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gpu frame time "pulse"

Discussion in 'ACC Hardware Discussions' started by georgi iovchev, Jun 13, 2020.

  1. Currently I dont have other unreal engine games installed.
    Looking at list of games https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Unreal_Engine_games#Unreal_Engine_4
    I think I got Ark: Survival Evolved from that list recently it was free in the Epic store. I might try it.

    Timing was approximately 1 hour .. usually about that time I take a little rest from driving :)

    Actually the issue could be related to my hardware. I have wireless headset SteelSeries Arctis 7, and it is set to turn off the headset after 10 minutes of no sound. Yesterday the game was paused and the headset has automatically turned off. So I thought it could be related. I tried to reproduce the issue manually - I started new hotlap session, then paused and waited a 2-3 minutes and manually turned off the headset, then when I unpaused and returned to the garage the frametime pulses started. I tried to do it again multiple times, but it didnt happen... very strange. I could be just a coincidence or it could be related I dont know :)
  2. So a little bump. This pulsing issue continued to bother me and sometimes the frame time peaks were very high making the game very stuttring.

    Following is the list of things I tried/changed over time:
    - real fullscreen (disabled fullscr optimizations ac2-...exe)
    - borderless
    - fullscreen
    - nv drivers 450.99
    - nv drivers 451.48
    - hwags off and on
    - no msi ab running
    - gsync off / on
    - windows hi perf power plan
    - amd balanced power plan
    - amd hi perf power plan
    - nv driver 451.67
    - stopping unnecessary windows services before launch
    - not connecting the phone to pc usb
    - acc v1.5.0
    - vsync on and off
    - acc v1.5.1
    - mb bios A4
    - nv drivers 451.85
    - remove all OC (cpu/mem/gpu)
    - start only with sim dashboard telemetry app
    - install clean windows and acc on another ssd drive
    + not using telemetry app at all (starting the game without any telemetry app)
    + using only simhub as telemetry app
    - disconnect network cable in session after the pulses start - not fixing
    - acc v1.5.2

    + means that it is ok and the frametimes are not pulsing

    So generally I am pretty sure that the issue is related to the telemetry apps, because when there is no telemetry app connected there is no problem. I am not sure if the apps are the problem or the broadcasting mechanism of the ACC itself. It happens when I use SimDashboard or ACC Result Companion, but it does not happen with SimHub. May be they receive the telemetry data differently I dont know.

    P.s. here is video of worst case scenario
    Last edited: Jul 31, 2020 at 8:46 AM
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