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XB1 Ferrari 70th Anniversary DLC Pack

Discussion in 'Console Lounge' started by AC_CM505, Oct 31, 2017.

  1. AC_CM505

    AC_CM505 Staff Member

    Hi - We are currently aware of an issue regarding the Ferrari 70th Anniversary DLC Pack unlocking on Xbox One. The team are aware and are investigating as we speak. We're sorry for the inconvenience and hope to have the problem resolved as soon as possible.

    Please Note: The Ferrari 70th Anniversary DLC Pack is not part of the Season Pass.

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  3. breyzipp

    breyzipp Gamer

    Thanks for acknowledging, I hope you guys can fix it soon.
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  4. AC_CM505

    AC_CM505 Staff Member

    Update time:

    We have identified the cause of the Ferrari 70th Anniversary DLC issue on Xbox One and are working to get it resolved as soon as possible. We understand many of you are frustrated but be rest assured, we're doing everything we can to get it sorted! Stay tuned for more info.
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  5. Any news for us? When can we expect this problem to be solved?
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  6. @P73

    @P73 Simracer

    I appreciate your effort to sort this issue out asap and know the team must be doing their best for that end. But can you say if there are chances it'll be solved by the end of this week?

    You said the cause was detected 2 days ago, but as the problem still hasn't been addressed, I'm wondering now if it's just something small related to some MS's store procedure or if it could be something deeper that would require a patch to solve.

    I'd be glad if you could give your feedback on this. Thanks.
  7. Ray Lord

    Ray Lord Rookie

  8. Ray Lord

    Ray Lord Rookie

    Hi there, watching for any progress on this as well.

    My game was automatically updated prior to release of the 70th Anniversary pack as was expected. I placed my order in the Microsoft store for the pack which I know is not part of the season's pass. My payment was made a few days ago and has been processed. I see the new cars on the Ferrari car selection screen - all with download clouds. When I click on them I'm bounced out to the MS store screen for AC DLC content. Cannot unlock and load the new cars in game.

    Any update on when the fix will occur would be appreciated.
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  9. AC_CM505

    AC_CM505 Staff Member

    We are still working on this. Once there is a fix or we know when the fix will be published we'll make sure to let everyone know.

    Thanks for your understanding.
  10. llorenz_

    llorenz_ Rookie

    Thanks team assetto! We'll be patient,the best thing are the longest to take! No worry,we understand the work!
  11. Rich 1701

    Rich 1701 Gamer

    Why is it always the Xbox that has this sort of problem? I hope it's not going to be another month of waiting like the last time there was an issue with an Xbox dlc:(. I'm not blaming Kunos by the way, it just sucks that's all
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  12. @P73

    @P73 Simracer

    I think there's no alternative but understanding in this case, since actions are being taken to solve the issue and when it's done it's done. But it really annoys me that content is made available for users to purchase and download only to see it's not working.

    I mean, it's understandable that such things will happen now and then, but this occuring and reoccuring to this extent is really frustrating. Couldn't someone have tested the content beforehand so this could have been prevented, regardless of whose side the problem might be on, yours or MS's?

    I respect a lot Kunos' work and I'm a big admirer of AC; but things like this really nag me. Sorry, just venting my frustration while I keep being patient. That GTO 250 sure deserves my perseverance.
  13. AC_CM505

    AC_CM505 Staff Member

    Hi - Just to keep you all in the loop...

    We have entered submission with a potential fix for the Ferrari 70th Anniversary DLC pack on Xbox One. Hopefully this process won't take too long!

    Thanks once again for your patience.
  14. @P73

    @P73 Simracer

    It's possible testing was done based on the System pevious to the last update by Microsoft, a little before the Ferrari pack release. Knowing how inconsiderate MS can be with their customers and suppliers, it wouldn't amaze me if there was some sort of communication problem in the process.

