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PS4 Feature Request: Custom Controller Button Mapping

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by smeedwoke, Dec 5, 2016.

  1. danowat

    danowat Hardcore Simmer

    Lol, of course it isn't!!!
  2. smeedwoke

    smeedwoke Rookie

    Haha yeah. Thank you for letting me know. I wish they at least change the handbrake back to O.
  3. BoereJack

    BoereJack Gamer

    pfff......after private lobbies this is the only thing i really need..,.......,....can not drift properly with a handbrake on the wheel.......
  4. blue cat

    blue cat Rookie

    wow i'm happy to find this thread, so i can voice my disappointment at lack of button customisation. i've also got a T300 with DIY handbrake modded to R3 button and as awesome as the set up is i just can't use it in assetto corsa. this has to register high on the requested features list, let alone be a standard feature.

    i think i've come to the acceptance that AC 'small team' of devs are too busy churning out stuff like car packs and DLC to actually fix the things that are broken in the game. lack of private lobbies on release means that none of my friends bought the game, so it was just a hot lap simulator for me, which would have been fine if i could play it the way i want, but now i'm not even playing it at all.

    i've bought the game on steam, and ps4 and the season pass so i've more than supported kunos, but looks like they're not going to do right by this any time soon, if at all.
    Spitfire77 likes this.
  5. Spitfire77

    Spitfire77 Racer

    I am really hoping that the next update isn't just a quick button for invite only private lobbies and has loads of updates like Custom button mappings, seat adjustment, further FOV adjustment, custom online lobby configurations.. but since all I have seen is that private lobbies are to be included that is all I am realistically expecting.

    I also have a DIY extra input (arcade joystick) that would be nice to use as in Assetto Corsa as a handbrake for some sideways fun..
    paul_wev likes this.
  6. Squints87

    Squints87 Rookie

    It actually really annoys me that they left this feature out.....how can you call yourself the premium racing sim company and turn your nose up at something this important.
  7. smeedwoke

    smeedwoke Rookie

    Any updates on custom button configuration? Or is it not coming to consoles at all?
  8. SlimCharles

    SlimCharles Alien

  9. smeedwoke

    smeedwoke Rookie

    Thank you, good sir! Glad to hear they are finally working on it.
    SlimCharles likes this.
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