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GT4 DLC regional pricing [505 - REPORTED TO PUBLISHER]

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by EddardBey, Jul 15, 2020.

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  1. how much does a super sports car cost? and how much does it cost to be manufactured? if you research this, you will understand why the amount is meaningless to them, and will not make this comparison with games.
  2. Gu3st

    Gu3st Rookie

    currently the dlc is 60% the cost of the base game and 60% more than the igtc dlc which is terrible value
  3. this was already explained by somebody above.

    "Material" goods are very different from software. Software sold online has minimal (if not nil) cost of distribution.. once it's done it's done, all you have to do is let somebody download it.. selling N more copies will not involve any investment from the producer.
    A car has to be built, one by one, by real people, using real metals and materials, then shipped abroad, taxes paid, dealer costs and so on.

    Thus the comparison really makes no sense at all... it basically comes down to choosing between making 0 in or making >0 in a particular country.. it's like, no brainer.
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  4. nrc689

    nrc689 Racer

    I believe the speech is very simple. If you want to buy a Ferrari and you are in Indonesia you will probably pay more because they have to ship it from Italy and have to cross half the planet. But if you are in Thailand and want to buy a Samsung phone, you will pay for it much less than in Europe. It makes no sense to compare game prices between different countries around the world. I repeat ... we are talking about things that everyone can afford because if you live in a shack you don't even have a PC, so the problem does not exist.
  5. markes

    markes Rookie

    People forget it's a business, devs earn their salaries in euros, pay other services also in euros and dolars and it has to be profitable or else there's no more future ACCs for anybody.

    The price of the game in some countries is ridiculously low and, in some way, an insult to all the people that worked and works in the game.

    In the end, you only buy it if you want, no one's forcing anyone to buy the DLC.
  6. DuckeyTapey

    DuckeyTapey Hardcore Simmer

    Lmao this thread, people still trying to justify prices that don't affect them and not understanding basic economics while Kunos themselves already said that something went wrong with the pricing.
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  7. sissydriver

    sissydriver Alien

    @DuckeyTapey - its interesting how difficult it is to
    a) understand basic economy
    b) read what is written multiple times

    This thread could be used as a template how communication in new media is working (or not....)
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  8. I agree with you, it is a deal, that's why they sell the game in some countries at ridiculous prices, because it is better to sell and earn 1 dollar per game in these countries than to sell any, to make it clear, if kunos spent 100 million dollars to do the ACC, I'm kicking it very, very high, but come on, let's see how these countries that pay a ridiculous price and even lack with respect to workers and producers of Kunos do financially. If Kunos profit only 1 dollar on each copy sold in Argentina with a population of 40 million people and say 5% buy the game, it would be 2 million, then we go to another country called Brazil, population of 210 million, 5% buying would be over 10.5 million, let's go to indonesia know? population of 268 million, 5% buying 13.4 million, plus one? Pakistan 203 million people, 5% would be 10.15 million more in the account to close the countries that pay a ridiculous amount that comes to disrespect the professionals at Kunos we have India with 1.4 billion so 5% would be 70 million in the Kunos account, I didn’t put in another 20 countries that Kunos is disrespected for the amount they have to charge for their games and DLCs looking at your analysis, we’re lucky you don’t take care of Kunos finances, otherwise we wouldn’t have more than AC1.
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  9. Poloman

    Poloman Racer

    well,you cant use anything you buy unless you have an active subscription and that will cost you more that buying everything kunos releases over the next years (plus AC1 still has insane userbase).
    And you also compering iracing races against public ones,go race only in CP,its way better there. (if you exclude cheaters,do we still have cheaters??)
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  10. markes

    markes Rookie

    Sometimes, selling less makes you more money, if each unit gives you more revenue.

    By your line of thought, any software could be placed at ridiculous prices to improve sales and that's just not how it works.

    You just don't depreciate your work to a point that its value is almost null.

    6€ for the ACC base game is offensive, whatever the country we're talking about. And then Kunos places a second DLC a little bit more expensive and people go like if they're stealing someone.

