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Good v's Bad - My Assetto Corsa Opinions after 20 Hours

Discussion in 'XBox One Discussions' started by AssettoBob, Aug 29, 2016.

  1. AssettoBob

    AssettoBob Rookie

    These are my opinions of Assetto Corsa (console version) after 20 hours of play on Xbox One using a Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel with Ferrari GTE rim.

    Great car physics / handling - best on Xbox One by a mile (with a wheel)

    Racing - The AI are good, racing feels very authentic

    Car selection - quality over quantity (but a little too many model variant / repeats)

    Tracks, same as cars, nice selection - quality over quantity

    Graphics are clean, cars look good

    Good price - cost less than £30 new (UK)

    FFB is great for the most part (Thrustmaster TX racing wheel)

    Incremental TC adjustment in real time is awesome (should be standard in racing games)

    Allows a generous amount of run off track before a penalty is issued - very refreshing

    Achievement / Trophy lists are decent, offering a nice amount of challenge

    Unbalanced AI drivers - some races are too difficult - This seems in part due to the mismatch of performance between cars

    Frame rate can drop to VERY low levels making the game unplayable (I only experienced this once after returning from multiplayer)

    No controller custom configuration - only 3 pre-set config's for controllers, 2 for steering wheels (very poor)

    Very poor advanced controller options - no deadzone, saturation settings etc

    Can only set car up on the pre-race screen - should be able to pause or pit to alter setup without quitting the race and starting over

    FFB - some car / track combinations cause very violent left-to-right FFB on the straights (Thrustmaster TX racing wheel)

    The static "Ideal Racing Line" assist is poor - should be dynamic

    No private multiplayer lobbies

    No Leaderboards

    Presentation feels very budget

    Dated menus

    Cars should start in 1st gear on the grid when using manual gearbox

    Waiting for all cars to cross the finish line post-race is unnecessary, while "jumping" to the pit lane is just plain weird

    After pausing a race it would be better to simply "back out" of the pause menu using B / Circle button instead of having to confirm with the "Drive" button

    Adjusting car set-up in the pre-race menu is clumsy when using a wheel as there are no button bindings for the Min / Max Values (They still show as LT / RT)

    Unpopulated race tracks lack atmosphere (I guess this was done to keep FPS up)

    Traction Control values are confusing - lower value should be less assistance, higher value should be more assistance

    The good news is that at it's core Assetto Corsa is a great racing sim and most of the problems can be fixed with future patches / updates . . . . fingers crossed.

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  3. breyzipp

    breyzipp Gamer

    Solid review and a lot of valid points I agree with!
    rauf00 likes this.
  4. AC_CM505

    AC_CM505 Staff Member

    Hi - Thanks for this! We really do appreciate the constructive criticism and we'll make sure our developers are aware of the points you've made.
  5. boost555

    boost555 Rookie

    They need to add adjustments for braking for wheel settings.
  6. eSEA One

    eSEA One Hardcore Simmer

    Agreed! We do need more constructive reviews like this.
  7. Hammerpgh

    Hammerpgh Hardcore Simmer

    I pretty much agree with all of those points. I only started playing last night so have a lot to go through and i'm sure i'll have other things that I like \ dislike \and will post them as and when i've had a proper test of everything. Loving what I have tried so far though :)
  8. jc1186

    jc1186 Gamer

    Can u calibrate the brake for the T300 on PS4?

    *edit. I'm at full throttle when I depress the throttle only half way.
  9. WNCmotard

    WNCmotard Racer

    Having a driving sim was released without the ability to calibrate the wheel / pedal setup, no soft lock, and no button mapping is beyond me. These things need patched quickly, the braking is so bad the game is almost unplayable for me on T3PA pros with the conical mod. I know most are busy screaming about private lobbies, but unless the other things are fixed, I could care less if there are private lobbies.

    Now for the good, I'll give KS credit where credit is due, the FFB feels very good, and the AI seems pretty decent. And the sounds really draw me in, the little rattles, squeaks, bottoming out, etc really help to give me that sense of immersion. I really love the overall feel and vibe of the game, can't wait to get home and play actually, even with the flaws, and I truly believe that KS will fix the issues.
    likewise, Philippeapo and Hammerpgh like this.
  10. Deathmeat03

    Deathmeat03 Rookie

    Have problem with Clutch in G29 PS4. When i use my shifter for some reason when i downshift is stuck in Neutral unless i stop the car. Very rare situasion. But by the way i love the game in overall Good Job Guys.
  11. steveben

    steveben Rookie

    I would love to carry on playing this game but at he moment its unplayable for me, Hope it gets fixed soon or it will end up like project cars empty lobbies.

