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Formula Trout League - RSS Formula Hybrid 2020 - New Season

Discussion in 'Online Leagues / Championships room' started by Viper_Polo, Jan 4, 2021.

  1. Viper_Polo

    Viper_Polo Rookie

    Announcing Season 8 of Formula Trout League's Premier Series championship, featuring custom teams, race streams, commentary and some of the best drivers on Assetto Corsa!

    We'll be driving the fantastic Formula Hybrid 2020 around 12 thrilling circuits on Saturdays @ 8PM GMT starting from 13.02.21.

    ► 20 minute qualifying session (Drivers are required to complete in laps and return their cars to the pits)

    ► 225km distance race

    ► Fully functioning DRS (enabled during practice and qualifying, enabled on lap 3 once within 1 second of the driver ahead)

    ► 1 Mandatory pit stop (Must use two different tyre compounds during race)

    ► Refuelling is banned during the race, all drivers are required to start the race with enough fuel to cover the entire race distance.

    Join our Discord for sign ups and further information at https://discord.gg/6xNW64J


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