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Favorites, enjoyables, difficults tracks

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by EddardBey, Jul 12, 2020.

  1. EddardBey

    EddardBey Gamer

    What is your choices
    Favorite : spa
    Most enjoyable : silverstone
    Difficult : Paul ricard
    Boring : Barcelona

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  3. Oxie

    Oxie Racer

    Favourite: Nürburgring
    Most enjoyable: Zolder
    Diffcult: Spa
    Boring: Monza
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    LATE4APEX Alien

    SPA, ZOLDER and Monza, not for the track, but for the racing it seems to generate.
  5. NemethR

    NemethR Simracer

    Favorite: Spa & Bathurst
    Most enjoyable: Brands Hatch, Kyalami & Bathurst
    Most Difficult: Monza (not to spin in Lesmos or Ascari), Laguna Seca (not to hit the inside curbs) & Bathurst (not to get into the wall)
    Boring: Barcelona & Misano

    Best racing usually at: Zolder, Monza, Bathurst, Brands Hatch
  6. EddardBey

    EddardBey Gamer

    Red curbs are deadly

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  7. Radoslaw

    Radoslaw Racer

    Favorite : Suzuka & Kyalami
    Most enjoyable : Mount Panorama
    Difficult : Misano
    Boring : Monza
  8. Mogster

    Mogster Alien

    Favourite : Spa/Brands hatch
    Enjoyable : Bathurst
    Difficult : Paul Ricard/Silverstone
    Boring : Misano
  9. Elrann

    Elrann Racer

    Favorite: Monza
    Enjoyable: Spa
    Difficult: Bathurst
    Boring: Silverstone
  10. sissydriver

    sissydriver Alien

    Favorite: Kyalami
    Enjoyable: Bathurst
    Difficult: Paul Ricard
    Boring : /
  11. Freddie Seng

    Freddie Seng Hardcore Simmer

    Favourite : Kyalami no doubt
    Enjoyable : Silverstone, Spa, Paul Ricard, Monza
    Difficult : Brands Hatch, Zandvoort, Bathurst, Suzuka, Hungaroring
    Boring : Misano, Zolder
    Last edited: Jul 13, 2020
  12. I was actually trying to make a list, but the more i drive them the more i love them.
    Pretty much they are all outstanding tracks.
    Zolder and Brands are not so good for racing with gt3s, but they will be with gt4s.
    Silverstone, Misano, Kyalami, Spa, PR. In those tracks I had the best side by side.
    The most intense is monza
    For hotlapping the are all great.
  13. Mathieu Labbé

    Mathieu Labbé Hardcore Simmer

    Favourite : Bathurst
    Enjoyable : Brands hatch
    Difficult : Zolder
    Boring : Paul Ricard
  14. long_chicken

    long_chicken Rookie

    Favorite: Kyalami at late afternoon, best by far
    Enjoyable: Bathurst, Spa
    Difficult: Paul Ricard (setupwise with lambo and the liftoff after the long straight), Zandvoort
    Boring: Barcelona
  15. k-led-83

    k-led-83 Rookie

    Favourite: Misano
    Most enjoyable: Zolder & Bathurst
    Diffcult: Zandvoort
    Boring: Paul Ricard
  16. fabT

    fabT Alien

    Agreeing on favorite and ... boring one.
  17. wedge_one

    wedge_one Simracer

    You are all wrong: Paul Riccard is not boring or difficult. It's cursed.

    The rest is subjective.

    But not Paul Riccard.
  18. AndyK70

    AndyK70 Simracer

    Last edited: Jul 16, 2020
  19. kirk heath

    kirk heath Gamer

    Fave has to be the mountain, bathurst just you have to race on the edge love it. Or Nurburg. Most enjoyable is probably Zolder, it's like the Belgian equivalent to Oulton Park. Or Monza.

    Most disliked track for me is zandvort, don't know why just do Haha. Not big fan of Spa either

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