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First impressions and feedback

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by aotto1977, Sep 12, 2018.

  1. aotto1977

    aotto1977 Simracer

    First of all: PHEW! ACC is driveable, and the feeling, at least for me, still has some AC DNA in it. I had some trouble adjusting to a normal monitor again (been playing AC in VR only for about a year now) and had to relearn a lot of reference points, but once I got that sorted out, I felt like home. The car does behave way more delicate in ACC, but it's not that far from AC as I initially anticipated. Dis gon b gud.

    So here's my initial feedback (and questions) after some 2 hours of fiddling and driving.
    • Map button for manual engine start to wheel – ah, I see there's already a thread for this.
    • Where / how can I change my nickname? I mistyped it and the "Driver" menu option is disabled.
    • General menu behaviour: Please add more "back" and use less "cancel". Or to be more specific: In many submenus the "cancel" button is the way back to the main menu, but that feels kinda wrong.
      I expect a "cancel" button to, well, actually cancel the settings I made, you know what I mean?
    • Load/save dialog: Please ask for a confirmation before overwriting the current (unsaved) changes by loading a previously saved preset. I was accidentally in the "Load" tab instead of "Save", and after clicking on the filename all my changes were gone. :-(
    • Is there a way to save the last ingame camera setting, rep. setting a default view?
    • Can you move the HUD items?
    • Music: After a 10 minute hotstint I pressed "restart". The session restarted, but the menu music wouldn't stop playing. As I don't like ingame music anyway, I just turned the volume down, however, this may be a bug.
    • AI pre-start aggression: At 95% ability and 80% aggression, everything was kinda fine. But after cranking up the aggression to 90%, I had to restart the race like 4 to 5 times, because the opponent behind me would turn me into spin right in the first chicane. Even. Before. The. ****ing. Race. Started.
      I am used to much aggression from hours and hours on public servers, but this goes a bit too far. ;-)
    • During every race and stint a marshall would stand on the paddock side of T2 and constandtly wave either a yellow or green flag. I don't to break his enthusiasm, but I found it a bit distracting.
    That's it so far. This is the first EA I take part in, and until now I am happy I joined the club. The first release is very promising. Phantastic job, guys!
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  3. Addy

    Addy Rookie

    For nickname try editing \Documents\Assetto Corsa Competizione\Config\account.json
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  4. BrunUK

    BrunUK Alien

    Yes. There seems to be an inconsistency with the use of 'cancel' and 'back' throughout the UI.
  5. F2kSel

    F2kSel Racer

    I can only run with a few AI cars but there seems to be an unusual amount of yellow flags.
    By the end of the race almost sector seems to be yellow.

    I had an issue getting my wheel settings to stick and the controller options don't seem to work at the track it won't open so that meant going back to main menu over and over.

    Also when restarting a race I got annoyed with the vid clip then having to click continue and then click drive.
    I wish they'd cut out some of the pointless continue options when ther's is nothing else to do other than continue to the next sceen it's really frustrating.
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  6. My first impressions of Acc are not great . Been a massive fan of Ac I was hoping I could just hop into Acc and drive away but it's feels so awful at the moment . The car does not want to brake or turn . I'm in the 1.54s on a.c. in most of the gt3s but I can't get below 2 mins. I have a fanatec cswv2 with McLaren rim and clubsport v2 pedals . Can anyone with this setup share me their setting please. ☹
  7. The only way to set the Realism is on the Single player and not on the special events.

    When selecting pro the Tyre/fuel wear still appears as disabled which doesn't make sense. Don't know if I should report it separately.
    Handling I find it different from AC at least to what I'm used to but it's good, running over some kerbs it's pretty damn scary.

    The sound is great.

    The controller setup is great, though the Advanced setting on each configuration is kind of hidden, it should be a different color, also the Clear.

