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Forum behaviour and moderation

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by Aristotelis, Dec 17, 2015.

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  1. Aristotelis

    Aristotelis Will it drift? Staff Member KS Dev Team

    Hello everybody.

    We'd like to inform you that we have decided to start moderating the forum in a different manner. From today, we are going to be much more severe and start banning much faster and drastically, people that are posting constantly in a negative way, spamming on various threads with the usual requests, attacking other users making snobbish or humiliating comments and such.
    Generally if you're trying hard to be a "smart arse", you're getting banned.

    Here are our reasoning and motivations behind this choice:
    We are trying to be close to the community, we love cars, we love modding, we love simracing and we love interacting with you. We do this job because we like it.
    Nevertheless lately in this forum but also generally in the internet, it's a society issue, some people believe or like to attract attention to them, by trolling, spamming, constantly complaining and generally creating a toxic environment around them. We have users openly admitting they dislike AC and prefer other sims for whatever reason, which is fine, but still have more posts and are more active in this forum than elsewhere.
    At the same time, users that are here to solve their real issues with the software, share experiences, share knowledge and generally you know, HAVE FUN, are getting overshadowed. In the end this is a game, a free time hobby and we should be enjoying it.

    We don't know what job you guys do in real life, but we're pretty sure that whatever you do, no matter how good or bad you're doing it, it would be sad and demoralising having every single morning, the same bunch of people complaining constantly or trying to denigrate your job with non existent issues or ignorant remarks. If you don't like a restaurant, you don't go everyday outside the door complaining on the owner, you simply move on and go to another place.

    Also, for those thinking "ok why don't you answer to those people and put them in their place"; it's easy to create noise with a 5 minute complaining post, you can see it all around internet with hoaxes and false science. It's difficult to debunk such remarks because it takes an hour of gathering data, validating and replying and then again in just 5 minutes someone will post again something ignorant to keep on complaining. On top of that, ignorant trolls always appear confident and full of themselves, while people actually working on the subject, have always doubts because they know that work and research is constantly ongoing. So it's not really possible to discuss when someone is pointing fingers everytime and you have to be as objective as possible trying to analyze every single thing knowing that there is not an absolute truth out there on such scientific matters and you're also trying to get better in your job by studying constantly.

    Because of all the above, we believe that 99.9741% of the people that have bought this game, enjoying it or have some real issue with it and appreciate the fact that devs are easily reachable, should have the precedence over 1% of people that just like complaining or attracting attention by trying to be the first to post some absurdities so that others are forced to reply to them so that their thread stays on top. These 0.0259% people are going to be banned steadily from now on.
    You might think my numbers are strange? We have more than 116000 users in the forum. We have banned 30 (thirty) people because of bad behaviour. Do the math.

    Again let me underline that we don't have anything against constructive criticism, we don't have anything against people complaining about real issues and we don't have anything against people that are here to have a good time. We will protect all those people from those that are here to satisfy their ego's or personal vendetta. Act in the forums as you would act in real life where you follow simple social rules. Understand that software development and especially simulation takes time and is a tricky scientific problem to solve for actual engineers and scientists, let alone us... At the same time devs try to work and also reply to all you people. Be kind, respective, understand that we are not working specifically for you but we are offering a product, and most importantly follow social rules, have fun or get out.
    Last edited: Dec 17, 2015

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