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Getting an early start.....

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by bgil66, Feb 22, 2018.

  1. bgil66

    bgil66 Alien

    Gonna watch Misano Quali to get familiar with track. And to have the legend John Watson voice in game would be awesome and also the CEO welcome you as a new driver to the series:D[​IMG]

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  3. martcerv

    martcerv Alien

    At least they dont need to worry about track limiits enforcement for ACC, Blancpain in past races Ive seen go by Rally type limits unless they have tried to toghten it up this season.
  4. chksix

    chksix Hardcore Simmer

    I think they get 3 strikes at abusing track limits before black flagging. The car is awarded the punishment so a driver swap will not help to avoid the penalty.
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  5. Misano is an excellent track there's a decent mod for it . Very much looking forwards to this track.
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  6. :eek: And if we don't get this, surely this is the utlimate incentive to allow modding!? I'd love an app of Old Wattie commentating sarcastically on my driving, exposing me as the amateur I am :D
  7. Mogster

    Mogster Alien

    At Misano in particular you seem to be able to drive where you like...

  8. And paul ricard the track limits are sketchy , be interesting to see how they deal with it in acc. paul_ricard_track_limits_blancpain_2017__650px.jpg
    I hope the are leanient as paul ricard is a great track due to its kurbs and there are so many overtaking lines using them that if its too strict it might stiffle the racing on this epic circuit.
    Last edited: Feb 23, 2018
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  9. chakko

    chakko Alien

    I'm not a fan of overly penalizing track limit infringements anyway.
  10. Mogster

    Mogster Alien

    That screenshot from Ricard is ridiculous...

    People should learn to drive accurately and stay on the track. 4 wheels over is off track. Kerbs are not the track :mad:

    Watch this... it can be done... from the good old days when you exceeded track limits and lost time and maybe went to the hospital.

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  11. If it is paved, it is track. And two wheels on it is plenty. - Real world drivers
    Black flag that guy for touching the kerb - Sim-racers
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  12. Lol people should learn to drive properly , theyre pro race drivers not some sim dude who hugs white lines :D
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  13. Whipdiddywhip

    Whipdiddywhip Simracer

    blancpain gt give out lkoads of drive thru's for track abuse

    i seriously hope the penalty system is fair and realistc to real life, none of this stupid slow down crap unless its a huge cut

    realistc = build up enough track violations for the CAR = drive through
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  14. Mogster

    Mogster Alien

    No the track is the black bit between the white lines ;)

    I agree it’ll be interesting to see what Kunos do with this. I’d guess in game lap times could differ quite a bit from real world times depending on how much cutting is allowed.
  15. [​IMG]

    Obviously not.
  16. WallyM

    WallyM Alien

    I have no problem with regarding the outside of the kerbs as the track limits, keeping at least one or two wheels inside those limits. All it needs to be is a consistent rule, for fairness.

    I never understand how people can be against track limits. No limits, no track. A track, or circuit, is defined by its limits. Its not the friggin' Dakar rally!
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  18. Epistolarius

    Epistolarius Alien

    Really hope this gets into ACC. Can't stand the slow-down penalty getting thrown for every small off track moment (that includes anything that didn't gain you time too).
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  20. D.Jankovic

    D.Jankovic Alien

    Just watched a cool video from Bentley Continental Gt3 team....and i love it...drivers giving interviews etc... and one smart thing driver said is it is not important to qualify first or be first... it is important to stay on track and minimize PIT times :D

    Can not wait to try this boat out :D
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