    This DLC has extreme quality, some of the best simracing software ever released and Im sure a lot of effort and love was put into it. Wanting them to sell it for pennies is insulting.
  11. rafael.placce

    rafael.placce Rookie

    You said before that you probably were in the wrong topic and still posted another handfull of times.
    People have tried to explain as if you were 5 years old and you still dont understand.
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  12. nrc689

    nrc689 Racer

    I'm not in a wrong topic, I said the topic is wrong. I think what I said before.
  13. rafael.placce

    rafael.placce Rookie

    No. You're wrong.
    The executive manager of Kunos studios already said the topic is correct, that something along the way went wrong and they're working on it.
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2020

    LATE4APEX Alien

    Agreed, to some degree, in the case of software, but cannot be applied to "hard" products, that would not make any economic sense.

    Edit: But even in the case of software, there can be fixed costs incurred to maintain the software, that cannot be discounted.
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2020
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    LATE4APEX Alien

    Again, as expected, simply another one of your childish responses, with absolutely no intelligent content.

    Read this post, for an example of mature posting, as a response to my post.
  16. Infectonator

    Infectonator Racer

    Being one of those who bought every game and DLC from kunos on day one, I was a concerned about the pricing on this one and I came to the foruns to find this thread and it seems Im not the only one. As I live in Brazil it was not much of a shock since our currency went down the drain in the last 6 months but still stopped me from buying it.

    I am waiting a little longer to see how this turns out, but I have never seen steam lower a price of something new in the store.

  17. What is difficult for you to understand is that each country has a different purchasing power, so the gains are variable, it may be that at 6 Euros in your country they could sell and still make a profit, but knowing the purchasing power they put 15, 19 and due to your purchasing power you end up finding it fair. I'll give you some advice, the rest of the world is not the same as your country, there are countries that are richer and poorer than yours. here in Brazil 1 euro is equivalent to 6 reais, a DLC of 19 euros is equivalent to 114 reais, and the minimum wage is 1045, this represents more than 10% of a person's salary, if I cannot understand this I will try to explain it like this . imagine that your salary is 1000 euros, would you think it fair to pay in a DLC 100 euros? if you agree we finish the matter, what is taken into consideration is the purchasing power of each country, always remember this, and not just convert currency, who does this has a great lack of knowledge and vision of the world where they live.
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2020
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  18. fsuarez79

    fsuarez79 Simracer

    You're right. They should increase the cost of the base game ASAP.

    I paid CAD$29 for the game in EA and CAD$27 for this DLC so 100% basically.
    Do i care?? Absolutely not. Worth every penny.

    I don't care where any of you live, if you own a gaming PC and a rig you're certainly not broke, but the whining about price (whether it's AC, rF2, etc...) always amuses me
  19. nangu

    nangu Gamer

    Steam regional prices exists for a reason, and it's this way because from an economical point of view, it's better to sell 1 copy at reduced price, than zero copies at first world price. That's it.

    In the latest summer sale I bought 3 games at regional price. If Steam had them at first world prices, I didn't afford to buy all three, may be one full cheap game. For Steam it might represent the same amount of money, but in the publisher point of view, that money would be sent to only one, instead it being split between three.

    It's all economics, this has nothing to do about fair prices, it's a way to get some money instead nothing, or less. In AC and ACC's case for example, I bought all DLCs this way, because regional prices. This time however, I will not buy the GT4 pack until it goes on sale, because pricing on my country. So, what's better for Kunos? Is it better for them to have nothing, or something from me? Multiply this for a good amount of players, and you have the right answer. This is a way to increase the player base too.

    Anyway, I think this time Steam decided to don't go the regional pricing way with this DLC. Kunos has nothing to do here. As stated early from Marco himself, Kunos adhered for regional pricing, it's Steam who did not publish it at a regional price ATM. Who knows why, may be due to the VPN affair, I don't know.
  20. HighHopes

    HighHopes Rookie

    yes I would LOVE to give more money to Kunos but it would get unaffordable for me if we were to convert us dollars to my currency directly. Imagine spending 6 - 7 times original prices for all of your games
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