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Forocoches.com community league & public races

Discussion in 'Online Leagues / Championships room' started by xXxKOKExXx, May 19, 2015.

  1. xXxKOKExXx

    xXxKOKExXx Simracer

    I present forocoches.com community .

    We have a server in rackservice we use for private and public races. On the one hand we have a championship that takes place Tuesday and Thursday , and on the other hand the remaining days the server is left for public use. We are a community with 10-15 active players. Server has 24slot, so there are slots for more people ;)

    Who wants to participate in our league , you have to go to the website and use the "assetto corsa torneo mensual" thread it is obvious that the language we use is Spanish , but feel free to use English if you want .

    Really no need to register anywhere if you dont want to race the whole championship, so the password to enter private meetings we announce it for teamspeak in the direction: server.clansbk.com assettocorsa channel, or you can ask me via private conversation here.

    The structure of the tournament is as follows . We choose 2 cars that will run the same circuit weekly. car A on Tuesday , car B on Thursday .the duration is 4 weeks , so be 4 circuits , 2 cars , a total of 8 races .

    Race schedule is as follows:

    we have (UTC+01:00) Bruselas, Copenhague, Madrid, ParĂ­s time zone.

    Practice starts at 21h. Qualify starts 22h. Race starts 22.30h. Race length 30min aprox.

    1 pitbox is mandatory, and we change the fuel rate to reach that. If you dont want to change tyres, feel free. But 1 pitbox is mandatory. Damaged is ON. ABS factory. TC off

    Its MANDATORY use teamspeak to race the private races. I repeat the server: server.clansbk.com assetto corsa channel. No mind if you talk english, we will understand you. Seriously, all racers have to be at teamspeak.


    We just finished a championship. Today (Tuesday 19th may) begins a new one. We choose this 2 cars: bmw 235i for tuesdays, and nisan gtr gt3 for thrusdays.

    The tracks we are going to use are: this week donington. next monaco, then hilltop. and we finish with nordschleife.

    Tuesday 10th june nordschleife
    21h - Practice
    22h - Qualify
    bmw 235i 22.30h - Race

    Thrusday 12th june 21h - Practice
    22h - Qualify
    nissan gtr gt3 22.30h - Race

    ----------- STATE OF SERVER

    Now is public. bmw 235i at nords Q12min R2laps 96%grip

    Good races, and sorry my english!
    Last edited: Jun 9, 2015
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