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GT4 DLC Cost still wrong?

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by Gu3st, Oct 12, 2020.

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  1. Gu3st

    Gu3st Rookie


    As of today the GT4 DLC has been launched on Xbox Live. Upon looking at it in my currency, it appears to be $20 CAD (compared to $20 USD).

    Why is the GT4 DLC on Steam priced still at $27 CAD? It was told that the pricing was correct based on regional pricing, but why do Xbox users get it for so much cheaper (and realistically.. what it should have been priced at in CAD)?

    I know you guys went to the publisher who signed off on these prices.. but they're not very equitable... complaints for months about PC regional pricing being incorrect and it's gone unfixed, yet it launches at a reasonable price on Xbox months later...

    I still haven't purchased the GT4 pack because I'm waiting for the price to get fixed, because despite the publisher indicating it's correct, clearly it's still incorrect as they've released it on Xbox with much more equitable pricing.

    Even looking at SteamDB, which has the Valve formula for regional pricing.. has the GT4 DLC set $5 too expensive. Source: https://steamdb.info/sub/467683/

    Why is 505 Games trying to jack the price up on the GT4 DLC in other regions? They're above the Valve suggested pricing in every single region, by 200+% in some cases.

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  3. Rudski

    Rudski Alien

    It happens all the time with software. Different markets will always have different prices. Comparing the US costs to another country will never be equal.

    For example if you have ever had to deal with Microsoft and licencing costs, you'll find each region has a completely different price. Talk to someone who might be in marketing or sales and they can explain it but simply put, companies don't charge the same amount in each region, they adjust based on many many factors, software that can sell for 30 bucks in one region might sell for 39 in another. It's not just current exchange differences.
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  4. Dewald Nel

    Dewald Nel Racer

    The correction has gone in the opposite direction - the game price on regional pricing has gone up instead:

    It was R219 or thereabouts in South Africa for about 18 months, and then went up to R629 on September 9th of this year - only almost triple the price.

    You see the same trend in other weaker currencies in that list.
  5. pankykapus

    pankykapus KS Dev Team Staff Member KS Dev Team

    As pointed out in earlier threads with similar complaints, this is not something the dev support team here have an influence on, nor is it under our direct control, I can only repeat to contact 505 games in matters concerning regional pricing.
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