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Great visual of ACC's physics in real time...

Discussion in 'ACC Screenshots & Videos' started by SteelyEyedMissleMan, Jan 25, 2020.

  1. Hi all; I've been tinkering away on my simulator intent on taking it up a notch and I just got the next part of a G-Seat working. Been at it on and off over the past year, this is now the 3rd prototype and just got the "power pack" part of it running tonight. That is a cradle that holds the servo motors and push rod mechanism that mounts on the back of the seat - which in turn pushes some flaps inside the seat.

    Anyway, I did a quick n dirty composite video showing the power pack working off output from ACC (it's mixing both lateral G's and accel/decel G's) which I thought looked pretty cool going round Silverstone in the battle barge.


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  3. Mogster

    Mogster Alien

    That's fantastic. Great watch.

    I don't really understand what they are but the forces acting on the arms are just what you'd feel in real life, the detail is incredible.
  4. GCCRacer

    GCCRacer Racer

    Neat project. Keep us updated!
  5. lionbest

    lionbest Racer

  6. Cheers guys. @Mogster - the yellow arms will be connected to panels inside the seat (that run along your rib/shoulder area), as the arms push - the panels move and put pressure on your sides, "cueing" G-forces. It's not actual g-forces, but it's simulating (to a degree) the pressure and detail you feel loading the car up on corners.
  7. @Mogster and all here's a better video explaining what's going on. Now I need an ACC AI driver to do these videos with :)

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  8. N3urON

    N3urON Rookie

    Great, that's looking good !

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