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FOV calculation same as AC?

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by buddhatree, Sep 12, 2018.

  1. buddhatree

    buddhatree Gamer

    I use an FOV calculator website for all my racing sims and ACC isn't listed yet so I'm wondering if I can use the same FOV that I calculated for AC? Thanks and great job on the early access release. Loving it!
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  3. NWG.Slum

    NWG.Slum Racer

    Great question. I second this question KS :)
  4. skolar

    skolar Rookie

    vFOV = 2 x {invTan x [(ImageHeight ÷ 2) ÷ ViewingDistance]}

    excel example:

    =2*(DEGREES(ATAN(((Image Height/2)/Viewing Distance))))
    Last edited: Sep 13, 2018
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  5. skolar

    skolar Rookie

    MonitorAngle = 2 x {invTan x [MonitorWidth ÷ (2 x ViewingDistance)]}
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  6. buddhatree

    buddhatree Gamer

    Thanks skolar. So ACC is also vFOV just like AC? I can use the same FOV then. Good deal.
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  7. Cantago_NL

    Cantago_NL Gamer

    FOV is always the same, except when you change monitors or change your position regarding the monitor.

    What I do question is, when you put in the same setting, you seem to get a different view than in AC. Strange...
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  8. Well, you can't set values lower than 30 degrees, so idk if it's not implemented yet, or it's not vFOV.
  9. Gevatter

    Gevatter Alien

    Good question. @pankykapus do you have an answer for us in this matter?
  10. Andrew_WOT

    Andrew_WOT Alien

    Yep, the scale seems to be off.
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  11. Cantago_NL

    Cantago_NL Gamer

    Could be that AC was a bit off and ACC is more realistic, but does not seem to be that way.
  12. It's the same, both AC and ACC use vFOV. You have to chose the helmet cam for it to match AC. Then put everything else at 0 on the fov adjustment screen. You can also set it up for the static cockpit cam but it's trial and error. Set the fov the same and then use height and position to obtain the exact same wheel size. Take a screen shot of the helmet cam and one on the cockpit cam and use a program such as photoshop to put them on top of eachother at the same zoom level and reduce the opacity of the top one to 50. I have done this and everything matches perfectly with only the numbers in the electronic displays beying different. If you want I can give you my numbers for my correct 43 fov setting in cockpit cam.
    Actually I just put them here now.
    So for fov 43 select Cockpit cam and put Height at -5, Distance at -23, and FOV at 43 and now it matches the helmet cam.
    Last edited: Sep 14, 2018
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  13. Cantago_NL

    Cantago_NL Gamer

    Helmet cam! Did not think about that, good tip, will try that.
  14. Cantago_NL

    Cantago_NL Gamer

    Tried it, but the movement of the helmet cam makes me instant sick. Can not deal with that, but the view does seems to better that way. I would love to see a 60 degrees comparison between real life and ACC.
  15. Got used to it eventually but I didn't have a problem getting sick, mind you I never used to play with that kind of dynamic cam in any sim. But anyway as I said you can obtain the correct view in the static one to but it's trial and error work.
    I think head position will never be accurate for everyone since people are different heights to start with. I think at my 1.70 I would barely see out of a reca car if at all lol :D
  16. jayeffaar

    jayeffaar Rookie

    FOV is FOV, and should not change with the sim, unless they are computing it wrong.
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  17. jayeffaar

    jayeffaar Rookie

    Is anyone driving with FOV values under 30 degrees? How can you see anything? Surely there's a way to get closer to the monitor, or get a bigger one.
  18. Cote Dazur

    Cote Dazur Alien

    Sitting how far from what size screen?
    You realize 60 is quite high of an FOV and require to be sitting really close to a really big screen to be anything like what you would see in real life?
    How are you calculating your FOV at the moment? It is not just a number you play with.o_O
  19. Yep. I sit at about 65cm from a 42 inch tv and my correct vFOV is 43. Maybe he means hFOV (that is 75 for me in PCars 2), or it's just his preference you now.
  20. Gevatter

    Gevatter Alien

    26° here, but on triples. I see everthing besides the driver's side mirror because the safety net is in the way :)
    I'd never recommend using such a low FOV on a single 16:9 monitor.
  21. jayeffaar

    jayeffaar Rookie

    I'm kinda curious as to why. Are you forced to sit really far from your screen, or it is that tiny?

    Edit: Ok... Just saw it's triples. So it's 3x26 degrees? That's not so bad.

    2nd Edit: I need to learn to read threads better... didn't realize this game uses vertical FOV. Is that specified in the UI anywhere, or are we just supposed to know?

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