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Firmware Update Thrustmaster T300 on PS4

Discussion in 'PlayStation 4 Discussions' started by speedyconzales, Jul 25, 2020.

  1. How did I make a firmware update for my Thrustmaster T300 on PS4?
    I have no PC....only MAC.
    Thanks in advance for help

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  3. Marek R.

    Marek R. Rookie

    Hi Thrustmaster owner ;-)

    i thinke i nearly searched the whole internet or i feel like ive been searching 99% of it XD

    The best conclusion i have so far:

    Install on your mac "Virtual Windows" There is a trial version that is free maybe you can update your wheel only with the trial version:

    Link: https://www.parallels.com/de/products/desktop/

    And then you update your wheel on the Thrustmaster support site: https://support.thrustmaster.com/de/product/t300rs-de/

    Dont know which T300 version do you have but picked the t300 rs when you have another one pick your version you own.
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  4. nope....do not install a virtual win system.....no way
  5. Bruiser71

    Bruiser71 Rookie

    Why not install virtual system such as Parallels? I use it every day for work and have been using if for a decade. No issues with it and this is how I update my T300 RS GT.
  6. Senna94f1

    Senna94f1 Racer

    I have t300 on the ps4 and PC

    Ps4 is plug and play technology,

    If for some reason your on the latest firmware, and without a pc, then Sony ps4 must have done it through 1 of there ps4 system updates,

    PC requires driver's and firmware to use your wheel,

    In all the years i'v never noticed any difference if you update your wheel then use it on ps4,

    There was 1 change that affected t300 on ps4,

    It enabled us to have cooling fan on Auto or on constant,

    Basically updating your wheel does nothing 99%
    Sony ps4 is designed to be instantly plug and play without the need for drivers or firmware,

    Hope this helps

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