servers.
    TDS and Arckeron like this.
  17. Jacobs

    Jacobs Racer

    I guess it's because Monza is fresh in ACC and i think you have to manualy change tracks every time. Most populated servers are Kunos official ones so yeah. Without rotation there will be plenty of that.

    Back to the topic. At first Zolder was kinda meh for me but with more and more races i've done it just grew on me so much. Second one is Misano. Equaly good for me are Nurburgring, Monza, Hungaroring. Least likeable by me is Paul Ricard. Don't like how it looks but it has some very technical and blind corners.
  18. JnJ | Rayleigh

    JnJ | Rayleigh Simracer

    What I dont quite understand is that since 0.6 there is just a small increase in players playing ACC simultanously (about 300-400) whereas AC is played by over 2000 people...even though 0.6 made the MP enjoyable. @Minolin keeps posting his thread about the locked Kunos server (with extras) everywhere and I had awesome races on it but atm it's empty and everytime I look it's empty. What is that all about?
  19. Poguinhas

    Poguinhas Alien

    ACC is on early access and doesn't have nearly the same amount of content as AC, not to mention the fact that not everyone that can run AC on their computer can run ACC, so I don't see ACC overtaking AC in terms of players online anytime soon, if ever at all.
  20. Minolin

    Minolin Staff Member KS Dev Team

    I have a different theory, actually two. One is that this forum isn't as representative as we like to think (ok that's in a way your point), the other one would mean *very* good news, but I need to investigate.
    However it looks like @Chriss has a point here, I will try to update the Official servers to be a bit more diverse and respect our poll (with the huge sample size of 121 votes :D )
    Chriss, gandlers and D.Jankovic like this.
  21. Guidofoc

    Guidofoc Alien

    I saw the Kunos Monza servers and a couple of other Monza servers almost always full during the weekend. To me Monza and Nürburgring are the most suitable for mp racing, really fun to drive. Misano in third but it does not have the charisma of those two. Paul Ricard would be great for mp but for some reason I don't love it, it feels too big and wide for my taste. Hungaroring is a tough track, I find it more tiring than exciting (maybe it's because I drive the Lambo which is really tricky around there). Zolder is my favorite, it's not too hard to learn and the chicanes are actually fun on the Lambo.

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