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PS4 First thing: UDP

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Rickredrick, Sep 9, 2016.

  1. Rickredrick

    Rickredrick Gamer

    Easy and most valuable add-on. About the only smart thing PBugs did in the last year. Add UDP, a way app programmers can make all kinds of free or very cheap ($5) android and Windows add-ons like Crew Chief and PCars Profiler (new name of course) for Assetto Corsa console users and they wouldn't cost Kunos a cent.

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  3. Yeah, so at least we could use apps to read out tire temperatures.
    For proper racing i need at least tire-temperatures while driving. Without tire temperatures i can only guess how much i can push the car in the next corner.
  4. ashasha

    ashasha Rookie

    I couldn't agree any more. I mean if the PC version didn't already have it then I wouldn't hold my breath, but I believe that it does and it works amazing with PCARS on the XBox.
  5. hobieone

    hobieone Gamer

    I agree this is definitely needed. and yes, the pc version has this already. so why not the consoles. pcars proves doing this does also work on the consoles.
  6. ashasha

    ashasha Rookie

    Does Crew Chief work with AC?
  7. Chris White

    Chris White Gamer

  8. Graveltrap

    Graveltrap Alien

    Remember Project Cars broke new ground implementing this, and if it wasn't for one guy from the dev team working on it in his own time it would never of happened, you then need the community app developers to create / patch their tools for it to be of any use what so ever.

    It does show the impact that the data output via UDP on console has had, as people now expect it from a 'sim' but in reality only one title has implemented it so far.

    There are many things that need to be done with Assetto Corsa and UDP apps would be a great feature but actually displaying useful data in game would be a better first step!
  9. hobieone

    hobieone Gamer

    they need to expand the in game date on the hud while racing on the console version and get this working as well. but before any thing I like to se private lobbies as a priority for the console version
  10. skeinon

    skeinon Rookie

    Hi, please send UDP data !!!!

    i won't play nothing that Assetto Corsa (after patch, without tearing, this game make me stunned) but.....

    I love run with my devices around and second screen sticked on the steering wheel.... i've recently downloaded VDash EMU and Slimax manager pro (with the console bridge, consoles owners can receive telemetry data from Project Cars and F1 2016) . Those softwares RULEZ!... i can create fully configurable dashboards and buttonboxes with the integrated editor usin my own graphics or templates from users ecc. i can also manage steering devices, external displays hardware and setups at will.

    well i'm very glad of the experience and want absolutely melt this with AC !!!!!

    Please Kunos!! .. ..send data from PS4.. I beg you on my knees...

    now...sorry the idioma but i need to explain in my language.

    Dai Kunos, grandi!! IL "gioco" è stratosferico!!!... agli altri giochi di corse li polverizza... ora che gira bene poi non ne parliamo. Però i dati UDP ci servono... .. e Grazie, per l'attenzione e per AC su PS4

    ah.. i forgot.. take a look at http://www.eksimracing.com/
  11. Jim Britton

    Jim Britton Hardcore Simmer

    If Kunos added UDP data to AC I'd be happy to add support to Crew Chief. The data format is tricky to get right because you need to keep each data packet under the MTU (about 1400 bytes), so things like driver names and stuff have to sent less frequently than standard game data packets. Once you've added opponent car positions, tyre & brake temps, suspension data, engine data, timing data and all the other stuff it's hard to keep each packet under 1400 bytes - you need to make every byte (and even every bit) count. It's not a simple task for the game devs and it ends up taking quite a lot of time once you factor in testing as well, but the brilliant work Tim Mann did for PCars shows that it *is* possible.

    Each app has slightly different data requirements so coming up with a format that's as useful as possible is a challenge - app developers like me are happy to work with Kunos if they want some input on this, but the ball's in their court
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  12. SlimCharles

    SlimCharles Alien

    There so many important things that should be "first thing" (private lobbies, leaderboards...) that UDP, such an important feature for a sim, isnt the "first thing". Hope to see it soon though.
  13. Lmbg

    Lmbg Rookie

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