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PS4 G923 no force feedback

Discussion in 'Steering wheels discussions' started by Gavin85, Feb 19, 2021.

  1. Gavin85

    Gavin85 Rookie

    Just picked up ACC though do not seem to be getting any force feedback at all through my Logitech G923. Even if set to 100 I’m getting nothing back. Steering and pedals feels relatively ok but it’s not drivable without any feedback at all. The G923 force feedback works fine on F12020 so I know it’s not the wheel. Anyone experience similar issues?

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  3. luv2drive

    luv2drive Rookie

    I just downloaded ACC for PS4, have a G923 wheel and I'm having the identical issue. No FFB = I feel no bumps, kerbs, road imperfections of any kind through the wheel. All of this works fine with the older Assetto Corsa on the same setup.

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated :)
  4. Gavin85

    Gavin85 Rookie

    Managed to get some sort of fix from someone having a similar issue on Xbox.

    Start the game with the PS4 controller making sure the wheel IS not plugged in. Once in the game go to settings. Press the ps button on the controller to go back to the ps home screen. Go to settings, devices, then turn the PS4 controller off. Now plug in wheel (should calibrate) and go back in the game. Make sure to change the controller type to wheel. Found this has worked every time so far -.past few days at least.
    As for wheel set up I’ve just been winging it to what feels right for me. Just remember that if you go from car to car you will need to amend the degree of steering lock as the response seems to vary wildly! Hope it works for you!
  5. luv2drive

    luv2drive Rookie

    You, sir, are a lifesaver! Thank you! I had no idea there was a secret handshake :)

    Anyway, after making that fix, it's night and day, and the FFB feels amazing after only 5 or 10 minutes. Really loving how they model the feel of the engine during accel and decel. Better than any other sim I've played. Need to spend some more time with it now and experiment with the settings.

    Also, funny story, which may also be helpful to anyone else who has this problem and comes across this thread. After doing what you said, at first the FFB was insane, on steroids, and the car was completely uncontrollable. Turns out somehow all of the wheel settings I had before this fix were still there, EXCEPT the "steer lock" had changed to 30! Obviously that's way too low. Putting it back to its default of 640 worked great. I read somewhere it should be somewhere between 800 and 900 ideally, so we'll see.

    Thanks again!
  6. Gavin85

    Gavin85 Rookie

    No problem, happy it helped you out. Spent two evenings trying to find a solution for my wheel and almost gave up and was going to bin the game.
    I do find some weird gremlins with ACC like you said - I’ll save my wheel settings then there will be a change to steering lock or something likewise. Tbh think the game pushes the PS4 beyond its capabilities but we’re able to play ACC so I’ll take the minor issues.
    As I have been playing codemasters F1 since 2010 ACC makes that seem almost arcade like. Definitively having to adapt my driving style. I’m a bit of a novice stumbling my way through it so if you come up with any good setups, tips or discoveries PM and likewise I’ll do the same.
  7. Jorge Bellini

    Jorge Bellini Rookie

    Hello, Sirs. I'm having the same issue here with the G923 and XBox S. I did the procedure Gavin85 sent us, it helped but not a lot :(
    The wheel seems to light event with 100% FFB if comparable with how it feels in PC2, for example.
    Do you have any setup to share so the wheel feels more heavy and hard (I dont like light wheels for simracing).

    Thank you
  8. eddie_cwb07

    eddie_cwb07 Rookie

    I am having the same issue. I managed to complete a race. But my wheel doesn’t react as it should. My old g29 is stronger. Some thing is wrong.

    I hope they update the game and fix it for us.
  9. eddie_cwb07

    eddie_cwb07 Rookie

    i tried this, but didn’t work for ps5. Can you share your settings?

    also, when you take your hands off the wheel, does the car lose control?
    I notice with this wheel the car goes in s straight line without any issue.

    WRC_MADMAX Racer

    For new PS4 G923 users I've recently purchased the wheel and found that it works best on ACC when i adjust Trueforce audio gain setting (found in options wheel settings by scrolling down) to zero or off. The FFB seemed to be working best when i plug the wheel (USB and power cord) in before turning on the console. (I unplug both when not needed). The reason for turning engine vibration (trueforce audio gain) off is that it is distracting for me in ACC and likely to result in overheating motors or failure. What ACC lack is the detailed settings offered by Dirt Rally 2.0 allowing users to chose the Trueforce feedback they wish to experience. Also please note that the Steer Lock degrees is changed so adjust before driving by checking the in cockpit rotation per car. Also for person with the first generation Assetto Corsa Ultimate Edition etc note that it is possible to adjust FFB in settings but recommend that you avoid that game to preserve your wheel. Finally when switching from any other driving game to ACC it seems that I can only enjoy the proper FFB by unplugging the USB and power cord then plug in and power on. Weird but it works. Found that on the net.

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