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GT4 DLC regional pricing [505 - REPORTED TO PUBLISHER]

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by EddardBey, Jul 15, 2020.

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  1. HighHopes

    HighHopes Rookie

    we are already paying more than that thanks to taxes :) I mean we are already working for longer than you for a given "thing". And steam tries to compensate for that in order to be able to sell games in our market.
  2. mgouveia33

    mgouveia33 Rookie

    People really don't understand the concept of purchasing power. Forget about numbers guys and think about money as thing that enables you to buy things. If the base game cost 15 euros in Brazil, of course it means nothing for an european person and its fine, since people shouldn't be using VPN to buy the game for a cheaper price; but the same amount of money in BRL (75 BRL) can buy some good stuff in Brazil, like a good Sony headphone for example. The Steam prices are not set to be ridiculously cheap in the so called third world countries and expensive for you guys. They are set to be FAIR and meaningful. If you think that the DLC is cheap because you live in Europe or USA, just enjoy your game and be happy. A DLC which costs more than the base game itself is something really incomprehensive, since the previous one was way much cheaper than the base game (less than 50% of the base game, here in Brazil) and with a really fair price. And remind this: if the price is fair for everybody, it means that more people will be loving the game and attaining multiplayer races with you.
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2020
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    LATE4APEX Alien

    Dude, I understand were you are coming from, I really do.

    But using the word "fair" in any context involving economics, doesn't compute.

    Prices for steam/505 software are NOT set to be fair, so selling at half the "cost" in some markets, as compared to others with more purchase power,... is only done to open a markets for steam/505.

    And as far as the last DLC being at a higher cost in some markets than the original release of the sim/game, has no relevance at all.

    The cost of the sim/game release was set low for the same reason, increase any and all possible markets, and then make more profit over time.

    NOBODY is fair in business, to use that word in a business marketing meeting, will only get you laughed at, as a minimum,... well with the exception of countries whose economic system is based on socialism, and we all no that doesn't work, as I assume some members here will attest.

    Yes, all of this spouting off by me is easy for me, as I live in Canada, but its not my fault. and neither is it for those not so lucky.
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2020
  4. mgouveia33

    mgouveia33 Rookie

    I agree that the concept of "fair" isn't something objective and I'm not trying to argue in this direction. But you cannot refuse the fact that people from Europe and USA are buying this DLC and all thinking like "for this price, its a steal", "eleven cars for 20 dollars? just take my money". I want to have the same sensation as they all do, because we all know how good the content made by Kunos are. I just want a price that I can look at and say: ok, its not an irrelevant price, but it is really fair since I am getting a lot of content. And well... the DLC costing more than the base game itself is really not close to something I would say its fair. The game price in BRL is 75 now and the DLC is 79 BRL, while the previous DLC costs 29 BRL. If they set the new price for something like 45 BRL, I would not complain.

    LATE4APEX Alien

    I really hope the marketers of this DLC do in fact bring it down to a level you feel comfortable.

    The more who can enjoy it, the better off we all are.
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  6. Pfei

    Pfei Rookie

    Please stop arguing about wages, whether the DLC is worth it, etc... and remember why this thread was started in the first place: there are many regions where this DLC costs 2x, 3x or even close to 4x the price of the base game. That's what this is about. Because in those regions the ICGT pack costs less than half of the base game, but the GT4 pack costs 10x more than ICGT.
  7. David Pham

    David Pham Rookie

    My personal solutions/opinions for this debate:

    1. Dont wanna pay 20$ for it? Switch your store region to China or Vietnam, get it now for 10$ and call it a day.
    2. Buy it, test drive it, feel it not worth 10$ or 20$ >> refund and Wait for a sale.
    3. Get the GT4 mods for AC from GUERILLA Mods team to fix your GT4 needs (will be release officially by Kunos for free):

    4. Eat French fries with ketchup. bye
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2020
  8. Gu3st

    Gu3st Rookie

    The DLC should get cheaper. The fact that the DLC is only 50% the base game cost in EUR, but 60% of the base game in CAD means that the CAD price is too high.

    The actual $ value is irrelevant as it's only like a half hour of work for me, it's that its clearly wrong.
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  9. Captain Barracuda

    Captain Barracuda Hardcore Simmer

    Ummmm, cool logic bro :rolleyes:
  10. Serge M

    Serge M Alien

  11. markes

    markes Rookie

    Ok, look, I understand your point and I'm not saying the price should be equal for everybody, but I went to check Brazil's price (olá irmão, sou português), and it should be around 12€, right?

