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FKR @ SRO Formula 3 Championship

Discussion in 'Online Leagues / Championships room' started by kro, Apr 3, 2018.

  1. kro

    kro Simracer


    Welcome to the SRO AC FKR Euro Formula 3 Championship! (formally known as the TNC Euro F3)

    For this series will we decided to have a look at the real Euro F3 series & see what we could do to make it a little more like the real life series . We found out a few cool facts and decided to apply them to this next F3 series!

    With that in mind remember these are not endurance cars , they are more built for shorter / no stop / sprint style racing ! So that's what this season is all about ..

    Race Format:Each race day event will consist of 2 back to back 20 minute races / rounds 1 & 2 with reverse grid for race 2 meaning there is only one quall session ! (for race 1) , Grid will be reversed for race 2 where 10th place will be 1st & so on ..this can be edited if needed to limit or expand the number of positions to reverse & I will decide this dependent on grid size , default will be entire grid , (the real F3 only does the top 8)

    Due to the way AC deals with the time between sessions we will have 5 minutes in between the finish of race 1 & start of race 2 .. I can increase or decrees this number but keep in mind its global and will effect every session change so if I make it 5 min this will set all session changes to 5 min so from P to Q = 5 min, Q to R= 5min, R1 to R2 =5 min , and remember you can not go out on track during this time ,you will only have the commit button , from there you will be sitting in car waiting for green ... But it gives you time to maybe take a leek in between races!:D

    Series events: 2 X 20 Min Races per event

    Round 1 Aosta
    Round 2 Mugello
    Round 3 Nurburgring
    Round 4 Paul Ricard
    Round 5 Vallelunga
    Round 6 NJMP

    Scoring :Each round consists of 2 races that will be scored separately using the following scale:
    Race Points: 40-36-33-30-28-26-24-22-20-18-16-14-12-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1

    Practice : Server is up 24/7 the week before each event .

    Quall: Q starts at 21:00 BST (for race 1 only / reverse grid for race 2)

    Race: Race 1- start time 21:15 BST / Race 2- 21:40 BST

    Open to any & all fair drivers !

    All info can be found HERE ..
    Last edited: Apr 3, 2018
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