    If MS changed their system in a way that impacted Kunos' content without letting them know, it obviously would lead to the need of this resubmission; I believe it was something like this that created the problem, or else PS4 would also have been affected.
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  15. ZX636

    ZX636 Hardcore Simmer

    Not the first time something like this happens, right? I doubt Microsoft keeps messing everything up each time with a new update. Plus, I have owned a Xbox One since launch and never had a problem with any update or DLC. That being said, I truly hope Xbox gamers can get their hands on the new cars very soon. They're all amazing to drive.
  16. @P73

    @P73 Simracer

    Well, you could be right. What I wrote was a mere opinion, as there's no way for us to know the actual causes unless they officialy tell us, which they never do for some reason. I also have a Xbox One since its launch, but since I never owned any other games on it besides Forza 5 / 6, Project Cars 1 / 2 and Assetto Corsa, my scope for saying how often MS has messed up with games is a little limited.

    What I do remember is one occasion when there was a Forza 6 DLC that caused the game to crash and be unusable until the next patch came, an issue triggered whenever a given car in game was selected, a Ford GTLM. With Project Cars there were also a few occasions when updates came later on Xbox due to submission processes, which never prevented bugs from being introduced as well.

    Outside the gaming sphere, Microsoft has also messed up with their Operational System in several different occasions, which led me to start using Linux; it does a far better job as an OS imo, besides eliminating those usual performance problems that start after a while and require full Windows reinstalling.

    In terms of B2C and B2B relations I can attest, based on personal experience, that MS is a difficult company to deal with. One B2C example of bad conduct: When you buy a digital copy at Xbox store, they state at the moment you're placing your order it's a non refundable purchase; but this is not true. If you read further into their policies you'll find it out, but they never tell you the truth at the moment you're buying, a way to get rid of potential dissatisfied buyers.

    So, my opinion against MS is biased, I admit. But honestly I don't think MS's efficiency is unquestionable to the point of freeing it from the possibility of unwittingly making a blunder or simply neglecting something because they "don't care much about that small provider". Yes - Microsoft, Wal Mart and companies of this bulk are capable of acting like this more often than we can imagine.

    But Kunos can sure be the one to blame for all of the recent issues, although it would be hard to understand, in this case, why they don't make the same mistakes with Sony as often; sure they don't mess up with Microsoft because they don't like it, lol.
  17. llorenz_

    llorenz_ Rookie

    guys on the other forum team assetto told a moment ago that they've found a solution and it wont take too much long,so don't worry,they're working on it. If anyone will get infos,tell us for sure! Good evening and good work for AC!
  18. Rob H-D

    Rob H-D Rookie

    This really is getting tiresome now... As an Xbox one user this is all getting very, very old now! Yet again the company seems to be happy to grab the cash but ooh look no 'product'... Imagine going into a shop buying a console, getting home and look... An empty box! Which is exactly what is happening here in a digital setting...
    AC2 anyone... No, thought not!

    The bit that is really shocking is there seem a lot of folks happy to say ooh shaft me (again), it's okay... No, its not... You are supposedly running a commercial concern..
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  19. Mad Dog Pagan

    Mad Dog Pagan Rookie

    I'm not a happy racer. I wait MONTH'S after the pc release for the console release. I've watched every promo video, every review, and virtually everything on you tube all glowing and exciting. I'm a die hard Ferrari fan and even bleed red! Then the AC update happens. I wait 'till midnight and hit the MS store. It's there, it's finally there! I eagerly download Ferrari heaven and I'm ready to race! I go to select my new car and all the new cars are in the clouds! Ferrari salvation won't be happening this night or for many nights! I am very sad Again this has happened to a Kunos dlc for AC. At least there's a fast post that there is a problem and a fix is coming someday..........Could be worse. This could be the Forza 7 beta forum since no one can call that mess anything but a beta release and Turn 10 explains nothing! Thank you Kunos for informing us of the status of progress!
  20. It's only a game and in this case MS have nothing to do with it.
    It's frustrating but is it like it is.
    So prepare to wait 2 weeks and if the fix coming next week .... much better.
    If they error lies in the update whe can't expect that Ms throw all other work/updates back. Other gamers waiting for updates too. Not that I'm frustrated, but I only find the best way to handle it maybe one letter in the code is missing. I hope they'll learn out such things.
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  21. Danne2323

    Danne2323 Rookie

    I love this game so much and everything about it is awesome but no way should it take this long to fix this issue I mean it's running perfect on ps4 but not on Xbox which I find weird
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