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GT4 DLC regional pricing [505 - REPORTED TO PUBLISHER]

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by EddardBey, Jul 15, 2020.

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  1. nrc689

    nrc689 Racer

    Sissydriver I haven't any problem and I don't like this kind of discussion... but I don't understand when people complain about prices... probably I wrong to enter in this thread.
  2. leventmetu

    leventmetu Rookie

    Steam wouldn't use this regional pricing scheme if it didn't make "economic" sense. They are not a charity, thay make profit from this. Instead of making the game pricey in devoloping countries and making fewer sales, they make the game cheap and earn from the high demand.
  3. Poloman

    Poloman Racer

    Hrdware has a per product cost, it doesnt make sense selling cheap, as they can sell in other countries every item they dont sell in poor countries due to high price.

    Software has no per copy cost, no shipping cost etc.
    The just have to find the right price to maximize profit per country.
    Steam is pretty secure against vpn, so they also dont have to worry bout that.

    Meanwhile think about euro countries, the german minimum wage is 3 times that of greece, still same price.
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  4. markes

    markes Rookie

    If this means ACC is going to be here and supported for a long time, I would pay 2 or 3 times more than what they're asking (and I should be in one of the most expensive Steam regions).

    This game and DLCs are true gems and we should show Kunos that they're heading the right way.
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  5. nrc689

    nrc689 Racer

    I paid 11,xx euros for Nordshleife in RF2.... Kunos win!

  6. because Rfactor2 charges expensive, does everyone have to? rssss has only thrilled here, 1 month from now when I get sick of playing GT4, maybe, I say maybe it will be rational again

  7. I always thought that the German people had an intelligence above the average, but you managed to destroy this image that I have, now I know that every country, from the richest to the poorest, will always have ignorants ...
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  8. sissydriver

    sissydriver Alien

    @ALR Ricardokil - there is the same in every country. we are all humans. sadly enough (i dont say ace pumpkin is one) we have far too much idiots in germany (people without intelligence or people that use the intelligence in a frightening manner). lets enjoy the ones that can use the brain in a civilized and friendly way ;)
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  9. m4karov

    m4karov Gamer

    I'm don't expecting that steam lower the price in my region for few next months. I'll probably wait for the next sale.
    Current price of GT4 DLC is 1199 руб. A bit higher than usual Kunos DLC prices.
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2020
  10. Regional prices exist to balance prices with the purchasing power of each country, in Brazil the value of DLC is equivalent to 7.6% of the minimum wage. some examples for the most ignorant to understand: Minimum wage in Germany is 1,584 euros, the DLC is equivalent to about 1.3% of the minimum wage. minimum wage in the USA $ 1,256, the DLC is equivalent to about 1.2% minimum wage in the country. Minimum wage in Argentina 16,875 pesos, the DLC is equivalent to about 8.5% minimum wage. Just to be clear, 16,875 is equivalent to 270 dollars of salary, and not the same 1,256 in the USA, so if they do not sell cheaper in Argentina, Brazil, they simply would not sell almost anything, this answers some here who say that Kunos needs to sell to maintain the project, but sell how? Brazil's population is 210 million people, German and 83 million, UK 66 million, now you want to know India? 1.4 billion people and Kunos supports itself with Germany alone, people only buy one DLC per person. I read a lot of nonsense from people in rich countries, people with much more access to information, but it seems that this is worthless, they are the ones who talk the most nonsense here.
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  11. Gu3st

    Gu3st Rookie

    i won't buy the dlc until the insane cost in CAD is addressed
  12. RST

    RST Racer

    Keep calm - buy it wait for it or let it be !! ;)

    look costs of one car in iRacing !!!!
    In ACC there are 11 Cars !!

    Attached Files:

    Last edited: Jul 16, 2020
  13. Gu3st

    Gu3st Rookie

    Yes and the purchase of that car will last and be usable in 10 years. I doubt ACC will get updates in 10 years, they'll have moved on to ACC 4 by then.
  14. markes

    markes Rookie

    If people keep *****ing about the price of a single DLC, maybe they don't.

    Iracing has more costs than Kunos, but the costs to the user are in another dimension.

    ACC is now 75€ at full price with all DLCs included. Now tell me how much those 75€ give you in iracing...
  15. Gu3st

    Gu3st Rookie

    At least 1 year of good clean online racing, where in ACC its not possible to find clean racing, nor is it possibly to even find partially populated servers in my timezone.
  16. RST

    RST Racer

    I had so much clean online races and on iRacing some poor races as you say in ACC....
    I think in the long run iRacing is just too expensive for me ... there is no basic content that
    you can always drive .... it is good just to pay, pay, pay !!!
  17. Comparing Iracing with ACC is ridiculous, no matter how much information they put in, it seems that the desire to not learn or not to see is a disease ... does it catch?
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  18. markes

    markes Rookie

    1 year of good racing with a very limited choice of cars and tracks. Let me remind you the yearly subscription alone is more than those 75€.

    And knowing it's not the same for everybody, I can find full servers anytime of the day. And for clean races, a lot of private leagues around...
  19. Anyone with half a brain should realise this is a good reply.
  20. I understand it why some people are upset, that a DLC of a Game cost's more then the Base Game itself, i would be too if the DLC would cost 120€, and the Game is around 40€. But for some guys it makes no sense why in some Countrys the Game is so "Cheap" in General. Don't want to disrespect anyone, but how can any Company make Money if they have to sell their Product for so little, just to gain/make the Customers happy? Just out of interest, in Turkey as example, do Car Companys sell their Supercars for 1/3 of the Price (60.000€ instead of 180.000€) compared to Germany?
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