    It would be nice if it had a fps counter or some sort of benchmark tool

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  8. delpinsky

    delpinsky Gamer

    My impresion, using a Dualshock PS2 joypad (can't use my old simrig):

    At first it was a pain to setup the pad because, unlike in AC, recognized as wheel, there are no sliders in the menu yet, to change the sensitivity and the deadzones of the controller.
    Finally I managed to make it work by using XPadder/JoyToKey! As fake keyboard, playing the with steering sliders I finally managed to find the right feeling with the right pad stick to steer. Left stick to accelerate and brake.

    I really like the overall feeling of the car and the Rating System really helps to focus on avoiding pushing too hard as you would normally do.
    Clearly with joypad I'm about 9 seconds slower than the top drivers, but who cars, it's fun!
    I'm not using any kind of driving aids, if not automatic clutch/gears, so the driving is kinda rewarding, considering in AC I would normally push more without any feeling/fear of losing the car and spin.

    Graphics are really good and with everything maxed out but mirrors, set to high, because I can't even see them, not being able to set up the look left/right option with keyboard. I maintain a 60fps+ as average.

    Sound feels good, although I was only using my monitor speakers instead of the hometheater.
    The spotter is good, but I hope they can add multiple samples for a single race moment, for example when you do your best lap.

    AI has the usual problem of being dumb when there are accidents. They follow like a train a damaged car/s and hardly manage to pass.
    The AI should be a lot smarter and being able to prevent such moments, avoiding quickly damaged cars or even being able to make manouvers to free themselves from a big wrackage, when and if it happens.

    Keep up the good work, Kunos!
    I'm really satisfied by this first build and looking forward to see the improvements to come.

    @Leonardo Ratafia
    Benchmark page and FPS counter would be welcome, yes, especially the FPS counter.
  9. Yes, you can always use steam integrated fps counter though or any other 3rd party. They will probably add it I guess

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  10. magzire

    magzire Alien

    Not as attractive as I expected in the gfx, can't really talk about driving cause it felt super weird to drive without vr
  11. Mitja Bonca

    Mitja Bonca Alien

    Take it easy and take yor time. You will get there. I was easily into 1.56. Study the setup. Now are cars much more responsive on setup change than before, and lambo specially need some more understeer setup, since its more prone to oversteer by default.
    About ACC: no comment yet, since its in early stage,so I will keep my opinion for my self.l, and rather read what others have to say. But in two words, its expectedly good.
    One thing is clear, I need new graphics card and a cpu.
  12. Andrew_WOT

    Andrew_WOT Alien

    It starts and runs, which is important, but graphics and FFB are better in AC, sorry, was hoping EA would be in a better shape esp. considering such a positive feedback from early demos.
  13. I am this close to listing my simrig for sale on Craigslist and finding a new hobby. When the Tech Preview for AC debuted I lapped the Lotus Elise at Magione for what seemed like three straight days. The love affair was instant and the passion was white hot. Even though Steam claims I have a bit over two hours in ACC I have only driven laps for about a half hour and have no desire whatsoever to even fire it up again right now. I don't know if my lack of enthusiasm is due to the multitude of bugs, the lack of performance on my system, or something I just can't put my finger on but at this moment in time I am absolutely gutted. I hope everybody at Kunos, and the majority of the guys here, understand just how hard it is for me to admit this.
  14. Alun Garland

    Alun Garland Rookie

    I am very dissapointed in how this game feels when driving the car their is no feel or sensation when driving the car around the track at all, It really does feel like dampening is on and theirs not any FFB settings besides gain and something else, i really hope you havent made this game to suit coonsole users guys it just smacks of not just the FFB but the general layout of the game also, i really really want this game too work guys loved the feel of the game in AC but i would like to now is the physics of the game going to change or remain as it is.
  15. aotto1977

    aotto1977 Simracer

    I feel kinda sorry for you, but my experience was quite the opposite. After an initial tweak of the graphics settings (saturation set to 70% remarkably lowered by desire to map a button to "throw banana peels") and wheel setup, I spent quite some time enjoying 20 minute races against the AI.
    What I really had to learn was how enormous the difference between cold and warm tyres and brakes is. My first approach to T1 was an unpleasant surprise, but it gradually got better.
    Disclaimer: I spent absolutely no time in car setup so far, just used the basic setup. Still had fun.
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  16. PLebre

    PLebre Hardcore Simmer

    Out of box every things work ok.

