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German GT-Pro testing Assetto Corsa

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by falkeGT, Nov 16, 2017.

  1. Aristotelis

    Aristotelis Will it drift? Staff Member KS Dev Team

    Thank you everybody for the nice words and great thread about the video, as well as for the subtitles works by @Minolin, thanks!
    The "fear factor" is very real in RL drivers too. It's not exactly fear, but it is an adrenalin rush that keeps you either more focused, or less willing to go over the limit. Either way you tend to correct earlier and be more precise in real life while searching for the limit.

    As I always say in my workshops or speaks, in real life you start under the limit and try to reach it. In simdriving you start over the limit and try to lower your expectations to find it. It would be interesting to create a game/sim that when you crash your game's over... for ever... but it will never happen of course :D

    cheers everybody
    Last edited: Nov 17, 2017
  2. unknwn

    unknwn Alien

    Pro race drivers are probably safer pushing the car on race track than a random person driving in eastern Europe crowded roads. cough cough Russian crash compilation videos...:D
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  3. Minolin

    Minolin Staff Member KS Dev Team

    well it's in your hands :D Should be a pretty solid business model

    Regarding fear, there's a very good video of somebody who tries to flatout Eau Rouge (i think in an Ariel Atom or X-Bow). I have no idea how to find it, but this is highly educational - even for the driver ;)
  4. Solmyr

    Solmyr Racer

    I generally don't. Thanks to the sense of realism and immersion that AC is able to provide. ;)
    Then come the evening when you put your *** in your racing sim after a nice cocktail hour with your friends, when you say "it's ok, I just have to drive and not pilot, particularly on that dangerous track" (Nords you want to kill me of course) etc.. but you end in a wall in a huge crash and then you think you just saved some legs and arms and thousands and thousands of euros... :D

    But when I get seriously into AC, I always tend to drive/pilot/race as if it just was real. That's why I love it. And that's what I only want. By the way, I'm always silencely annoyed by people all around starting from pitboxes like if there was fire in it, making engine wail like hell all the time for no reason, disrespect other drivers positions, go directly into a wall after 200m, etc etc.. :confused: :rolleyes:
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  5. mms

    mms Alien

    There's something interesting, before I had my VR headset and invited friends over to try AC, they pretty much overshot every corner at the beginning, nowadays when someone tries AC with VR that's more an exception, they are really slower in the first few laps, and they will eventually overshoot some corners when they become over-confident.
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  6. Serge M

    Serge M Alien

    I'll second this, the sense of presence VR gives you greatly adds that sense of self preservation so you err more on the start slower and speed up principle rather then throw it in to a wall at high speed. After 650 hours in AC in VR high speed crashes (like smashing the wall flat out at the end of a race) is still very freaky
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  7. xela1

    xela1 Racer

    really impressive vid and words from Jan S. He's so facinated about the next-to-real-level that he drove crap in Quali ;) . Maybe only a few guys here knows him as a profi driver, he's a good one as you can see he's involved with AMG factory.

    Also the most AC simmers aren't real world racers but the comparison between Pc2 and AC Jan mentioned is exactly the one I feel - you too guys?
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  8. Solmyr

    Solmyr Racer

    Just enjoyed the vid with english subtitles, (thanks for that) : I have only one word in mind, Mega !
    Mega Mega and Mega again all over there, haha.

    Now give him great hardware (pedals, wheel, headset, etc), give him time to accomodate, give him 3D, give him a setup and nice fellows around and this guy will never get him rid of AC untill the last minute to get on the real track/car...
  9. Good to see how much he enjoyed the vanilla console experience, wonder how much more blown away he would be if somebody set up the pc version for him with weather mods, real liveries, etc. Really hope he gets iracing up and running, would love to hear his thoughts on it also. Is there a version of his pc2 video with English subtitles available?
  10. Robin_NL

    Robin_NL Alien

    Ha I read the topictitle as 'German GT protesting Assetto Corsa'o_O

    My bad.

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  11. Jack_NL

    Jack_NL Simracer

    Mega Mega
    Last edited: Nov 18, 2017
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  12. Minolin

    Minolin Staff Member KS Dev Team

    Looks like Ian didn't buy somebody to do it yet.

    In a (chronological) recap, he cheers the graphics. Car and track is on spot as well, special detail is the jiggle of the wipper. (But aside from the wipper he's not like "wow it's exactly like this" all over the place compared to the AC vid)
    Then he constantly *****es about the cut penalties - though there are those white line rules in "his" GT3 world the way he drives is allowed, period.
    You can see/hear that he's not really hitting the stuff correctly during the first lap and seems not secure why. One accurate bump is commented. Again *****ing about cut penalty.
    Warmer tyres make him feel better (here's a major difference to the AC video: cold tyres were offensively appreciated, here it seems he needs warm tyres to get the feel).
    End of lap 1 he's going wide and tells this happens IRL in a similar way. 1:43 isn't unrealistic as laptime, but with -0.8s to the 2nd position (after a rough lap) he mentions to increase the AI strength next time.
    Overall it feels good, advancing to a (very short) qualifying.

    Outlap is about setup work, he's driving default and notes he might have a special video "how to setup a GT3 car" during the winter.
    Tyres are cold/blue. Need to create a gap to the front, otherwise he'll not have a free lap. Almost loses it by warming up the tyres.
    Q-lap 1: First corner was ok, at least not cut warning. T2 late on the brake, T3 defensively to avoid a warning. Then slide, too early on the throttle and tyres aren't really warm yet. Sachs-corner is late apex for him, different lines are possible IRL.
    Then again a cut warning before the end of the lap, with deleting the next laptime as well - so he skips the next lap and starts the race.

