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g920 brake - Xbox one

Discussion in 'Steering wheels discussions' started by BobTheDog, Aug 26, 2016.

  1. Padster

    Padster Rookie

    Hi, yes I am on a PC. Sorry you don’t have it on the Xbox.

    Do you not have sliders under each axis to change them?
  2. KuhBra

    KuhBra Rookie

    No axis, no sliders, no change. Arghhh.
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  3. fitzy5

    fitzy5 Rookie

    I kept the rubber block and I found after using the pedals for a while the brake became easier to depress and the resistance worked fine. Or maybe I just got used to it.
  4. zero71

    zero71 Rookie

    Oh man, how can this be a thing. Every racing game allows you to calibrate the pedals, except this one. I use my G920 on PC to play AMS2, Assetto Corsa, ACC, RF2, and RR. It's really my son's PC so getting time on it is a challenge, so despite already owning this on PC, I bought it on XSX so I could play it in the lounge when the PC is in use. It plays beautifully on PC thanks to Brake calibration and the Brake Scale slider. On Xbox we have a Steering Scale but no Brake Scale? It's the same game - why omit something so crucial.

    There's nothing wrong with the G920 brake pedal. You calibrate the game to how hard you feel full brake force should be and it just works. This is a vital feature that is missing from ACC Xbox. Pulling the rubber stopper out of the brake pedal will just make it feel less like a brake pedal and ruin every other game that handles wheels correctly. So disappointed - ACC on XSX is close to great, but this ruins it.
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  5. ABernardo

    ABernardo Racer

    If you have an older Logitech set of pedals, use them instead. I have some older, G26 pedals, I believe, and I use them with my G920 and the brakes are fine.

    This switch seems to contradict the above post, though something may still be missing in ACC XBox that prevents the pedals of the G920 from working properly.
  6. David Beem

    David Beem Rookie

    Anyone know who we can email to ask for the ACC PC brake sensitivity controls to be included on the XSX? Seems like it’d be such a simple thing to do. I’m worried I’m going to damage my brake trying to get slow lap times, let alone competitive ones. If I play ACC exclusively, my pedal starts popping at 100%. Popping seems to go away when I go back to PC, AC, Forza, or F1 racers, but I have those calibrated so I can drive lighter on brakes for greater performance. Anyone know if ACC braking works well on XSX with higher end equipment?
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