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GF1L German Assetto Corsa GT3 Championship

Discussion in 'Online Leagues / Championships room' started by [GF1L] Karu, Jan 29, 2018.

  1. [GF1L] Karu

    [GF1L] Karu Rookie

    Hello guys!,
    We´re searching for new GERMAN Speaking members for our new
    Assetto Corsa PC GT3 Saison.
    We started our "GF1L" Project last year with a F1 Series with 20 Members and now we´re going to Race with in the GT3 Class,besides our F1 project.

    We´re offering you some things for you,to join our League like
    1. A Forum where you can Discuss everything with everybody:
    2. Some friendly and fair driving guys who just want to race and have some adrenaline
    Our Tracks are:
    4.Spielberg (MOD)
    5.Laguna seca
    7.Paul Ricard (MOD)
    11.Road America (MOD)
    12.Brands Hatch (Lange)
    13.Nürnburgring GP
    14.Hockenheim (MOD)

    But you gonna need all 3 Dreampack DLC´s to Race with us.
    The Porsche Pack 3 also
    but we could give it you for free if, you´re a Member of you Racing Series.

    But if you have everything feel free to join us.!!
    Just look at our forum.
    Register->Click on Neuzugang->
    Wir suchen neue Mitfahrer.
    Last edited: Feb 4, 2018

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