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Generic Features to console before focusing on AC2

Discussion in 'Console Lounge' started by sirio994, Dec 17, 2017.

  1. sirio994

    sirio994 Gamer

    As many of you i love this game. I play only on console. I was wandering...will we ever see a couple of little feature implemented on the console version?

    Difficulty slider - i think it has been already asked but it's a must. I love everything of AC but i'm constantly between two levels. The AI is great but the gap between levels is too big. I'd love to have the difficulty slider and the variety/variance slider to set the gap inside the field. It looks like a small feature but a difficulty slider is a game changer for many players (i didn't touch f1 games for years because i was between the levels).

    Offline timed races. I know it's only available online even on pc but it's another great feature.

    I hope to see the difficulty slider implemented in those last updates.

    Which feature would you love to see implemented on consoles that is already in the game on PC?
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  3. MrDeap

    MrDeap Hardcore Simmer

    The optimal tire pressure by color. I find it unfair for those who don't know the correct tire pressure.
  4. sirio994

    sirio994 Gamer

    True. I forgot to mention the estimated laps of fuel
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  5. svenvangent

    svenvangent Alien

    Saved laprecord more tracks and better AI....happy me .
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  6. Hugo Catarino

    Hugo Catarino Hardcore Simmer

    The first and most important,yes,the AI slider.my first thought when i read the title of the thread,glad you made a good point about it.
    Colors for optimal tyre pressure would be great as well,a really valuable improvement.
    The fuel indicator is good,but i dont mind having to calculate how many fuel a lap takes.if you do your calculations right,you should nor need to worry about the fuel lasting for the entire race.vintage cars didnt have a digital fuel meter,driver had to use an indicator pretty similar to the one we already have,so for me its actually a nice feeling.but yes,ir would be good to have it.
    A feature that i would love to see is the possibility of saving progress on the custom championship.30m practice,saving,then qualy,saving,and then the race.having to do all those sessions in one take is hard,not only because of the time it takes,but also because for some external reason i might need to leave the race,and going again in practice and qualy is frustating.to avoid this,i only do 15m qualy and never practice.sure,you can skip those,but that is another point.if you skip the sessions,the laptimes are always weird.say you are doing a 15m qualy,you do your lap,and its 13m left,so you decide to skip it.some cars only do one more lap,others will stick to the time they took while doing the outlap...the Skip sessions doesnt correctly simulates the laps the rest of the field should do.and i want an honest and cair championship.i dont want to take pole that easily when other championship contenders got on last place because they only did the outlap.
    As for more features,right now i cant think of much moore to be added.
    If there are more cars and tracks to be added, then one of those cars should be the Ferrari 512m,after all that happend after the Ferrari voting (and i was a big part of it,i reckon :p) it became clear that its a very popular car (epic duels with the Porsche 917k,who btw needs a racing buddy in AC,and a movie made about those two cars at Lê Mans helped to its popularity i guess).for tracks,if they are fictional,i would like something that resembles the Targa Florio (but much smaller of course :p).it would be great to lap a track like that with the two excelent rally cars we have.i had this ideia a couple of weeks ago while setting a vintage championship,and it was nice to see that in a post about the Blackwood track,someone else brought this ideia too,so its nice to see im not alone one on this.Also,the Porsche 917 and Ferrari 512m have a lot of history at Targa.a pack with the Ferrari and a track similar to targa would be a great sucess i think!if a real track is to be added,then i would love to see sebring,Estoril, Portimão,oulton Park,watkins gleen,hockenheim.but specially sebring or estoril.
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  7. ZX636

    ZX636 Hardcore Simmer

    1. BoP options (Ballast and air restrictors);

    2. Fuel menu (FpL indicator is a must have feature!) + low fuel dynamic icon;

    3. Car assists (ABS, TC etc.) menu in the setup screen;

    All these things are in the PC version and in my opinion they should be added before cutting support and moving on to AC2.
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  8. dawg

    dawg Racer

    A working CSL Elite PS4, on the PS4.
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  9. ChuckWagon

