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Generic Features request: Race save/Replay for Online racing.

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by HecticZA, Aug 2, 2017.

  1. HecticZA

    HecticZA Racer

    Can I ask that someone consider to activate the Save/ Replay function for Online console races?

    This is a much needed function, along with voice /text communication and some additional Admin powers to Lobby owners.

    Preferably for at least 120 minutes, but if shorter, then it must be linked to a customizable button that can be used as a one click button during the race so that there is no need to jump around menus during a race.

    Please for sake of sanity and cool tempers, include this function on Consoles for Online/Private Lobbies.

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  3. Horus

    Horus Alien

    This is not even a option on PC (we at last have an multiple replay save but no way to record via a button in game), unless you use third party apps and even they don't record talk/chat. With that said I see very little chance this will happen. Good idea, but on a console having limited resources compared to a PC, nah! I see no chance of this happening on either platform to be fair. Sorry bud.
  4. HecticZA

    HecticZA Racer

    The think is, it is available in other console games. It is definitely available in Gran Turismo. I haven't played Project Cars in a while, but seem to remember some system is available there as well.

    Obviously on Consoles, 3rd party software is not an option.

    The functionality is already in the game.
    It is already available in all offline modes, including Quick Race and Weekend Race option.

    So it is definitely a possibility, but not sure why it is not a function available for Online gaming.

    I'm referring to the save and replay function in the paragraph above, but the same goes for voice and text.

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    Last edited: Aug 2, 2017
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  5. enry68tdl

    enry68tdl Gamer

    We talked to friends last night after making a GT3 race ... It would be very useful and nice to be able to see the race again to see who misses contacts ... and also for personal satisfaction !! Are there any chances that the replay will be added in the upcoming updates ??

    Ne parlavamo fra amici ieri sera dopo aver fatto una gara GT3 ...Sarebbe molto utile e bello poter rivedere la gara sia per vedere nei contatti chi sbaglia ...e anche per soddisfazione personale !! Ci sono possibilità che venga aggiunto il replay nei prossimi aggiornamenti ??
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