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Generic Free roam based racing game (Giro d'Strada)

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by RedEggsy56, Dec 8, 2016.

  1. RedEggsy56

    RedEggsy56 Rookie

    I was told to post on here if I wanted to put across an idea, so forgive me if this sort of thing is not meant to be posted in this section. Ever since I got PS4 copy of Assetto Corsa when it was released on console, I have been incredibly impressed with how the physics felt through my PlayStation controller and since it was birthday on 27th November, I got a force feedback Logitech G29 wheel and it has continued to impress me.

    Overall, this game is brilliant and considering its Italian background, I feel Kunos Simulazioni would be the perfect developers to create the first ever driving simulator based game set in a free roam setting and the first free roam based game set in continental Europe which would follow a grand tour style. Utilising the mountain roads placed around Europe is something that honestly perplexes me why games like Forza Horizon and Test Drive Unlimited among others have never done, and mainly limited themselves to America for the most part.

    But what would set apart this game concept from games like Horizon, TDU, The Crew, NFS etc. is that this European based free roam game would utilise the same driving physics as Assetto Corsa, not arcade-like physics which would mean, both wheel and controller users can enjoy the game. So that would be very realistic driving on regular roads, set around the Riviera and Alps.

    I have named this game Giro d'Strada since the name translates roughly from Italian to English as 'Tour of the road', which I believe is very appropriate.

    The fact that Giro d'Strada is a simulator free roam game based in continental Europe where some of the best roads in the world are, both of those facts have never been thought about before in games like this. We have plenty of great simulator games both already existing and upcoming that are brilliant driving simulation games that are track based; Project CARS, Assetto Corsa, Gran Turismo Sport, and as a general rule I do prefer circuit racing but I have dreamt about a game like Giro d'Strada for way too long and when I compiled all of the criteria together, I concluded that having Kunos develop the game would be a perfect match.

    Whilst not joined by name, Assetto Corsa is the equivalent of Forza Motorsport and Giro D'Strada would be the equivalent of Forza Horizon. I do hope someone at Kunos sees this and takes it into consideration, I really hope I get to pre-order my copy of Giro D'Strada and I am able at some point to buy a Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta along with so many other great cars, like a Porsche 918 and McLaren P1, Bugatti Chiron, Ariel Atom V8, Ferrari California or 458/488 Spider etc. I could go on but you get the point, and drive them all along some incredible mountain roads and by the Riviera and the Mediterranean. The cars in this game aren't just limited to those type of high performance vehicles. Classical style, off road you name it, as long as they are road legal.

    So, Giro d'Strada my fellow Assetto Corsa fans. The definitive grand tour experience for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Thank you for reading. Hope to see you PS4 drivers in my LaFerrari Aperta's rear view mirrors as I drive through the Stelvio pass, in hopefully the next few years.
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  3. Luke7

    Luke7 Simracer

    Your best bet is to get some crowd funding, put together a dev team and produce the game yourself.
  4. Radfahrer

    Radfahrer Hardcore Simmer

    Hey, errrm, why don´t we all meet on one of the few Lake Louise servers and Giro the Strada there while waiting for this game ?

    By the way, RedEggsy, the idea is seductive ^^
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  5. RedEggsy56

    RedEggsy56 Rookie

    The reason why that won't happen is because I know nothing extensively about the business to put this together. I am a just-turned 20 year old with no qualifications to lead a video game development or manage a team of professionals to create the game with the relevant physics, coding etc. and I would not know how to get a licence to have all the appropriate vehicle brands in Giro d'Strada should I develop it.

    The folks behind Project CARS did crowd funding but they are professionals. I am not, so as much as many people here would probably tell me "Oh you make it, the game was your idea, you could be rich", I just want this game to exist whether I get any credit or none at all.
  6. RedEggsy56

    RedEggsy56 Rookie

    I had to look up what this Lake Louise was, is it a mod on PC only or is it a track that will soon be available on consoles too? Because looking at it, that's exactly the kind of thing I am looking for when it comes to a free roam game with mountain roads.
  7. Luke7

    Luke7 Simracer

    The reason I suggested this is because for a small team like Kunos to do what you've suggested would require years, and a shift of most of their human resources away from AC to the game that youve proposed. In other words I'm 99 percent sure that Kunos is not the company to do it.

