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Ferrari SF15-T League starting 27th August at Flag-to-flag.com

Discussion in 'Online Leagues / Championships room' started by bobbydeacs, Aug 9, 2016.

  1. bobbydeacs

    bobbydeacs Racer

    We are proud to announce that we are starting a new league in Assetto Corsa with the Ferrari SF15-T car from the Red Pack DLC. First race is Spa on August 27th – the full race calendar is presented in the picture and can also be seen in our events calendar.

    The races will take place on Saturdays at 20:30 Central European Summer Time.

    League settings:
    • 15 min qualification, 50% race distance.
    • TC and ABS banned, Stability control allowed.
    • Best 7 out of 9 results count for the championship. Top 12 finishers score points.
    Drivers should also read the league rules. An update for our compulsory rules app will be available soon.

    If you would like to participate, please post a comment and present your 3 preferences for skins on our sign-up thread here:-

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  3. Artax

    Artax Gamer

    stability control allowed??

    lol, ok not for me, GL
  4. Rift Racer

    Rift Racer Alien

    Stability control allowed.

    Really? Pretty pointless with SC allowed, means no skill required whatsoever.
  5. rjeady

    rjeady Gamer

    As in our previous seasons, the vast majority of drivers won't be using stability control, certainly not the quicker guys. It's allowed only for those who struggle to control the car for all 30 laps but still want to race. Pointless? I don't think so...

    Trust me, an elitest attitude only alienates people and doesn't make a fun F1 league ;)

    Do let us know if you reconsider.
    Last edited: Aug 10, 2016
  6. bobbydeacs

    bobbydeacs Racer

    SC also slows you down in Assetto Corsa, whereas ABS & TC (with this car) do not.
  7. rjeady

    rjeady Gamer

    A little update: our final pre-season race is this Saturday 20th at Melbourne. Full details are on our website.

    For anyone interested in the league, hope to see you there :)
  8. bobbydeacs

    bobbydeacs Racer

    Last season's highlights:-
  9. bobbydeacs

    bobbydeacs Racer

    Opening race of the season at Spa this Saturday 27th August. Still places left.
  10. bobbydeacs

    bobbydeacs Racer

    Race 1 Highlights:-
  11. bobbydeacs

    bobbydeacs Racer

    Race 2 Highlights:-
  12. Sba

    Sba Racer

    Would it be possible to participate only to certain races? I love the car and I'd like to race in with other actual people, but I won't have time to take part to all the rounds.
  13. rjeady

    rjeady Gamer

    Yep, that's fine by us :)

    Sign up post is at http://flag-to-flag.com/2016/08/ftf-sf15t-league-sign-up/
  14. bobbydeacs

    bobbydeacs Racer

    Race 3 Highlights:-
  15. bobbydeacs

    bobbydeacs Racer

    Race 4 Highlights:-
  16. bobbydeacs

    bobbydeacs Racer

    Race 5 Highlights:-
  17. bobbydeacs

    bobbydeacs Racer

    Race 6 Highlights:-
    coret3x likes this.
  18. bobbydeacs

    bobbydeacs Racer

    Race 7 Highlights:-
  19. bobbydeacs

    bobbydeacs Racer

    Race 8 HighLights:-
  20. bobbydeacs

    bobbydeacs Racer

    Final Race:-
  21. bobbydeacs

    bobbydeacs Racer

    Season Sum-Up:-

    The SF15T was a small step into the unknown for us, running a league for the first time using DLC and a complex car that you couldn’t just pick up and go with. With most assists banned, as they would give an unfair advantage with recovery and engine braking systems, this car attracted a slightly more “sim-oriented” competitor, but held a decent level of interest right to the end of the season. It’s shortcomings as a league car (namely the poorly configured tyre temperatures which forced us mainly onto hard tyres and silly-long pit repair times) mean that this car will have to undergo some minor surgery to make it to another league, but there is definitely some unfinished business to be had with it.

    As ever, Emil Praga played the cool-guy from the start of the season racing “just for fun”, then decided at Japan that there was a small chance he might have to relinquish his crown, so he turned the screw from then onwards and blitzed us all to yet another championship. It was a shame that Raven didn’t complete the season to give him a run for his money, but a great performance from him up until Austria nonetheless. Other noteworthy performances came from Shayan Najam, improving his race-craft steadily throughout the season and two valuable newcomers in Storm Cloud and Jan Frajbis.

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