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G920 handbrake options?

Discussion in 'Steering wheels discussions' started by thenextdk, Sep 12, 2016.

  1. thenextdk

    thenextdk Rookie

    Anyone have any decent suggestions? It's awful trying to use a button on the wheel, but how easy is it to 'add' a handbrake?

    I'm not an electrical engineer so don't wanna mess around too much if possible, but I appreciate its got to be connected up somehow.

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  3. shmulik.mazor

    shmulik.mazor Rookie

    Best solution is costing money. What i did is to buy Leo Bodner USB controller and i also bought a real handbrake. I've attached it to my rig easily and it's working great.

    Do u have a rig?

    after edit - Just notice that i wrote on console forum. Sorry.

  4. thenextdk

    thenextdk Rookie

  5. Spitfire77

    Spitfire77 Racer

    Right now on AC console versions you have very limited options. Mainly because you cannot remap the buttons.

    The only thing you can currently do it wire up to a button.

    Once Kunos provides the options to remap buttons you can do some basic things that with some trial and error will work without needed to solder wires.
    If you do not use the clutch - map it to handbrake - to make it better attach a pull cable system to it so a handle pulls the clutch
    Buy the shifter for the G920 - map 4th gear as the handbrake and put rubber bands or bungie cords on it so that it pulls back to center.
  6. skeinon

    skeinon Rookie

    like i've see in a youtube clip (relating your wheel)
    I've bought this :


    Click the image for other pictures.

    - Removed the pneumatic system as replaced with a spring and a microswitch...

    - Weld two cables on the G29 PCB (on the Circle button track, is the default for most driving games and, most important, work with AC :) )

    - Make the cable pass through the steering weel to exit from a little hole i've made on the base

    - join the cables to the handbrake switch

    - fix the handbrake to my rig

  7. kith

    kith Rookie

    I've sent you a PM regarding this, as I'd like to make one :)

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