    Had too tick the a bit the graphical options, my 1050ti 4gb is low to all the beauty. Good work on the the lote of options, number of visible cars is a great addition.
    Some graphics details add great immersion, like the brakes/exhaust/sparks glow intensity and duration depending the actual natural ligth. Night and rain run also very well, Kunos will work more on its effects for shure during develope fase.
    Was getting some kind of car multi ghost effect in replays but after teak graphics it goes way. Not shure what change it, but I believe the motion blur, was off, then put it on and now off again.

    With 16 visible AI cars, all the textures, cars and track display at very low resulotion. Guess that must be related to available graphic card memory, because lowering the number of AI solve the problem. Maybe its possible to tick it at the texture quality option too.

    My TR500 work like a charme, no tick needed.
    About the physics I am not an expert, but to me fell like two steps ahead AC1, the tyres, the suspension, brakes, engine map, clutch, the "assetto", all very detailed and giving good wheel feedback. Looks like all the acquire data is making is job.
    Tryed the 2 default setups and the diferences on the handling feedback is just amazing.

    Last edited: Sep 13, 2018
  17. Diablo_rf

    Diablo_rf Hardcore Simmer

    Ok so after 5 hours of gameplay here is my feedback and first impressions:

    First thing a had issues with was setting my thrustmaster t500 base + f1 weel, there wasn't any preset for it, but fine, its an EA, you can expect that, so I decided to setup it myself, done, go practicing, I'm on the track and what I see is that the car is rewing, my throttle is fully pressed, confused! It took me almost half an hour to fix the issue, because for some reason when I was setting the pedals they was configured as inverted...well, I guess one word: EA.

    Now a few words about the UI and menus, they are really not intuitive and sometimes confusing. I hope that's a placeholder and on the final product you will come with something better.
    For example, to save or load the preset I have to scroll left and right the menu and then confirm it, why to complicate things so much? Just give a button for load, save and delete and I'm happy!
    Same goes with the setup screen, I don't know if the premade setup I select is loaded because I get no indication abot that whatsoever.
    So please, simplify the menus, make them more intuitive and less confusing, don't overcomplicate this, I understand that you maybe want to do something unique from other titles, but in the current state it doesn't feel good at all.

    Ok done with the interface lets go to handling and FFB.
    The first thing confused me here was the steering lock, it was set to 180 as default, wasn't sure about that and set it to 360 while in the profile my wheel was set to 1080 degrees of rotation. So when I was on track my wheel had 1080, looks like that option in the game doesn't work at all or I didn't understand what it's doing. So how I drove last night - was setting my wheel in profile to 440 and in-game lock to 180, and I was getting the 440 degree rotation and lock.
    So the FFB.
    At first I set it to 100 gain and 5 minimum force, and 60 in profile, I found the wheel to be too heavy and I was getting a lot of clipping.
    Dropped the gain to 97, same, clipping, 95, clippping, 93, clipping but a lot less now, just in some corners, but in this case the wheel was to lazy, so I end up with 95 gain and 0 min.force, this way I could feel the car better.
    Overall on the handling and FFB, I can tell that it has something in common with AC, but at the same time the feel you get from the tires and suspension is different, of course in a good way.
    Car feel's more alive, but at the same time I was expecting to get more information from the FFB. At the moment you loose the car, the FFB is really lazy, and doesn't countersteer, I couldn't catch the car from the drift, it just goes 180.
    Driving in the rain felt a bit too easy than I was expecting it to be, it may be for the worse or for the better I don't know, but we'll se how this will evolve, but I felt I could be more consistent in the rain than in the dry =)) Maybe because I didn't push the car so much. My time in heavy rain with the default stable setup was 2.06. on dry 1.56 (practice session).
    I think I need more time to experiment with the FFB settings to get a better understanding with how it feels but my first impression about the FFB and handling are the following:
    It feels different from AC in a good way, but not to the level I was expecting it to be.

