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GPU prices... is this going to kill PC gaming?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by arthur666, Feb 1, 2018.

  1. arthur666

    arthur666 Alien

    Supply and demand. Bitcoiners are buying up high-end GPU. I couldn't replace my GTX 970 for even close to what I paid 3 YEARS AGO! I just hope it lasts until the bubble bursts.

    Was thinking of upgrading whole computer this year, but I don't know...

    I'm wondering if we will see PC titles become even more limited. Using resources to make a PC version of a game or even port one from the GameBoxes won't have a very good return if even fewer people can afford to build a decent game machine.


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  3. So the price of graphics cards is going to rise even further? I was under the impression that they were too expensive already. What is all this BitCoin BS anyway?? o_O
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  4. Fat-Alfie

    Fat-Alfie Hardcore Simmer

    I read in the news today that Samsung are starting mass production of new ASIC chips, which apparently are better for bitcoin mining than GPU chips, so hopefully this should start to ease demand for high-end GPUs
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  5. kunos

    kunos Alien

    it's very worrying yes.
    I hope my GPU will keep it up for many years from now... but yeah, not looking good for PC gaming in general at the moment.
  6. colombianomd

    colombianomd Racer

    I don't want to speculate on crypto futures.

    Some solutions: In America certain retail outlets will give you bundle or discount price if you buy other pc components totaling a certain amount. In addition, you can still buy pre built systems for a lesser cost than do it yourself process due to the high GPU demand.

    AMD, in their quarterly teleconference, mentioned that they are increasing production; however, GDDR production is preventing this effort. I don't think the energy grid can support the miners long term demand so eventually a different and more efficient way to mine will have to prevail. This will be far out into the future..2-3 years.... so upgrading GPU only will be difficult. I was debating if selling my cards now or later at a high profit would be a good option...so I can buy a Volta card in May; however, I'm going to buy a Volta and once in hand sell the Pascal based ones. Hopefully, by then we might have a chance against miners.

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  7. kunos

    kunos Alien

    there's also the hope that once all these cryptostuff bomb the market will be flooded with cheap used GPUs :)
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  8. colombianomd

    colombianomd Racer

    Some crypto coin developers specifically design alternate coins that can be mined only with GPU and are ASIC resistant. This is done to keep the mining power decentralized. Otherwise you get what happened to Bitcoin which is mostly mined in China, by a small amount of mining farms.

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  9. arthur666

    arthur666 Alien

    Maybe so. I'll take a cheap used 1070, sure. :)

    The larger problem for all people is the energy consumption. I read that mining one bitcoin takes as much electricity as the average home uses in 2 years. We're already stretching resources (I'm guilty too). And like @colombianomd says, the power grid will not be able to deal with much more of that.

    Luckily, AC runs beautifully on my machine. But looking forward to Mount&Blade Bannerlord (hopefully this year), and want to make sure the massive battles are nice and smooth. :)
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  10. Octane

    Octane Simracer

    The major concern there is they have ran at 100%+ power likely overclocked, nonstop for months at a time.
  11. Sean

    Sean Simracer

    Yes this whole situation is a bit alarming and came out of nowhere. I think the news that Fat-Alfie mentioned about Samsung making ASICs for mining will help. It is a very interesting situation and very hard to predict what exactly is going to happen in the next 6-24 months.

    Last year I had heard that the gpu makers would come out with cards specifically for mining, but I haven't seen anything more about that really. I was thinking, in some ways the Professional GPU (Quadros) and consumer GPU market could be a model for mining cards, maybe. It's a kind of similar scenario. Essentially re-purposing similar technology for a specific task and locking either one out of the ability to perform the others task as efficiently.

    I have been in the market for a 1070 for about a year now I had hopped when Bitcoin became impracticable to mine with GPUs the price might drop again... However since the new year, with Ethereum and others coming on the scene, it seems unlikely that GPUs are going stop being a good method of mining for the moment. My 670 soldiers on!
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  12. Octane

    Octane Simracer

    @Sean If they make the cards just for miners my understanding is it just won't have any ports for display devices (or few). That still would mean the gamer cards are still viable and will get snapped up too. I don't think any thing else changes as far as architecture.
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  13. Obizzz

    Obizzz Racer

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  14. Skybird

    Skybird Alien

    Maybe not as prominent and intense an impact: the need to keep up with strong graphics boards in case VR tech manages to push pixels upward. Imagine you would raise the pixel density on every axis of the display by a factor of 3 - that would mean the PC has to calculate 9 times as many pixels - per display. That this sets a high demand on the hardware, goes without further explanation. I think we meet a natural barrier there rather sooner than later, even if industrial mass production usually can work wonders on dumping the prices.