    During T1 he's like "hey, don't stop!" and "so slow we're not driving the first corner". 5+ positions until T3, he's like "ah that's too easy to be honest", needs to increase difficulty. Finally a credible and clean overtake.
    Then: "Well difficulty isn't that important, actually we try to compare game vs. reality here. You notice, this isn't a real simulator, but it is quite near reality. Sound is close, cockpit is close. Generally, the driving phyisics is not given to 100%, but I didn't touch any settings so far. Maybe I'd need to invest some time here and setup everything. I expect the result to be a bit better then. In the moment driving is quite easy."
    Forced pitstop was set up, he remembers now. Lol now he learns to forsee the cut warnings.
    (Maybe a german can help me to translate "es kommt der realität schon sehr nahe" in an accurate way in this context)
    "It is quite close to reality, but it's not yet in a state where you would say this is very good", followed by messed up corner where he comments "that wouldn't be posssible IRL". Track is very good, wheel probably isn't perfectly set up (steering input is translated too strong).
    But it's fun, he's enjoying it more than F1 2017. Mentions that people asked him to try AC, which was already downloaded at the time.
    Now he asks himself if any action is needed for the pitstop ahead. Talking about virutal drivers he "recognizes" now.
    Pitstop, asking "what do I need to do now?" Re-enters the track at Pos 5, likes the pitstop animations and waiting due to unsafe release and so on.

    Summary is positive, he had fun and bye.

    Overall, it is a pretty positive review, but PC2 was lucky for the sequence of titles to test. He's not getting that excited at any point, the word "mega" isn't spoken once.
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  13. AccAkut

    AccAkut Alien

    Lol I send this to an iRacing fan I know (who always says AC does great with road cars but "fails" with GTs). His comment to this? "Seyffahrt isn't that good a driver, look at all the other GT drivers on iRacing, they tell you the truth." :D When you subscribe for 100+€ a month you need to argue I guess.
  14. Minolin

    Minolin Staff Member KS Dev Team

    I think many simracers underestimate how good all of those real life pro drivers are. (I wouldn't argue that they still will lose to the best simracing aliens even with good settings and time to adjust to a sim)
    Even many amateur drivers that are clearly worse compared to Pro drivers are driving real race cars on a level of control and on the limit in a way the majority of simracers wouldn't even understand, and is comparable to what aliens do.

    Telling that somebody like Seyffarth isn't "that good", well. Not the way to make the following expression more credible for me.
  15. kraM1t

    kraM1t Racer

    It's funny that he has Enhanced Understeer turned on yet Kunos absolutely hates it, I hate it too
  16. AccAkut

    AccAkut Alien

    that guy does have some race pedigree himself, he's got a track only car and does track coaching even (and whoops our asses on every kart event). But he's just so deep and involved with iR that he just needs to defend it. I mean I totally agree that racecraft and championship are probably second to none in iR, and that that is the reason its so popular with real drivers. But simply driving and physics... I mean I would say just the convoluted posts Stefano did to explain the Hybrid LMP systems explain just how deep they went. And the way they went with every patch to include whatever the cars needed. AWD? Implemented. Hybrid with all those modes? Implemented. Its just this different approach that I like, an analytical one.
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  17. chakko

    chakko Alien

    I don't have a doubt that iRacing is on the same level of accuracy, maybe even deeper. But, that doesn't mean their, or Studio 397's interpretation of the real data is better. Seriously, if you drive a GT3 car in iRacing, and it's sliding all over the place, then you realize there's something significantly wrong with the sim. It simply doesn't feel right. The tires just swim in every corner. And when they heat up, it's totally game over. There's even something wrong with the steering itself, as it is much too sensitive, in every car. It is really beyond me why so many real life drivers drive, and vouch for the sim. But then, so do many for Raceroom Experience, and, it's also a known way to market a product, to make it feel real and professional, for the average citizen.
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  18. Aristotelis

    Aristotelis Will it drift? Staff Member KS Dev Team

    Well, here's an excuse for your friend.
    Let's say that you got two sims that get to do the basics in absolutely identical way. Lateral g's, longitudinal g's, accelerations everything is perfect and identical to reality. There are tiny values that can be different and this can make the car "feel" different near or over the limit. When I say tiny values, I really mean things like 3 decimal numbers here and there.
    Now humans also have a different perception of reality. Some people drive more with their eyes, some feel the car with their bottoms, some with their shoulders and so on. If there was a universal vocabulary to describe handling, then race engineers and drivers would be happy forever... but there isn't any.
    Everybody describes driving in a slightly different way, not because of language limitations, but because he really perceives it differently. So don't think crazy that someone with experience, might think that iR or whichever good sim out there, suits him better. For the limit and driving style he has, he might actually feel that X sim is more life like than Y.

    But hey, I'll accept the provocation and ask you to go back 3-4 years. So when AC came out, "everybody" was screaming (many still do) that it was simcade because it was "easy" to drive. Do you remember how iR was back in the days? Do you remember the changes it got version after version? How would you compare nowadays physics with the same car 3-4 years ago. This explains that there's always something to finetune and improve. Also the same for us too. But certainly we must be doing something correctly ;)
  19. GRFOCO

    GRFOCO Alien

    Aris 4 president
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  20. Trezoitao38

    Trezoitao38 Simracer

    Professional drivers drive just one car for entire season, do many tests and race. They learn to put that car on the limit.

    Many gamers change cars so fastly and never going depth on only one car.

    That is the main difference. You are right about we understimate the talent of professional drivers. But, also, I think we overstimate. They are humans like us, but practice more.
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