    ChuckWagon Racer

    I ordered pre release because it advertised Drag Racing.
    I never did get a reply when I asked why it was abandoned.
    I know I'm a 1%er but Kunos advertised it.
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  10. SlimCharles

    SlimCharles Alien

    Lord Kunos talked about it long time ago:

    "Because on the PC it's pretty much abandonware, it looked like a good idea back in the Early Access days when there was very limited gameplay available, it just became a pain in the *** to support after that and nobody really cared about it. It was a sane move to cut it out from the Console version, if I could, I would remove it from the PC version too."
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  11. SlimCharles

    SlimCharles Alien

    List of things that the PC version has and the console version dont. Most of them promissed. Some of them important. Some of them I think is better they are not on the console version. Some things missing and I didnt invenstigate on the online modes (remember we have a system PC users dont). Some of them maybe can't be ported to consoles.

    Video options
    -Motion Blur option
    -Glancing speed
    -Gforce effects
    -Camera shake at high speed
    -Downshift protection
    -Lock onboard camera to horizon
    -In game app overlapping
    -Hide driver arms
    -Hide virtual stearing wheel

    Sound options
    -Tyre skid volume onset


    -Button mapping that does allow you to set hybrid stuff and so on
    -Keyboard compatibility

    Controller options
    -FFB options (minimum force, ABS effect, filter)
    -Configuration presets
    -Pedal Settings
    -Steering settings (gamma, filter, speed sensivity)
    -Gear shift debouncing

    -Best lap times

    -Career intros

    -Wind direction setting and wind info
    -Slip stream effect multiplier

    -Ability to set custom grids on Quick race/Race weekend mode

    -AI strength slider
    -AI variation slider

    -BOP on championship mode
    -Open point system on championship mode

    -Jump start penalty

    -Apps and ability to personalize HUD
    -Pit strategy
    -Electronic settings on menu

    -Notifications when some driver retires
    -Longer replays
    -Notification when racing that you can not leave pits in several seconds if you go to pits just after the lights go green
  12. ZX636

    ZX636 Hardcore Simmer

    Wow that's a huge list and I even forgot that wind was a thing on PC.

    Wonder if Kunos could put up a poll and the three/four most voted features get added in 2018. Does it sound fair and doable?
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  13. SlimCharles

    SlimCharles Alien

    That's more than fair. Fair would be that most of those features would be on the game already as most of them were promissed.
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  14. Mad Dog Pagan

    Mad Dog Pagan Rookie

    How about being able to use the same add ons as the PC! This has been added by Bethesda and since on xbone we now have access to file manager it should now be possible since xbone IS a protected PC. Certainly would take care of the abysmal track list if I could simply get them from Race Department and yes I AM fully aware Bethesda supplies a conversion program and it would take some work by Kunos but AC sadly lacks tracks especially Le Mans.
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  15. Ciccina2016

    Ciccina2016 Simracer

    Slim based on your list it seems PC gamers do not have option to kick out bad players from the lobby as well. Is that the case?
  16. SlimCharles

    SlimCharles Alien

    Don't know. Like I said, I didn't investigate on the online mode. Would be interesting to know it though.
  17. Ciccina2016

    Ciccina2016 Simracer

    Does anybody know if the feature to kick players from the lobby is a standard functionality in PC version?

    If it isn't I start forgetting to see it implemented in the console version :(
  18. SlimCharles

    SlimCharles Alien

    Oh, I almost forget. It's content, not a feature, but Trento Bondone is another thing PC has and console dont.
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  19. brunoden

    brunoden Rookie

    I think that something about pitstops should be done.when we park the car,we loose seconds by choosing the tyres and the amout of fuel.the Race should be paused while we do this
  20. SlimCharles

    SlimCharles Alien

    Showroom :D

    I forgot about it and remembered after reading Scuderia Paul's comment in other thread.
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  21. Scuderia Paul

    Scuderia Paul Hardcore Simmer

    The omission of Showroom is one of the two things, the other being no live timing relative, that p****s me off about the difference between console and PC.

    Kunos have created these beautiful car models and we cannot explore them apart from looking left and right when in-car. That's hardly the same. It's not as if we get Photo Mode in which we can look around.

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