    On Bitcoin mining, it has been shown already last year, I read somewhere in last autumn, that this madness already is reflected in the measurable global electric power consummation. Considering that most people still have a misled understanding of what "crypto-currencies" actually are - and that is not a currency! :) - , and considering further that most Bitcoin mining is assumed to be controlled by huge criminal cartels investing into hijacking private computers and setting them up in huge botnets doing the mining for them, it is madness we see going on there. Buying Bitcoins does not mean you trade your usual curency token into a new one, but instead you invest into a new technology, the Blockchain technology. And like any investement that invests into startups or new business products and business idea, you run the risks of any investor.

    I think many will learn this the hard way sooner or later. Its a bubble as clear and big as it can become, blown up by greed and lacking economic understanding. A snowball system. Like any snowball system, it sooner or later must end. And the group of the "last idiots" always is the biggest in such games.

    There are more economic complications and implications that usually get completely ignored, like that whenever you establish a new currency, it becomes accepted only by transferring real world value form other economic value-saves and financial assets into supporting it, and that this again speaks against the idea of Bitcoins representing value made "from nothing" - this idea is complete utter nonsense, like with FIAT money. But this is the wrong forum to discuss such questions.

    My advice would be: if you think you must participate in the frenzy now, then do not do that with any money you indeed need now or in the forseeable number of years, but onyl with money that now and in the coming 15-20 years will not be needed by you in any way anyway. Consider it not to be essentiual that you get your share of Bitcoin bets, but consider it to be a gambling game of luxury that you only play because your life is boring you.Better decision would be to stay away - you are already damn late to the party.

    If you are not careful, losses you score can be such that even in 20 years you will have recovered only partially from them, if you recover at all. One main loss in investing can ruin a life full of otherwise successful investments. Bidders who played Great Gatsby during the Japanese roaring 80s and then got caught by the sudden fall, can sing a song of that. Many of those papers have not recovered until today.

    Just follow good advise from Warren Buffet: never do anything and never buy anything that you do not fully understand from A to Z. The amount of myths, half-truths and verbal illustrations of complete ignorrance regarding crypto currencies that dominate mainstream media and public debate, is frightening and alarming. And I say that as a classical economic"Austrian" and strong critic of central banks, debt raising and FIAT paper money illusions. Many "Austrians" seem to think crypto currencies are the answer to their desire to get over with the FIAT money regime. THEY ARE WRONG.
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  15. Thomas Cameron

    Thomas Cameron Simracer

    I bought a GeForce 1070 for £415 just before it started to go crazy it’s now selling at £680 my Corsair lpx ram went from £120 to £215 :eek: with an rrp of £280
    Crazy times
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  16. I got my 1070 in december for a reasonable 380 bucks. Wanted to upgrade to a 1080ti, but that is on ice as long as the prices are that high. Processor upgrade is more useful for me anyway at this point, and the prices in that department are pretty normal here in Germany. Maybe with the new GeForce generation coming, prices will go to a normal level again, once sufficient capacity is there. The main problem is that Graphics-card producing companies don't want to up their production because they fear a rapid decline in demand soon'ish - "when the bubble bursts" (which is nonsense, nothing in that regard will just burst) - and they don't wanna be stuck with their new factories and production lines. As a VR gamer the current situation is a real shame, with new devices coming that need more and more graphics power. Well at least for second generation my 1070 should still be enough
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  17. Andrew_WOT

    Andrew_WOT Alien

    It is not as simple as "they don't want to"
    Some useful info on situation in this thread

    This post in particular
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  18. pons

    pons Simracer

    ... and my ancient pc is showing signs of passing away. :(
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  19. OMG!! It's worse than I thought :eek: £600+ for a GTX 1070 on Amazon UK, and £400 for a bloody 1060!! That's absolutely ridiculous. That's my chances of a new PC in the near future well and truly down the Swanee :mad:
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  20. Andy-R

    Andy-R Alien

    Lol!!! I bought my new GPU less than a month ago and the price has increased by over £200 in that time.
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  21. ChrisR

    ChrisR Alien

    I was looking at an asus stric oc for £750 about 3 weeks ago, now the exact same card is £1060!

    Problem is.. i need one because my 980ti went faulty and i cant run anything on the spare 569ti i have :(
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