    Bad Points:
    No calibration for wheel and pedals (would be nice to be able to set the inside/outside deadzone's along with DOR
    The Special events needs to be reworked, as of now it does'nt seam very special
    The sound of the cars when pulling away from the line sounds like a vinyl record starting up / very electronic
    Screen tearing is ridiculous
    Frame rate is very bad / Would prefer less 30fps with smooth game play than have 60fps and snap shots of game play
    To many variants of the same car.
    More American Tracks need to be added.
    No private lobbies
    Online lobbies have really bad frame rate dropping.
    Returning to pits when race has finished is instant (Lacking achievement)

    Good Points:
    Good selection of cars
    Car Tuning is nice with the option to save to specific tracks
    The physics is awesome
    Tracks are very good and well laid out
    FFB is spot on
    Engine sound very good apart from the mentioned above.

    So as you can see the bad out ways the good at the moment, As soon as these issues are fix then this game will be the best driving Sim on the console PERIOD!

    I use Fanatec CSW v2 / Universal hub / Momo wheel / Fanatec Pedals / Playseat / 43'' 1080 LCD TV / Xbox One
    likewise likes this.
  12. Archangel22

    Archangel22 Gamer

    Well said TC I agree but sadly if they havent done many of these patches on P.C I just dont see it released for consoles also. Devs seem to be neglecting this game and I dont have much hope for this game on the long run, kinda feel like I shouldve gotten PCars instead. I like the game and will give it a chance but man there are issues and it feels bareboned. Would love more cars for not an over the top price for DLC and more tracks and weather and day night cycles
  13. WNCmotard

    WNCmotard Racer

    Well, the braking wasn't fixed in today's patch. I did a lot of AI racing this evening, and the braking is making it almost impossible, even on easy level. I can brake before the AI cars, and still can't get stopped without plowing into them. Pedals work great in any other sim but this one, and it' screwing me up when I try and run those. Until this is fixed, and a wheel / pedal calibration is added, it's simply unplayable for me.
  14. Mark Manning

    Mark Manning Rookie

    Totally agree with the above comments. It has the making of a great sim. I'm finding Project Cars more involving and exciting to play, with its second screen apps being the icing on the cake. Assetto Cora feels very unfinished at the moment, but hopefully the issues will be sorted soon and more dlc released to make this a brilliant game.
    The most important priority is to fix the current problems and hopefully add some more options for us to adjust our wheel and controller setups.

    Thanks for your hard work so far and look forward to fixes soon.
  15. WNCmotard

    WNCmotard Racer

    Also, I continue to have complete loss of force feedback at times. The only way to fix it is to completely exit out of the game, and re-launch. This is on a Thrustmaster TX base, T3PA Pro pedals, and TH8A shifter as far as peripherals are concerned.
  16. DrVegas

    DrVegas Gamer

    I only picked up the game yesterday but noticed the same thing while playing last night. I use the T300 Alcantara Edition. At first I felt the FFB was a bit too strong and I adjusted down to 40% and settled around 55% but started a few hot laps and lost all force feedback. I tried readjusting but only a restart brought it back.
  17. WNCmotard

    WNCmotard Racer

    Purchased the season pass on XB1, but can't download any of the cars with the cloud symbol, even though they're shown in the game.
  18. 2pfspiff

    2pfspiff Rookie

    So far I am enjoying the Game (XB1S with TX wheel and T3PA pro pedals with Ricmotech load cell).

    Some Issue's I have seen with the short testing that I have done.

    1) No brake or gas indicator when driving (Bars measuring how far you push the pedal down).
    2) Lack of wheel calibration.
    3) Would like to be able to go to settings when in the race menu while either in the pits or pausing in single player mode.
    3) More adjustment as far as field of view.
    4) Would like to custom map my button configuration.
    5) On the car I ran (CR7R) there was no brake pressure adjustment only bias.
    6) The ability to create private lobbies for league play.
    7) Screen tearing. Like stated in other post, would rather have 30FPS and smooth running or I personally would like lower graphics with 60FPS capabilities.

    At this point everything else with the game is awesome so far. I have only played for a limited time and will devote more time after the league I am in finishes up this season. I am hopping that there will be more tracks and cars in the future when you start dropping DLC content.

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