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Game won't start - Xbox One

Discussion in 'XBox One Discussions' started by alanmax, Aug 16, 2017.

  1. ApeXShaver

    ApeXShaver Rookie

    Okay guys I'm writing again! I'm really trying not to be a jerk but I told you like a week ago I haven't been able to play for 3 or 4 days I'm having the same problem as before... I've supported you guys and bought all your stuff I have your season pass now you have an update so I get excited thinking maybe they fixed this I go on and read all of the things in the update and get excited thinking I'm going to go try some new cars out... But first off it won't let me even find out where the DLC is and I should have it automatically because I am a season pass holder. Then I'm like well I'll go run a race online, go there and guess what? That's right "no servers found"! I mean I really don't understand what I have to do you guys are not even responding to the last few comments from people. I understand it's frustrating for you but think about us we bought a game paid money for it and can't even use it especially now that we got where we enjoy your game and we kind of like looking forward to playing it but apparently we have to be disappointed every time we turn it on. I don't know what to do but I would least like some kind of response please. I've done hard reboots I've done everything that I should have to do to get this thing to work and I have no other options other than just start playing other games. Please respond to us!!!
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  2. Gurkensepp

    Gurkensepp Racer

    Did you download update 1.15?
  3. ApeXShaver

    ApeXShaver Rookie

    Yes... that's what I'm saying
  4. Ranjith433

    Ranjith433 Rookie

    Well, here xbox won't turn on is considered as one of the worst situation, especially for a gaming session. Not only does but also it spoil the time set aside for the gaming. Do you facing xbox one wont turn on and vexed up with the dropping hundreds of dollars or more on malfunctioning Xbox one. Don’t worry. I am here to direct you in different possible ways.
  5. Guys, I'm having the same pRobles, when I start search for online servers, the game crash.. someone find a way to fit?
  6. rallyesax

    rallyesax Simracer

    It does from time to time when servers are down I guess. You can only try later on or the day after, at least that's what I do when it happens.
  7. Lambe

    Lambe Rookie

    Now in Italy the are no servers.
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