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XB1 Getting the game today, should I buy Season Pass?

Discussion in 'Console Lounge' started by Jezza819, Jan 9, 2017.

  1. Jezza819

    Jezza819 Simracer

    I'm getting the game today and I was wondering if at this late stage should I go ahead and buy the season pass or just get individual DLC packs? I know for certain I want any available Porsche Pack.
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  3. ingrobny

    ingrobny Gamer

    If the season pass is still on sale, you can save some money i think on the red pack and the 3 porsche dlc's, i'm going to wait till tomorrow before i decide to buy the season pass or not and see what the price is for the red pack and the second porsche pack, i have already the first porsche pack.
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  4. Grijo

    Grijo Simracer

    Hi Jezza819, I know you from Pcars forum. People say if advice was a good thing, we would sell it, not give it. But here´s one: play AC for a while, see if you like it. If you like it so much that you feel that you need more, then you buy the season pass because it will worth the money. Only the finest cars, street and racing ones!

    Enjoy, have fun and happy motoring!
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  5. ingrobny

    ingrobny Gamer

    Hahaha i forgot that :oops:, but you are right, it dosen't matter if the season pass is on sale and you can save money if you don't like the game.
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  6. Grijo

    Grijo Simracer

    It´s because I had a bad experience doing that with Driveclub. I bought the game and the season pass...and then came the regret :(
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  7. kofotsjanne

    kofotsjanne Alien

    If you like the game - buy the season pass. If you dont like it - dont buy the season pass. Its that simple, really! :)
  8. mtbwa1

    mtbwa1 Gamer

    I ended up buying the first Porsche Pack as a stand-alone and spent some time with it, really enjoying the individual cars. That alone made me realize the attention put into stuff.

    If I did it all again, I might have bought the Prestige pack to sample since it's not in the season pass. That said, with the sale on the pass, I'm still getting the Japanese Pack, Porsche Packs II & III and the Red Pack.

    The Japanese Pack is absolutely brilliant, so I have no regrets. Frankly, the MX5 and AE86 in stock form are under powered, but still have nice dynamics for learning momentum conservation (and they are more like anything I have ever driven IRL than supercars and hypercars). The one thing that AC is really missing is a Formula Atlantic/Formula Ford/Formula Vee car like the "Formula Rookie" in Project Cars. I know they aren't fast, but they are they staple of lower tier auto racing (or at least they were in the 70s and 80s). Perhaps I should spend some time with the Lotus Type 25.
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  9. pippo10

    pippo10 Hardcore Simmer

    The prestige pack according to everyone but the season pass write up is indeed included in the season pass. Just to make it clear, did you end up buying the season pass or you plan to ? If you have already try downloading the prestige pack or renew licence.
  10. Horus

    Horus Alien

    Lotus 25, Maseratti 250F 6cyl, and the Tatuus are all really good open wheelers to learn in. Great little cars.
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  11. AndyB16

    AndyB16 Simracer

    I've never been a big fan of Porsche. They've always looked nice and performed well, they just never did anything for me in games. Assetto has totally changed that. I got the Porsche pack 1 on a whim and it's incredible. The pure driving feel of these cars is great.

    I also bought the Japanese pack because, Supra. And I've always loved basically all the cars in it and it did not dissapoint. It's probably my favorite car pack of any game I've ever gotten. Assetto makes driving anything super fun.

    After I bought those, I still found it worth getting the season pass since it was on sale and I know I'll enjoy anything they throw at us. Though deep down I'm holding out hope for a mkii mr2 turbo, especially with a tuned version, though I know it probably won't happen :(
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  12. mtbwa1

    mtbwa1 Gamer

    I bought the Season Pass after buying Porsche Pack 1.

    I have read that on PS4,some folks were able to buy the Season Pass then download the Prestige Pack as well (I think they had to install it before installing the pass). I have an XBOX one so when I go to the Prestige Pack in the store, it still has a price. The Season Pack makes no mention of including the Prestige Pack, so I'm not bothered by it. I think it must have been a PS4 thing.
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  13. Jezza819

    Jezza819 Simracer

    I'm going in with a positive outlook. But I do intend on driving a few things before making up my mind.
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  14. BobTheDog

    BobTheDog Hardcore Simmer

    I think the season pass is well worth the money, totally pleased so far.
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  15. Grijo

    Grijo Simracer

    I'm drooling to put my hands in the Maserati, only a few hours to do it :cool:
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  16. Grijo

    Grijo Simracer

    I hope you enjoy Jezza, if you need any help, just ask and I'll be glad to.
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  17. JMR1985

    JMR1985 Racer

    a would get it with season pass as think it runs out later today so get it now when its cheap
  18. ingrobny

    ingrobny Gamer

    Just an update, i just bought the season pass and saved 1,- NOK on the red pack and porsche pack 2, with porsche pack 3 if it will cost 58,- NOK, i will save 59,- NOK total :).
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  19. Jezza819

    Jezza819 Simracer

    I only had a short time to play the game last night. I guess since there have been a few updates to it since it was released it took nearly 45 minutes to install. I only drove the Alfa 4C and the BMW GT3 at Monza GP. I was only using a basic setup with FFB at 100 and everything else at 0 and my Project Cars settings on my wheel. I ended up reducing FFB down to 35 which felt too weak for the GT3 car so I'm definitely going to have to get in there and tinker a little.

    But on first impression I think it's already better than Forza.
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  20. mtbwa1

    mtbwa1 Gamer

    I have Kerbs and Road feedback somewhere in the 40-50 range and I think Overall was dialed back to about 80%. I don't really like the slip FFB, but that may because I am running with Understeer Effects on. Turning those on almost feel like a cheat because you get a much clearer fell from the limit of traction.
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  21. Grijo

    Grijo Simracer

    I played Forza Motorsport 3 and 4 until I was tired to see those games, I always loved Forza, and still love. It's a different catch, the thing in AC is quality, not numbers. I confess, the handle of the road cars is something that I never find in another game...but I still love to catch the Dodge Dart Hemi and go sideways while I race in Sebring :cool:

    I'm using a G29 wheel with the master in 100, the rest in 0, understeer = off. For me works great :)
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