    Nice idea though; it would be a day one buy for me.
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  8. LeDude83

    LeDude83 Alien

    @RedEggsy56 I'd insta-buy this title :) I guess you're new here and can't know that this topic has been brought up several times. My understanding of things in AC is:

    - One of the main developers, Stefano, said in one of his life streams that he finds the concept interesting (attention: very vague memory quote) but there was no indication, at all that there are plans on doing it.
    - Some guy even made a Dortmund City map as a mod - I have no clue what state it's in and what it's like to play - you might want to look it up on Racedepartment.
    - General trafic in AC would be an issue because all of the AI cars use "full physics", unlike many other racing titles.

    And now my personal view on this: I would love a title like Midnight Club 2 with realish cities, lots of traffic and people jumping out of the way last second AND realistic handling. I have my doubts this will happen anytime soon, really.
    So you with your good sense of imagination and young spirit could rather look for an achievable alternative. What comes to my mind is:

    - Getting a real physics mod for GTA V - the environment won't get any better than this. Then try and organize races there.
    - Getting other city-racing titles and look for mods to make them more realistic. Driver San Francisco is cheap and has reasonably good physics. It's nowhere close AC but it's way better than NFS. It's not exactly "real" but at least "plausible". You could try and get online racing going with that.
    - Have you heard of Garry's mod? It's a physics sandbox game...pretty dated so I can't tell if it's still alive. It's something meant for users to alter and mod and I've heard you can do pretty much anything here. So maybe that's your starting point?!?

    Anyways, have fun racing :)
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  9. Sohail_16

    Sohail_16 Gamer

    Hey can you tell me more about the AI's 'full physics'?
  10. It would be very difficult to create a free roam game with the physics of assetto corsa, the consoles just don't have the required processing power to render a detailed open world with full sim physics
  11. pippo10

    pippo10 Hardcore Simmer

    You mean like Eurotruckers but for cars? That would be amazing. As mentio Stefano said he would like to do a free roam. Reg. Crowdfunding. We should start 1 and throw the money at kunos.
  12. RedEggsy56

    RedEggsy56 Rookie

    Hey everyone, I am writing an article about this on my personal blog. I am looking for an image to use at the top and ideally, it was a red Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta being driven on a road with palm trees and the sea that could pass for the Mediterranean. I would like to know if any of you has a track as a mod on PC as well as the LaFerrari Aperta in as a mod as well, if you could send a jpeg onto here? If you can respond before I do post, I'll link it and credit you willingly. Thanks!
  13. jason914R

    jason914R Rookie

    What about just scanning lots of roads and pairing to google street view?

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  14. RedEggsy56

    RedEggsy56 Rookie

    I have no knowledge of how to do crowdfunding, when I finish my personal blog article expanding upon this, I'll link it here (It goes into more depth) and then we can think about crowdfunding and I'll obviously be donating. It would be okay if before we do, the Kunos heads at least see the article.
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  15. RedEggsy56

    RedEggsy56 Rookie

  16. DAVEY-D

    DAVEY-D Rookie

    Love your idea Redeggsy56, perhaps having some laser scanned roads with a point to point configuration added to AC as DLC could = driving heaven:)
  17. riblo72

    riblo72 Rookie

    I like the idea of a free roam spin off to Assetto Corsa (like Forza Horizon is a free roam spin off of Forza Motorsport) but my secret dream is not two separate entities but a unique game made like this

    You have your own home with a garage that has growing through career slots for racing and road cars
    From Your base you have access to a road system that connect all the various circuits of Assetto Corsa
    All this as a optional DLC for the basic AC game

    So basically if you want basic Assetto Corsa game you simply click on the circuit and select the event and just start Racing
    But if you apply the DLC you can travel from your home to the track (instead of being simply teleported) or you can just drive through the road system just for fun
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