    For a content with this level of quality, I really think it's a fair price, regardless of the base game price.

    Now, your line of thought has a basic error: ACC is a niche product, only a very small percentage of the market will buy this game, given whatever price is charged.

    Of course, if they charged 300€ per copy, their sales would tank, but if they charge 20 or 25€, the vast majority of the people interested in the game will purchase it. If they charge half of that price, the total sales will not increase that much, cause like I began to say, only a small percentage of players are interested in the game. If they go for 1€ profit per copy, they would make roughly 1/20 times times the profit from a 20€/copy cause, well, you get the point...

    On top of this, all the content will will discounts in the future, we all know how this works so, for now, they get the revenue from higher prices per copy and later they'll get the rest from people that decided to wait.

    In the end, what matters is that Kunos get their fair share so they get motivation to keep making these wonderful pieces of software.
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  12. Stains

    Stains Simracer

    Pretty cool for Guerilla! But it creates some questions.
    How will that mod being released as a free DLC change the mod?

    Will the modding team gain financially?

    What is in it for Kunos to do this?
  13. theivansk

    theivansk Racer

    WHATTT??? Did not know that!!
  14. EddardBey

    EddardBey Gamer

    Everyone love kunos and wants to they to make profit but we are not able to buy DLC that 3-4 time expensive. Sorry
  15. To me, it comes down to a matter of principal. Not money. I refuse to buy the DLC when it lists 3x value than the previous in my country. The intercontinental pack was good value and it was bought the minute it was released. So far, I haven't touched my wheel in 2 days since launch. I've been doing other ****. I don't care if you argue that the DLC is "just worth it" and "just buy it". Not everyone has the convenience to sit in mom's basement we have other **** to deal with.
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  16. First, it is not a line of reasoning, it was an example, because I know it is a specific product as I also know that it didn’t cost 100 million to produce it, it was just to try to explain something to you but I see it was useless for you to understand that everything has to do with purchasing power, no game can cost 10% of someone's income, you did not tell me that you would pay 100 euros in a game if your salary was 1000 euros, it is very easy to find a correct value when the same product in your country equals just over 1% of people's minimum income, but I give up explaining something that for me is so simple but for many it is very complex, because as it is fair there, it is expensive here in Brazil, but it is much more expensive for a Argentine for example that your currency is much more devalued than our currency here, because I think of everyone and not just me, it is not fair that they cannot enjoy how you are enjoying it, think more collectively, Steam itself does this, but for to finish, 11 cars for more well done are not better than 22 cars from the same Studio, plus 11 tracks from the same studio, but multiplayer, single player, championship mode, summing up a DLC that is part of a game, can never cost more than an entire game, save DLCs that bring more content than the game itself, because the same license that Kunos paid for GT4, it paid for GT3, so there is no point in justifying the value of a category license below the main one, it would be saying that you pay more for the F2 than F1, analyze things and think more broadly, the world is not just Europe and the United States, there are people on the rest of the planet who have the same desire that you have to play these games, but unfortunately your countries make it very difficult for them have access as you have in your country.
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  17. markes

    markes Rookie

    I can agree with some ideas, but not with the whole thought, sorry. And I wish that everybody that wants to, can play this game and all its content.
  18. Serge M

    Serge M Alien

    For my own curiosity, what is the relative cost in some of the worst affected countries? Are we talking a dinner out worth of $ or a weeks wage kind of $?
  19. romandevision

    romandevision Simracer

    For the most part in Russia it is 5-10% of the average salary per month.

    It is worth noting that Steam and its regional prices have a high impact on piracy. In terms of marketing in this country it is easier to sell 20 copies for $1 rather than 1 for $20.

    By the way, you can compare it with the cost of gasoline - 1 liter for 0.70$. And this is an oil-producing country. The question is only in weak currency and I think that the situation in Argentina and Brazil is the same.
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2020
  20. Turk

    Turk Alien

    It's interesting but probably flawed. Not all big macs are equal. All Irish big macs are made using Irish beef which is basically organic beef. Although, our beef is probably under priced for what it is because of how much of it we produce.

    I do hope that everyone can get a responsible price for the DLC, but at the same time I don't think there's any need to throw stones at Kunos over it. It's hard for a smaller company that specialises in something like coding to also take into account the economic issues of selling internationally, it's not as basic and straight forward as you'd think, especially when there are multiple other companies and interests involved.
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