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Ferrari 488 GT3 Hot Lap + Setup @ Hungary 1:44.082

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by KrypticTMG, Dec 18, 2018.

  1. KrypticTMG

    KrypticTMG Rookie

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  3. powersky

    powersky Rookie

    Good job. Thank You!
  4. sherpa25

    sherpa25 Hardcore Simmer

    Sorry, what's the folder structure again where the specific setups are stored?
  5. KrypticTMG

    KrypticTMG Rookie

    Documents>>Assetto Corsa Competizione>>Setups>>Ferrari_gt3>>Hungaroring
    sherpa25 likes this.
  6. mike reynolds

    mike reynolds Hardcore Simmer

    Cheers for this @KrypticTMG, had hit a wall at 1:44:088 but nicked a couple of bits from your set up which made a difference and got a 1:43:8
    KrypticTMG likes this.

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