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Gsr the gentlemen simracers

Discussion in 'Online Leagues / Championships room' started by phil, Aug 11, 2015.

  1. phil

    phil Alien


    Learn, share and have fun.
    Last edited: Dec 25, 2015
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  3. phil

    phil Alien

    If you like classic drive style feel free and join during all week-end ans next week the SERVERS:



  4. phil

    phil Alien

  5. JackCY

    JackCY Racer

    Are there any other events than driving school? I don't see anything else in the calendar.
  6. phil

    phil Alien

    Hi there is a more info on the forum for the champ: http://www.gentlemensimracers.fr/forum/
  7. JackCY

    JackCY Racer

    In French. Which is not very useful in an international environment. It's like reading schwarzbierbude.de via a translator.

    Link from your signature for weekly combos, error, that much I can translate myself. Page not found. Or I guess needs me to register and go through the hoops and loops first to view it.
  8. phil

    phil Alien

    Thanks for the information...

    Right down left side the page you can choose the language.....

  9. JackCY

    JackCY Racer

    That's a very unusual place for a website to have a language switch. Well it's a French forum, not much of use for foreigners since it's not in English, much like a Czech forum wouldn't be to others, nor German ones are. Language barrier always present.
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  10. phil

    phil Alien

    What you want me to do Mr JackCY ? Any suggestion? :)
  11. JackCY

    JackCY Racer

    I'm only noting that language selection at the bottom of the page is hard to find. It's usually on the top ;)
    There are dozens of AC forums but due to them using only their native language a barrier is created for anyone from abroad so it makes little sense to advertise them here IMHO since English is universally accepted as an international language and it would be the same as if this forum was only in Italian, pretty much useless to most of us visiting here now.
    If you want to attract people not speaking French, it's best to offer and have at least the basic layout and championships in English even if the forum discussions may be mostly in French the most important info can be found and navigated by others as well.

    I'm not English either.

    That's my suggestion, have the most important things in English so anyone can read and find it.
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  12. Our championship begins on 30th. september !
    Register now if you are interested.

  13. phil

    phil Alien


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  14. phil

    phil Alien

  15. phil

    phil Alien

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