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Discussion in 'Console Lounge' started by Dave53, Jul 5, 2017.

  1. dawg

    dawg Racer

    well, I used to have 55-60 as FOV. 46" at 200cm/2m. Today I decided to try the lowest on PS4, which is 29 FOV. Huge difference, on the positive side. Everything is at a more realistic scale, so it's far easier to estimate how to take a corner, at which speed, etc. Racing becomes more realistic.

    I think I leave it at 29 FOV. :D
  2. bradleyland

    bradleyland Hardcore Simmer

    You can get by with 29 FOV when hotlapping, but when you're racing, it can be really tough to judge where you are mid-corner when you're not on your usual racing line ;)
  3. dawg

    dawg Racer

    I never do hotlapping, only racing. ;)

    Haven't had any problems regarding my position on track, or in relation to the AI.
  4. I too run a fairly low FOV, 32. In addition I’ll adjust the in game seating position to make it a bit more comfortable. It’s a shame though it never saves. Have to adjust every single time.
  5. I used a fov calculator and got 54 which before would've been crap, but since we got the update that lets us move the drivers eye position, it's great

    I like to be positioned far back in the car. Like Forzas cockpit views. Funny because I'm not a forza fan at all, I think it's trash, but I like the cockpit views.

    I think when you can see out of your left window, it just gives you a better idea of how the car is positioned and you do have good peripheral vision too without putting the fov too high

    Ideally though, I wish I could use ps VR in AC

  6. It saves for me. You know you have to save it manually right?
  7. Yes.
  8. dawg

    dawg Racer

    Good thing you said that, because it reminded me I have to adjust the seating in a few cars (especially the BMW M3 E30 gr.A 92), after changing the FOV.

    And I agree, if AC would support PSVR I would buy one today. :)
    Mattbeastblood likes this.
  9. That's really strange. Is the seating position not saving, the fov or both? I could've swore it's been saving for me correctly on PS4.

    Buy ps vr or AC? I just got one on Black Friday sales but right now there's an even better deal. 200 for the gt sport bundle. I payed 200 just for the headset, 40 for the camera and already owned GT sport
  10. dawg

    dawg Racer

    Buy PSVR. :)

    But, I caught myself thinking the other day, maybe I'll switch to a PC when my current mac is up for replacement. But that won't be for another year, at least. :)
  11. Both. Is there somewhere else to save other than where we adjust the view? Otherwise I’m not sure what I might be doing wrong.
  12. RobUrabus

    RobUrabus Rookie

    I know this is digging an old thread, but so far it's the most informative one out there regarding the FOV differences between Cockpit and Dash view for the PS4/ PS5

    My setup is a 32" screen hard behind the wheel base,
    but i'm 6'3" so that gives me a long distance of 90cm from my eyes to the screen
    Theoretically a 43' hFOV
    but 50' and some seat movement gets a very natural feeling cockpit view with good vision for racing
    I however, hate the wobbling about of the drivers head and the virtual wheel/ hands and the feeling that the car is moving a lot further than it actually is.
    So running the Dash view is a much better feeling and preference, however as we can't change the camera position in this view, opening up to a 55-60' fov (car dependent) gives a very good compromise.
    It's only a couple of small items, but having all cameras adjustable really needs to be on the Dev team's radar.
    Even just being able to lower the camera position would be great

    Cockpit 50'


    Dash, 50'


    Dash 60'

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