    It's a new game, you can definitely say that, the UE4 is doing a great job, BUT, it's verry burry.
    I'm running everything on epic beside shadows on high, motion blur off and AA on temporal. But the game is blurry as f***, you can't see the details of the tarmac from the cockpit in motion because everything is very blurry, this also ruins the sense of speed, because the ground looks like a flat texture.
    Well I think that the graphics are still in a early work in progress, so I hope you will improve every aspect.
    Optimization felt alright, 70 fps on practice, and arround 50-60 when 20 cars on the track. It was dropping heavily in replay cams to 27 somethimes, but for the first release of EA the optimization is decent!
    So my impression with the graphics are the following:
    It looks that the game have potential to look very stunning, but there are things that need to be improved.


    So here are the issues I encountered at this moment:
    1. The keys for look right, look left, look to mirror doesn't work, it just does nothing, tried it in cockpit and dash cam, no difference.
    2. The keys for light cycle doesn't work either, I can see that the driver is pushing the bottons on the wheel, but in reality nothing happens.
    So I drove a 15 min race on heavy rain and night and I was totaly blind, my only reference point was the white lines of the track limits =)) Thanks I have more than 1000 laps on this track because of the testing I did on it in AC, I almost can drive it with closed eyes.
    Yeah it was challanging and fun to drive with almost no light at all, but I hope this is a bug you will fix =)) I might upload later a bit of gameplay so you could see how the game looked.
    3. The dry line in the rain.
    For some reason it doesn't appear in the cockpit, from that point of view there is no dry line at all, you can see it only in replay camera. I didn't even knew there was one before I watched the replay. So I was like "oh, there actually is a dry line on the track o_O" =)) But I think this also might be a graphic bug.
    Well that's all the issues I discovered at this moment.

    So here are my first thoughts about the game, beside all the cons, I'm very excited about it. Can't wait to drive a proper league season, and jump more deeply in the car setup!
    At this moment I would say to Kunos a WELL DONE! While there are ton of things you need to work on, the DNA the genetic of the game feels good, and I can't wait to see how you improve it over the course of EA!
    Go on KUNOS, make it the best racing game of the decade!!=)
    Last edited: Sep 13, 2018
  18. Boneboys

    Boneboys Rookie

    Short and sweet + quoted...

    Well I'm running an old 2500k @4.2ghz, gtx 1070, 12 of ram on ssd'(s) !
    Experience tells me I should be ok on my "24" 120 mhz screen, the Rift could be problematic.

    To the guy above,,, I had to map the look L / R to my G29 pad, working.
  19. martcerv

    martcerv Alien

    Graphics wise for me having it all on Epic looked pretty bad but turning all settings down 1 click it looks much nicer and performed considerably better. Not sure if thats a bug or maybe just 1 of these settings breaks things quite a bit but I will need to experiment a bit with it.

    Id love SLI to work and hoped it may have with a launch driver but hope it does later down the track. Looking at how it can run on a single 1080 with SLI working it should run great on my 4k setup. For future VR I will need to see what headsets come and if they do enable SLI VR which is possible in UE4 but its had so little support that I mostly doubt that will be happening.
  20. Skybird

    Skybird Alien

    What do you think about the scenery at Nürburgring?

    Me, I notice more trackside details, but more monotony in the trees. Would like to hear a track modder's opinion who probably has studied the real location a bit.
  21. LChaves

    LChaves Hardcore Simmer

    Graphics are great on a Replay, a bit too soft on the cockpit view, AC was sharper.

    A similar thing for shadows, in AC we had shadow artifacts, but the cockpit shadows looked great, now we don't have artifacts on shadows cast from a poles and trees, but the cockpit shadows are blocky.

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